Since World War II, serious assaults on our culture, heritage, constitution and institutions have gathered apace, leaving many dismayed and eager for change. Political correctness and enforced multiculturalism have watered down our rich national character and have forced honest and intelligent people to hide their true feelings for fear of reprisals.

Today liberal-left ideas are all pervasive, whilst the Conservative Party has failed to defend or preserve anything conservative or traditional. The organic and intrinsic, social, spiritual, legal and economic institutions of the British have been undermined and destroyed in the name of vague promises of equality and prosperity, whilst a transnational ideological, managerial and corporate elite dominate Europe with little accountability. The vacuum that remains has been filled by little more than blind consumerism, broken communities and socio-economic, environmental, spiritual and moral decline.

Infused with a new generation of enthusiastic and passionate activists, the Traditional Britain Group offers a focal point to promote ideas, discussion, networking, education and traditionalist action. We seek to provide to a home to the disillusioned patriot, and through traditional and modern media, we aim to bring together a broad alliance of those who desire a genuine, radical, conservative alternative

With courage, pride and determination, the Traditional Britain Group says, ‘No more! The ancient traditions, peoples and beliefs of these isles are worth preserving. There is an alternative for Britain. The fight back begins now!’


Our Premise

  1. Existing strategies have not been successful and must be abandoned. If we aim to see the restoration of traditional conservatism in this country we cannot rely on upon the existing mechanisms, its national politics and its institutions to serve that purpose.
  2. The moral belief in egalitarianism as the highest good must be utterly opposed. We must unite in a total opposition to liberalism, Marxism, egalitarianism and the view of man as homo economicus. It is the belief in egalitarianism that has castrated discussion and silenced great minds - it is egalitarianism that has prevented the computation of a much needed Traditionalist perspective during this crisis. What we need is a reason to feel righteous, a reason to feel that we are good moral people, whilst putting forward a radical and futuristic argument for Tradition. Only then will we be able to do so openly, with real conviction, and without fear. For that we need a moral critique of egalitarianism – we must discredit the pursuit of equality.
  3. We must be united by a core commitment to Tradition, not to detail. We must unite, not behind policy proposals and political detail, but rather the eternal truths of European and British Tradition: kinship, family, duty, faith, uniqueness, hierarchy, community, sovereignty, authority, nation, identity, liberty, justice, truth, beauty, and excellence.
  4. We must be honest and courageous. We must be fundamentally life-affirming, we must learn to love the struggle, we must take risks, and we must live Tradition. We must be consistently and courageously traditionalist and conservative in our behaviour and communications. We must embrace abstract and moral ideas – the morality of an ideal trumps empirical reality. We must reject all euphemism and hypocrisy. Most importantly we must build new moral, economic and cultural support networks that will arm people with the ideas, and courage, to speak and fight freely.
  5. We must abandon the defence of lost institutions, of style over substance. The majority of current institutions are no longer conservative in any meaningful sense. Attempts to influence existing institutions - including political parties – have utterly failed, and where conservatives remain they are ineffectual. We must redefine the rules, overturn the tables, and be radical and Traditional. We must create something worth fighting for – something good!
  6. Conservatives cannot counter our enemies effectively within these institutions. So called conservatives who operate within the existing system utterly fail to achieve any substantial change – because they constantly compromise, they are hypocrites and they attempt to ‘play the game.’ When an individual does stand up he is quickly cowed by social, economic and sometimes legal pressure.
  7. We must create a large local support networks and a professional national vanguard. We must create a new traditional conservative counter establishment– providing local support networks that will allow us to ruthlessly attack egalitarianism, and what it represents, openly and honestly. This must be a loose grassroots movement, supported by a unified professional, intellectual, highly organised national vanguard.
  8. We must promote and nurture a traditionalist culture. It is only through the life and values of a community that we can allow the individual to experience what would otherwise be an intellectual abstraction. We need to use what opportunities remain to us to organize and to work together with common aims to preserve and restore traditional conservative values, through institutions such as the Traditional Britain Group and through building others that will nurture and promote the culture of the Right both locally and nationally for generations to come.
  9. This support network must be a flexible ‘wide church’ whilst detail or policy differences should be set aside. The support network must be a wide, open, church – consisting of conservatives, traditionalists, radicals, libertarians and others that wish to support us. Consequently local activities and direction must be decided by local members. Whilst its members are welcome to join any group they wish this support network must be non-partisan and non-sectarian. Members are not obliged to cease other activities and are encouraged to continue with their own political activities and groups. We must permit individuals to hold divergent opinions on detail, rise above ego, and lend our backing to a diverse array of individuals within our support network.


The Traditional Britain Group's Political Standpoints

  1. We believe in Britain and the British people, their heritage and customs.
  2. We believe in a sovereign self-governing Britain.
  3. We reject all forms of foreign interference in our government.
  4. We ask for an understanding and consciousness by all our people of their nation’s greatness, achievements, and glory.
  5. We believe that the heterosexual family is the primary social unit.
  6. We believe in authority.
  7. We believe in the spiritual values of life and of the respect that is owing to man.
  8. We believe in the obligation of labour and the rolling back of the welfare state.
  9. We believe in virtue and the sacred nature of Christianity and our Established Church.
  10. We believe that our country is best served by our indigenous customs & traditions, its time-honoured hereditary principle and our monarchy.
  11. We are in favour of localism and local communities.
  12. We support the small businessman and entrepreneur.
  13. We support British industry & manufacturing.
  14. We are opposed to internationalism and globalisation
  15. We are opposed to communism, to socialism, to liberalism and to anarchism.
  16. We are opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism
  17. We are opposed to the Class War.
  18. We are opposed to Political Correctness and support the repeal of all cultural-Marxist legislation.
  19. We are against the purely materialist conception of life.
  20. We support the Great British Countryside and its conservation for future generations.
  21. We are against all the great heresies of our age, because we have yet to be convinced that there is any part of the world where the liberty to propagate such heresies has been the cause of anything good.


Traditional Britain Group National Organisation

The Traditional Britain Group is run by a small committee supported by numerous Vice Presidents. 


Late President: The Lord Sudeley, F.S.A


A hereditary peer, Lord Sudeley succeeded to his peerage aged just 3, his father having died from wounds inflicted at Dunkirk. Educated at Eton and Oxford, from the age of 21 he was one of the regular active members of the House of Lords for 39 years, until the expulsion of the bulk of the hereditary peerage by the Labour government in 1999. He introduced several successful Bills, most notably that to prevent the unlicensed export of historical manuscripts, and in 1981 a Bill to uphold the Book of Common Prayer. His knowledge of the constitution and legislation is regarded as formidable, and has written extensively on a number of issues.

Lord Sudeley's funeral was very well attended across the board, not least from the TBG.



Vice President and Treasurer: Gregory Lauder-Frost, F.S.A. Scot


Gregory is well known in traditional Tory circles. A member and activist in the Conservative Party 1976-1995, he is the former Chairman of the Conservative Monday Club’s influential Foreign Affairs Committee and was also the Club’s Political Secretary. He was Publications Editor and Secretary-General of the international Monarchist League; Vice-President of the old Western Goals Institute and founder of the Traditional Britain Group in 2001. He has travelled the world meeting politicians and others with the same interests and concerns as the organisations he represented. He has written extensively in papers and journals on political issues and is cited in others.

His book “Imperial Economics” (the economics of the British Empire) was published in 1981 and is now out of print. His 2019 book “Campaigning with the Scots 1054-1654” is still available on Amazon. He is presently in the final stages of a further book entitled “Guardian of the Tory Conscience” - The Monday Club – the Crucial 30 Years 1961-1991/2” (expected in 2024.)


Vice President: Professor John Kersey


John Kersey works internationally, leading a group of private-sector educational organizations at university level that offer bespoke professional education for high achievers, as well as maintaining a busy consultancy in his specialism of comparative international education, chiefly for the benefit of law firms in the United States preparing immigration petitions. He is also an award-winning concert pianist, having made the first recordings of several works by Beethoven, and a non-stipendiary minister in a Continuing Anglican church. He advocates for a society based on the principles of monarchy, feudal aristocracy, private property, and tradition, and for the creation of a counter-establishment that embodies these aspects.


Vice President: Robin Tilbrook

Robin Tilbrook is a long-standing solicitor specialising in civil litigation. He was previously in the Coldstream Guards. Outside of this he is additionally the President of the Workers Of England Union and also the Chairman of the English Democrats. He has led in several notable legal cases, the most noteworthy of which was his landmark civil court win against an Asian 'grooming gang' rapist, where he secured an award of £425,000 on behalf of his client. As he told a TBG dinner, following this, the local Rotherham press - owned by national left-wing publishers - refused to take adverts from him requesting more victims to come forward. A scandal. 



Late Vice President: Samuel (Sam) Swerling


Sam was a solicitor and senior law lecturer who was an active member of the Conservative Party from a young age, standing for them in numerous elections, including General Elections, and served as a councillor at Westminster City Council. He was for over 30 years an activist in the Conservative Monday Club, holding numerous offices within it, including national Chairman. In the new century he, along with Gregory Lauder-Frost, was an active committee member of the now dissolved Conservative Democratic Alliance (CDA). His political autobiography Nation, Tradition & Liberty was published in 2017. Sam passed away on September 16th, 2023. Read more about his life here

You will be happy to hear that Sam's funeral was full to the brim, from those who he touched throughout both his personal life and staunch activism. R.I.P.



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