Britain's Lost It!

by The Editor

Britain's Lost It! By Henry Ackermann - 'The People of Great Britain Once Had the Drive to Build an Empire. Where is it Now?'

By Henry Ackermann

'There are an increasing number of people in this country of what has become fashionable to call the "disaffected", the "disadvantaged”, the "differently motivated". What we used to call lazy people'. These words were spoken by Prime Minister Francis Urquhart. As you will be aware, this name has never graced the office of Prime Minister as he is a work of author Michael Dobbs. The line heralds from the political thriller House of Cards which has a striking relevance in the Britain we all live in. The era where Great Britain was the beacon of technology, industry and the arts is long gone and can only be recollected in black and white photos and dusty texts. Today, our country stands idly by as every greatness accredited to the country is washed away.

Following Britain's victory over Napoleon in 1815, the Empire was the 'workshop of the world'. British goods were the finest and most available goods on any market. Not only this, Britain can be credited for the train, telephone, photography and many more pinnacle inventions which define human advancement and progress. Today our country may not have the resources to produce its own goods, but research and development should not be ignored. Hard work and effort accomplishes much and no longer is Britain the country which leads on with new discoveries. Today the eyes of the world look to the Far East for new developments. A hundred years ago this was unthinkable. China and Japan were divided and broken nations which gave European countries and the United States an opportunity to exploit their remaining wealth.

There is a reason for the east's new found prosperity. China and Japan have been through difficult periods of history. Life was not easy. Life was not fair. And a good life was for those who worked hard. There is a brutal simplicity present in the Far East. Those who do not work do not have a good life. In this country, there is a barrier between what the government want us to live like and what a fulfilling and rewarding life is. This barrier is coated in regulation, made of 'equality' and 'fairness' whilst tied together with red tape. There is a simple reason to why a British Empire colonised the land, Britannia ruled the waves and British science pioneered the frontier. The people of Great Britain were similar to those in the Far East. They understood that life was about- working hard for the good of their family.

One is sure the Left would argue that there was little social mobility in the age of Empire. However, the potential for a better life was possible. Hard work gave way to disposable income and the opportunity for families to escape the city and engage in new experiences such as train rides to Brighton beach. For much of the British population, there is little appreciation for reward through hard work. The people of the British Empire were not given free holidays for single parents or a house in Mayfair paid for by the council which happens today. The British people once earned everything themselves and could not afford to be lazy. It was theirs and certainly not handed to them in the guise of 'fairness' and 'equality'.

The Left argue that the government is here to guide and protect us. All it has done is suck and absorb the drive and determination which once coursed through our veins. The Left is a parasite. It does nothing but undermine liberty, fracture traditional values and discourage competition. We are competitive creatures and will always be so. Why should our nature be rejected? It should be nurtured and continued but the Left seek to destroy it and replace it serfdom. They argue that after capitalism will come socialism but they are fighting against the tide of human nature. Capitalism is what makes the determined thrive. If bolstered by a desire to prosper the human mind will always accomplish what it desires.

Socialism and the Left stands in the way of everything we hold dear. It is pushing against something humans are not created to do. It tries to barricade us in a 'protective' society professing social happiness for all yet devours all the qualities of a traditional society. This comes as a warning; slowly the Left is winning. The "disaffected", the "disadvantaged” and the "differently motivated" are by no means a work of fiction. They are the victims of the Left and will do nothing but increase.

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