Beware of Democrats

by The Editor

Traditional Britain Group Vice-President reviews the successful Annual Dinner, praises its Guest-of-Honour and offers a Cassandraesque warning for our times.

by Gregory Lauder-Frost.

The Traditional Britain Group were honoured to have as their 2014 annual dinner guest 49 year-old Philip Claeys, the Flemish Vlaams Belang Party politician with 20 years of serious activism and involvement in his party and country's political affairs including serving as a Member of the European Parliament. Amongst the many subjects and issues he cleverly managed to include in his speech, the anti-democratic activities of the establishment parties and the Belgian media should possibly have been of no surprise to those of us with years of involvement in political activities.|

In Belgium, we see a similar scenario to the 1919 artificial states created in Europe by foreign states - notably at the behest of the USA - where in Czecho-Slovakia, for instance, we saw a situation whereby the Czechs, who made up only 43% of the population, took over and proceeded to oppress everyone else and to force everyone to speak their language. The scenario in the new Yugoslavia was, of course, worse, where vast provinces of Austria-Hungary were handed on a plate to a fanatically nationalist Serbia, the country not only responsible for the outbreak of The Great War but who also then proceeded to 'Serbianise' this huge region. No plebiscites or votes were taken in these countries and where they were carried out, in those German provinces the 'Allies' proposed to give to a new Poland, the atrocities and murders carried out by the latter in order to get what they wanted regardless of any vote meant British & French troops being stationed in those provinces until 1931.

Returning to Belgium, an 1830 creation, again by foreign 'Allies', we see a situation where, without any vote or consent, a majority of the population, the Flemings, became dominated by the minority French-speaking part of the new country. France itself being traditionally Left (in living memory it had the largest Communist Party in Europe outside the Soviet Union), means that this dominance is, unsurprisingly, very socialist. The Belgian media is universally on The Left. It is therefore no surprise that with the rise of the Flemish conservative-nationalist party, the Vlaams Blok, that the universal 'establishment' was going to 'deal' with them regardless of the wishes of any electorate. In 2004 'the government' proceeded against this party, regardless of their deputies in both the national parliament and the EU, on the spurious grounds that they were "racist", because of their complete opposition to mass immigration which is threatening to engulf their small country, the result of which, for instance, is that Brussels today has more than a 50% alien population, the indigenous being firmly in the minority. The judiciary, in the best traditions of continental political corruption, banned the Party. It was forced to formally close down and reform. It became the Vlaams Belang. Again its popularity soared. The establishment therefore decided on another tack, and formed another Flemish political party, naturally affording them at every turn, as much publicity in the media, at the same time denying the Vlaams Belang access. This new government front party has now taken votes from the VB and reducing their parliamentary representations. Clearly a great victory for the 'democrats'.

We have seen too how when the Austrian Freedom Party, a nationalist anti-EU party was elected the second-largest party in their Parliament, that the EU 'democrats' declared this party to be 'unsatisfactory and undemocratic' and placed economic sanctions upon Austria until that country got rid of the FP and instead elected an 'approved' party. We have also seen in several referendums in Europe relating to the EU where, when the vote has gone against them, a new vote was called to ensure the 'right' result.

In the UK we see similar tactics against any party or pressure-groups who oppose the establishment agendas of remaining in the EU and refusing to deal with the next biggest disastrous issue facing the UK, alien immigration. The Conservative (only in its title) Party, has had its EU safety valves for public consumption: MEPs Roger Helmer and Dan Hannan, who spoke out regularly against the EU, insulting the intelligence of that party's voters who naturally thought that there was serious dissension within that party's hierarchy on the EU. Gradually it became evident that Helmer was becoming 'persona non grata', as his utterances against the EU had crossed acceptable boundaries and he defected to the 'new' party, the UKIP. Hannan remains, fooling no-one but entertaining those within the party who think that somehow because they themselves are conservative that their natural home is in a party which carries that title. The UKIP, meanwhile, has been slowly gathering votes from across the electorate, from people who are possibly finally seeing the light and realising that our political establishment, like the Communist Parties in the old Soviet blocs, represent no-one but themselves. Whether sufficient voters, however, will give politics sufficient time and interest to lift them out of the tribal voting patterns which have permitted the entrenched establishment to continue to betray all of us since at least 1945, remains to be seen. Meanwhile the establishment parties and the overwhelming bulk of their friends in the media, unrelentingly attack the UKIP. All the usual smears and labels are attached to them, not least "racist" and I have even seen "fascist" in one left-wing rag. The same applies, of course, to the Traditional Britain Group, a gathering of traditional and radical conservatives opposed to what is happening in our country and to our nation, not unlike the Vlaams Belang or the Freedom Party of Austria. Despite the TBG not being a political party, we have seen at least one Conservative Party MP climb aboard the Communist and Far-Left bandwagon to denounce us for opposing a socialist life peerage for a tedious nonentity who was recently revealed in the country's leading newspaper a President of the violent far-left group, Unite Against Fascism, and for supporting a previous (broken) Conservative Party General Election Manifesto pledge on Immigration; and of course for being anti-EU also. The Conservative Party has a few small support groups, notably for the young who are too niaive to understand what they are all about, and they are not going to permit any other conservative organisation to operate showing them up as political charlatans. Naturally opposition by real conservatives is smeared and labelled as "racist", "extreme", "disreputable" etc etc. Will this party enter into debate with their opposition or even speak to traditional conservatives? Of course not. You may well ask exactly what is the difference between the 'democratic' parties at Westminster, as they all use the same language and the same tactics. The media too conspire to keep the views of real conservatives in the wilderness.

We saw during the Cold War how the USA used their post-1945 financial aid packages and treaties to affect 'democracy' across Western Europe, whilst at the same time forcing directly and  indirectly (UN) their decolonisation programmes upon the great European empires. We saw too how they collaborated with the communists in Italy to stage a rigged and corrupt 1947 referendum on the Italian monarchy, and we have since seen the USA's open influence against restoration of eastern European monarchies, similar to Wilson's open opposition to the European monarchies in 1918. We know that despite their Cold War rhetoric the USA were busily doing business with the Soviet Union, notably via Armand Hammer, and how they spoke against and failed to support the French in Indo-China and how they betrayed Britain and France at Suez. Wherever they go they cause catastrophe and destruction, 'viz' Iraq, and their support of lunatic insurgencies across the Islamic world, in the name of  the be all and end all of 'democracy',  demonstrates both their hopeless understanding of the peoples of the rest of the world and politics, but also their crassness. Now they and the EU and their proxies, such as NATO, have destabilised the Ukraine as well as 'buying' them with the usual loans, and they are playing a dangerous military game in that region, which of course is thousands of miles from their country, like Iraq and Syria, and which is none of their business.|

So how valuable is democracy? In the UK we have unrepresentative governments which, during approaching elections, avoid the most crucial issues which define whether or not Britain goes down the toilet utterly, and instead both bribe and scare the electorate with the usual plethora of financial issues. These parties oppose electoral reform and these same establishment parties of course are playing a full role in the undemocratic and bankrupt EU, including calling for the alien Asiatic country of Turkey to be admitted to it, the same EU which placed sanctions on Austria for electing the "wrong" party; the same establishment which condemns ordinary good decent people as "extremists" for opposing their treachery. The same establishment which enjoys a "special relationship" with the USA who are the most unpopular neo-colonialist country ever to cover the world in blood and destruction, and to flood the globe with their evil brands of feminism, 'democracy', political correctness, and innumerable other nightmares.

The time has come for the UK to adopt a neutral position in foreign affairs and to act as a trading nation with the rest of the world without being beholden to the EU or the USA, the twin satans. We should depart from NATO, a USA proxy organisation, and detach ourselves from overseas adventures and invasions of other people's countries which are none of our business.  It is time to rediscover our sovereignty, and our national identity, instead of being subsumed and dictated to by supra-national organisations, and the USA.

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