Arise Lady Lawrence

by The Editor

Just when we thought we could not be insulted any further, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to be made a peer of the realm. Doreen Lawrence, who has already been awarded an OBE (for “services to community relations”) has been recommended for a Labour peerage, which will entitle her to sit in the House of Lords and of course to collect the three hundred pounds per day sitting allowance. This is indeed an insult to the majority of Britons because she has done nothing whatsoever to deserve such an elevation in status.

Just when we thought we could not be insulted any further, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence is to be made a peer of the realm.
Doreen Lawrence, who has already been awarded an OBE (for “services to community relations”) has been recommended for a Labour peerage, which will entitle her to sit in the House of Lords and of course to collect the three hundred pounds per day sitting allowance. This is indeed an insult to the majority of Britons because she has done nothing whatsoever to deserve such an elevation in status.
All Doreen Lawrence has done is to campaign for the conviction of her sons murderers; something that any mother would do, the only difference being that her son was black and she managed to use that, along with the word ‘racist’, to great effect in securing maximum and sustained publicity for her cause.
If her determination to see her sons killers brought to justice is a good reason for receiving a peerage, then we should soon be hearing of Karen Downes, the mother of Charlene Downes, a young girl who was brutally murdered, also being elevated to that noble place. Or maybe we will be celebrating when the parents of Gavin Hopley, a young man murdered by a Muslim gang, are re-named Lord and Lady Hopley of Rochdale.

In fact, if all the parents of white victims of racist murder are given peerages, they will have to extend that most noble of places to at least double its present size in order to accommodate them. Of course this will not happen and unfortunately none of those white parents will see the authorities or the media jump through hoops in order to assist them in gaining justice for their children’s murders.
The only suspects in the Charlene Downs case,Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi ,were acquitted after the jury failed to reach a verdict in 2007. Needless to say the media and the police are no longer interested in that ‘white’ girl's murder.  The court heard that during police investigations, covert tape recordings were made in which local kebab shop owner, Iyad Albattikhi, allegedly admits to having sex with Charlene, killing her, feeding her body into a meat grinder and apparently using her as kebab meat.
In May 2012, Charlene's mother, Karen Downes, was given a harassment warning notice by police after handing out leaflets implicating Albattikhi and Reveshi in the disappearance of her daughter; this is in stark contrast to the peerage offered to Doreen Lawrence after she accused the whole of the Metropolitan police force and most of the country of racism.
Gavin Hopley, from Rochdale, was murdered  in 2002 after mistakenly wandering into an ‘Asian’ part of Oldham following a night out with friends.
Two men, Abdul Hafiz, 30, and Suleiman Hussain Mohammed, 35, both of Glodwick, were charged with being a part of the gang which chased him and two other youths. A third man, Zallal Uddin, 19, also of Glodwick, was charged with stealing a watch and necklace from Mr Hopley as he lay ‘unconscious’ in the street. Nobody was ever charged with murder in relation to the violent death of the nineteen-year-old Gavin; again neither the police nor the media are interested in the murder of  the ‘white’ boy.

Gavin’s parents undoubtedly want to see justice done in his case but unfortunately for them the suspects were all Asian and therefore if they were to persist in demanding murder charges were brought against them, they would no doubt be accused of racism. The only reason for Doreen Lawrence being recommended for a peerage is her colour; it is to show the black community that they too can rise to the top in this country even if they are not deserving.
As Doreen Lawrence is Jamaican, according to the Act of settlement 1701 she should not have been allowed to take up a position in the Lords:

No foreigner, even if naturalised (unless born of English parents) shall be allowed to be a Privy Councillor or a member of either House of Parliament, or hold  any office or place of trust, either civil or military, or to have any grant of lands, tenements or hereditaments from the Crown, to himself or to any other or others in trust for him.

Of course our treacherous government and their equally criminal predecessors have passed subsequent laws in order to get round these common sense rules that were originally intended to protect our religion, laws and liberties.  
Doreen Lawrence will become a peer of our realm, she will collect her three hundred pounds per day, and she will continue to cry racism from the roof-tops and now also from the benches of the House of Lords.

We will continue to have our laws changed in favour of the minorities and foreigners within our midst.

Article by a Traditional Britain Group supporter.

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