Conference: The End of the Present World

by The Editor

The End of the Present World: the Post-American Century and Beyond Conference

On Saturday 12th of October a conference is to take place featuring three of the forefront thinkers of the alternative political current of the 21st century.

In the context of a waning unipolar Americanised world nomos and its inherent - and near-totalitarian - anti-traditional, neo-liberal and consumerist ethos, this conference, to be held in a prestigious venue in central London, will explore alternative potentialities offered by the coming multipolar world, the rise and fall of civilizations, the concept of Eurasianism and a nascent fourth political theory.

Laurent James, French esoteric philosopher and writer, Alexandr Dugin, Russian geopolitical thinker and proponent of the Fourth Political Theory, and Alain de Benoist, French philosopher and head of the New Right think tank GRECE will make their address in central London next month.

Speaking on Eurasianism and Spirituality, Eurasia: the Perspectives of Multipolarity and Fourth Political Theory, and Eurasianism and Liberalism respectively, this conference promises to initiate an avant-garde geopolitical discourse during a period in which we are witnessing huge upheaval to the political world order.

For tickets and further information please see the official website.

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