Searchlight are watching - an open letter reply from Henry Hopwood-Phillips

by The Editor

Searchlight are watching - an open letter reply from Henry Hopwood-Phillips

Dear Comrade/Sir,

It is always a pleasure to be described as blinkered throw-backs by a magazine that has famously failed to move on from the delusional metaphysics of the Cold War.

Contrary to all evidence, Nazis see Race as the great metanarrative. Similarly Searchlight, as bona fide Communists, no doubt see Class in the same light. The flip side of this is that a Nazi would deny the existence of Class, and the communist of Race. This reductionist nonsense could go ignored if atrocities were not continualy perpetrated in the name of both hubristic visions. The TBG, and the rest of society for that matter, tend to view both Race and Class as one of several demarcators to place on an identity matrix; neither are given priority yet neither are they denied. Our opinions are forged not in the white-heat of visions but rather borne, as Burke's were, of reality.

An elite has adopted the Fabian manner of implementing cultural Marxism in Britain. And it is identity, how common people view themselves and each other, which falls under the most vicious and sustained attack and therefore our most dogged defence. Before 1950 when the old authorities and orthodoxies stood, the state tended to have too little centralised power and/or too much common sense or little motive to bother attempting to micromanage the beliefs of its peoples. Now, however, a new status quo is being forged and any residual belief in the status quo ante is seen as at best, an eccentricity and at worst, a crime. The education system is your best weapon. Burke's little platoons, true democracy, are ours.

You repeat 'race' rather desperately as our centre of gravity but you risk piping to an old tune. Ethnicity plays only a very small part of our world-view which rejects nothing less than the bicameral nature of western political thought and the abandonment of its previous catholicity. This is the common thread that runs through all the subjects of our speakers. No doubt, the one-dimensional race-card is the part that excites your attention in much the same way that, especially amongst our younger audiences, it stimulates the thrill that past taboos such as class war might once have. However, the reality is more mundane. Many members/attendees are simply curious about why apparently clever people, such as Enoch Powell, or Dr F. Ellis, our future speaker, sacrificed their careers for something that officially doesn't exist, is denied and forbidden to be referred to seriously.

Our group is not elitist. Even having to churn out a class-based description of our group feels anachronistic but what can you do in response to such an anachronistic attack? The fact is that most of us are middle-class, there are some with lower-class backgrounds, others with upper-class backgrounds, some with both, but in that, we are quite representative of the nation. You may extract from us the confession that we like to wear nice clothes, eat and talk in nice places etc. And though this may offend communist sensibilities I'm not entirely sure where exactly this represents a great break with the habits of the vast majority of the British population.

Your investigative journalism seems to be indistinguishable from internet "trawling". The "facts" were well correlated but entirely untrue. There was no TBG "revival" when the Con-Lib coalition was formed in 2010. The TBG the perfect vehicle to circumvent the bureaucracy that inevitably attends creating a new political movement, which Gregory Lauder-Frost was willing to offer to a number of university students, including myself, who were enthusiastic about forming a group for the politically disaffected in 2007. Most new membership has come from the efficiencies created from a new constitution, a new website, and capitalising on a strong social-media presence.

We all enjoyed reading Wittgenstein but your language games (far-right, right-wing, ultra-right, extreme-right, militant) are becoming tired cliches. Even The Guardian, no doubt perceived as sellouts to the "warriors" of '68 - Saxonburg types - has managed this admission:

"Far or extreme right is a bit of a misnomer…"
[Ian Traynor, European Editor on FN]

When will you follow suit?

On a finishing note, I am sure that I am not the only one that finds your menacing "investigative journalism" into the right-wing of British politics to have an ironically gestapo-ish feel. Imagine if a rightist were to set up "Der Tag", a group which "investigated" and published information on all groups with leftist affliations in Britain. It is a sinister practice and I suspect deep down you know as much, not that you'll stop it because it's for the elusive 'greater good'. A reminder of the totalitarian impulses your 'enlightened' organ represents.

Henry Hopwood-Phillips