A Manifesto for the "Far Right"

by The Editor

A Manifesto for the
Stefan Robert provides an excellent statement of principles for political and cultural traditionalists.

The basic manifesto of what our enemies call the "Far Right":

• That "liberty, equality, fraternity" is the doctrine of selfishness and individualism. It needs to be replaced by “freedom, justice and solidarity” for a socially just and healthy nation.

• That the Family, Community and Nation have priority over the self serving interests of profit and materialism.

• That Self Sacrifice and Service to the community are placed before the interests of personal greed and financial enrichment.

• That our race, history, culture, faith, and our values springing from them define who we are. We are not rootless cosmopolitan work units and consumers, where our culture and identity is to be destroyed by
the commercial interests of international industrialists and financiers.

• That money is simply a means of exchange for work done - it is not a commodity to be traded for profit at the expense of the family and the nation.

• That houses and land are legacies to be passed to our children - they are not commodities to be re-taxed by governments which taxed the money used to buy it in the first place.

• That we manufacture and create products with craftsmanship and pride. We regard "consumerism" as a waste of human labour and the planet’s resources.

• That we have a duty to protect and preserve our environment. We oppose cruelty to animals for entertainment and religious ritual.

• That access to good basic health-care and education is a natural right.

• That both Capitalism and Marxism are socially divisive materialist doctrines - both are solely concerned about the acquisition and distribution of property and wealth.

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