Winter Issue 2005-2006

by Committee

Winter Issue 2005-2006
Part of a new archiving project of past periodicals and standalone articles by the Traditional Britain Group and predecessors

Part of a new archiving project of past periodicals and standalone articles by the Traditional Britain Group and predecessors

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Terrorist fundamentalists on the loose


Lest We Forget




Terrorist fundamentalists on the loose

Terrorist fundamentalists on the loose; a Home Secretary who hasn’t a clue who is entering or leaving the country and an Education System that scorns British identity and history; an England that in places resembles the Islamic world - what future do we have in these islands, asks Stuart M.

London in July, 2005 ...The morning of the 7th July
was like any other for hundreds of people cramming
onto the tubes and buses. Squashed into the airless
compartments at King's Cross underground, or trying
to look at the morning headline in the newspaper
held by the person opposite, it was a typical moment
in the rush—hour. Then, disaster. A series of
explosions left havoc, chaos, and nearly 100 people
dead - ordinary people, perhaps looking forward to a
holiday, or a meeting at work, or seeing a friend » just
As the day wore on, it became clear that London was
in the spotlight of the Islamic terrorist network which
so paralysed and shocked the West on the llth
September 2001. What was started at the World
Trade Centre four years ago, was now being followed
through in England. We were next on their hit~list. As
ever, the emergency services rose to the occasion
magnificently, and it is not romanticising the situation
to say that there were many individual cases of
people “keeping calm”, or helping others, and
generally holding firm in the face of terror. However,
what happened on that July day, revealed just how
unstable, uncertain, unsafe and un-British Britain has
become in modern times.
The bombers, of course, represented a particularly
radical form of Islam, which sees the world as a
battleground between the infidels (the decadent West
- us) and pure Muslim orthodoxy. Yet what was
interesting about these individuals (something
discussed in many reports and media enquiries) was
the fact that the evil young men responsible had all
be born in Britain, and so, presumably had absorbed
the “British way of life". The Tory MP for Henley-
upon-Thames (an area not known for its ethnic
diversity or mosques) seems appalled and perplexed
that this should be so » asking how someone as
“British as Tizer or the Changing the Guard” (a
reference to the adopted background of the
bombers) could possibly have turned against “their
own country".

To the readers of this journal, such as statement by Henley's
MP Boris Johnson would seem fairly amusing - rather like
claiming that because Mr.
Johnson was born, say, in China, he automatically
becomes as Chinese as the Great Wall!
And here is the crux of the problem: the strange,
willful delusion which our political class and
establishment have had since the early 1950s, that
British nationality doesn't really mean anything; that
anyone can simply become British by virtue of a
stamp on a passport; that nationality is merely a
matter of residence, rather than ancestry, history,
indigenous ethnicity, and true belonging.
And the delusion shows no sign of fading, even after
we have seen so clearly how dangerous and
dysfunctional the multicultural experiment has been.
ln The Daily Telegraph on the 27th July, for example,
the leader- writer proclaimed the indispensable core
values of Britishness to be: “the pluralist state, private
property, and personal freedom”. Not one word about
being able to trace your family back to the country's
distant past; not one word about roots or real identity,
or proven loyalty to the nation. To The Telegraph, to
the modern Tories, to the Blair government - the
nation is simply a collection of individuals, generally
"united" by nothing more than vague legalistic
concepts, and American-style civic aspirations.
The T/mes also took a similar line. Their leading
columnist, Libby Purves, stated (on the 26th July) that
“middle Britain (despairing of crime , disorder and
social decay) should walk hand-in-hand" with British
Muslims — the latter being the very models of
traditional values and family loyalties. Naturally, one
can see the point that Miss Purves makes: the idea
that if one had to choose between a yob-generation
“white” family as next door neighbours, and a
civilised, professional Muslim gentleman, you would
probably opt for the latter! But why should we be
presented with this Hobson's Choice - an lslamicised
England on one hand, the contemporary yobocracy
on the other?

For those of us who believe in a traditional Britain, we
seek serious answers to the dreadful problems
foisted upon us by the self-deluding multiculturalist politicians.

For decades, traditional teaching,
accepted rules, authority and identity have been
dismissed, scorned, laughed at, abandoned. The
whole social structure has weakened, and our people
seem less able to deal with each other in a civilised
and respectful way. Meanwhile, those in “high-office”
(such as the supposedly Tory Prime Minister, John
Major) sat by whilst the National Curriculum Council
was taken over by the multicultural Left - Major and
the Conservatives being more interested in the
content of education, than who was actually shaping
the system. Immigration continued, a mass-influx
under successive governments - only Enoch Powell
and a few others warning us of the dire
consequences which would be stored up for future
generations, in an England that no longer has its own
authentic identity.

Today, as the nutcases, extremists, fundamentalists
and bombers do their work, turning Britain into a
miniature Middle Eastern battleground, the words of
Enoch Powell's prophecies come back to haunt us.
But another prophet also speaks to us - the English
poet and patriot, Rudyard Kipling. Perhaps as we read
his poem, The Stranger, we may reflect on those
people, described by Boris Johnson as being as
"British as Tizer and the Changing of the Guard”

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But / cannot tell what powers control-
what reasons sway his mood;
l\/or when the Gods of his far~0i‘f land.
May repossess his blood.


Letter To The Editor

This Letter-to-the-Editor was published by The Daily
Telegraph on 4th October 2005. They omitted the
second paragraph.

Dear Sir,

l was surprised to read your leader suggesting that
Britain was ”a long-time advocate of Turkish membership”
of the EU. Given that public opinion on Britain's own
membership appears to suggest that if a vote were taken
tomorrow most would vote to leave, l can only think that
what you really meant was the government supports
Turkey's membership.

The Austrians should be thanked for their leadership in
opposing Turkey’s membership of the EU, and if for no other
reason than 99% of Turkey is not even in Europe, its people
are Asiatic, and they are Muslims. We, in an ancient and
Christian Europe, have nothing whatsoever in common with
the Turks. For centuries our European armies fought against
them, right up until the 1920s, trying to throw them out of
Europe. Their fantastic atrocities against their own subjects
during the Balkan Wars and against the Christian Armenians
in the 20th Century should not be permitted to be cast aside.
The British Governments of whatever party have a
fundamental duty to represent us, the people.

I look forward to the day when they start to do that.

Yours faithfully,
Gregory Lauder-Frost,
The Traditional Britain Group,
London. WCIN5XX.


Lest We Forget

By Gregory Lauder-Frost

Communists always excused their crimes- and the west always appeased them  It was interesting to read the obituary of Simon Wiesental  on 21t September 2005. Here was a man whose obsession  with Nazis turned him into a vigilante. as he decided that  governments were not doing sufficient to locate Nazi “war  criminals" and bring them to justice.   

Yet the catalogue of crimes committed by communists vastly  exceeds anything done by Nazis. Where is the vigilante to  hunt out these monstrous murderers‘? I could of course write  a long article commencing with the butchering of the Russian  Imperial family (includes their doctor. maids. and even the  spaniel) and the subsequent horrific murders carried out by  Bolsheviks such as tying naval officers to planks and feeding  them alive into the coal-burning furnaces of warships.     

The colossal atrocities carried out by the Soviet armed forces against German civilians in the last weeks of World War II  and after (within living memory). which included the rapes  of tens of thousands of women some as old as 85 defy  description. The smashing in of babies heads, the  crucifixions and the blowing open of 12 year old girl's heads  because they refused to submit to communist soldiers has all  gone unpunished despite the cataloguing of these monstrous  crimes against humanity by the International Red Cross,  testimonies by priests, academics and often sole survivors of  entire families. Books such as the three volume set of  Documents On the Expulsion of the German Populations From Eastern-Central Europe ethnic cleansing mostly in peacetime on unimaginable scales are now being discarded by libraries.

The crimes in the woods at Katyn. where tens of thousands  of Polish officers, aristocrats and intellectuals were  systematically shot in the back of the head. KGB style. and  buried in mass graves has never been dealt with.

Comfortably attributed by Stalin to the Germans, it has long  been conclusively laid at the feet of the Soviets. The  Germans brought independent pathologists and coroners  from other countries. Switzerland. Bulgaria etc. to examine  what they had found at the end of the war. With the  exception of the Swiss, these independent experts were  hunted down by the communists and murdered.   

Triumph Of Evil   

Whilst in Bulgaria. it was worth recalling the Soviet invasion  of that country in 1945 - which was not at war with them  and whom they still maintained diplomatic relations.  Because King Boris had died from heart failure in 1943 a  Regency was placed for the under-aged King. The regents  including Boris’s brother, Prince Kyril and Prime Minister  Filov were all marched out of the palace and shot. Hundreds  of thousands of people were executed by the Communists in  Bulgaria and Romania.   

I can hear you saying "but there are more....“ Yes. there are  more. The tens of millions murdered in the Soviet Union alone as detailed by Robert Conquest in at least two of his  books. all those helpless victims were sent to Gulags.  salt and uranium mines (without protection)  nevcr to return.   Usually without trial or charge untold number who have been executed in Red China during and outside of the so-  called “Cultural Revolution". and then there is Cambodia.  and Pol Pot. Probably close to 100 million people have been  murdered by communism.     

The Western nations have consistently appeased not only  communism but communist murders. Whatever the   shortcomings of the European government in South Africa.  the West supported the African National Congress which was  a terrorist organization very similar to the IRA in that they  had their political front (like Sinn Fein) and their terrorist  wings run by people like Nelson Mandela and Chris Hani.   The West must have been in no doubt (as everyone else knew) that the executive of the ANC was almost entirely  dominated by card-carrying members of the South African  Communist Party. This organization was busy murdering men  women and children on outlying farms throughout the time of  their "struggle"'. Today the country has the highest crime rate  in the world.     

But just north of South Africa we have possibly the best  example of Western appeasement of communism. and the  betrayal of our own people who had built that country out of  dust and jungle — Communist insurgency. Red Chinese—trained  Marxist Robert Mugabe was one of the most monstrous  terrorists of the late 20th century. He stopped at nothing. His  terrorists shot down jet airliners. and when it was discovered  that many of the holidaymakers - women and children - had  survived the crash his terrorists shot them and cut their  throats. Moreover their principal targets were the black  population whom they proceeded to “terrorise‘" by murder  into submission. These people would ultimately vote for  Mugabe and his clique because they knew what awaited them  if they did not. Good people whose only wish was to live a  peaceful life in what was a lovely and extremely well—  governed country - for all races.   

Our British — yes -Conservative - government instigated the  final surrender to communist terror in Rhodesia by betraying  our own kinsfolk and the black population alike and handling  that country to Marxist scum who continue to this day in  their murderous regime. Still nothing substantive is done  proving my point.   

Closer to home I noticed another obituary on 24th September  last for Lord Brabourne. This gallant and cultured gentleman  was in the launch which was blown to smithereens by the  IRA in 1979 murdering Lord Mountbatten, his grandson  and the child's little friend and an Irish lad who was helping  with the boat. Lord Braybourne lost his mother and his son  and he and his wife were shockingly injured. It came as no  surprise to learn that the man who admitted to making and  planting the bomb on behalf of the Marxist IRA was released  from prison by Tony Blair's government as part of some appalling amnesty.   It seems to me that Communism and in particular communist  terrorism is OK.

All this talk about a war on terror by the  USA and Britain makes me feel quite ill. The USA supported  the IRGUN terrorists who strung up our soldiers with piano  wire along the roadside in Palestine and who then blew the  Governor Lord Moyne to bits as he walked down the street.   Plenty of opportunities arose to arrest those responsible but  nothing was done. With communist tyranny they did nothing  and they have now invaded Iraq for supposedly concealing  weapons  other communist countries had for decades.   No invasion there! " War Crimes“ Legislation? Yes. we have  it, but only for one type of authoritarian regime. Communism from  which our Left and the Left of all Western countries originates always wins.    


Gregory Lauder Frost stands on the spot where Michael Gartenschlager aged 32 was shot dead near Main, Germany, by communist border guards while attempting to run to freedom in April 1976.




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