Booking Confirmation

by The Webmaster

Booking Confirmation

Thank you for booking for our dinner. 

Please be advised, that as a standard security measure, we will only advise attendees of the location early evening on the day preceding the event (i.e. Friday, 3rd May).

Please also note that this is a black tie dinner and so our attendees should all be dressed respectfully. 

If you have never attended a TBG event before (or perhaps even if you have not for some time), we will be in touch to request that you provide details of your identity. This is a purely administrative matter and to ensure the privacy and security of guests.

You are welcome to confirm with us, if you wish, that you booking has been received, but if payment has been taken, please take this as confirmation that this is the case. 

NOTE: If your Paypal email (to which the venue notification will be sent) is different to your general email address, then notify us so that it can be manually changed. 

For all enquiries and other notifications, our email address is the same as ever: 

Thank you for supporting our dinner and we look forward to welcoming you in due course.

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