Contemporary Noblesse Oblige

by The Editor

The “Progressive” views are now demonstrably failing but the fading generation of the 1960s, can not accept that they are causing what they wanted to avoid. Progressive values are no longer progressive, their moral arguments no longer moral, and they are no longer supported by the majority of the younger generation. A serious empirical examination of the situation they have created reveals that they are not creating a multi-cultural Europe but a mono-cultural one by replacing us with Muslims.

By David Hamilton

The “Progressive” views are now demonstrably failing but the fading generation of the 1960s, can not accept that they are causing what they wanted to avoid. Progressive values are no longer progressive, their moral arguments no longer moral, and they are no longer supported by the majority of the younger generation. A serious empirical examination of the situation they have created reveals that they are not creating a multi-cultural Europe but a mono-cultural one by replacing us with Muslims.

One only has to consider the Stockholm riots and the slaughter of a British soldier on a London street to see what a mess they are making of things. These were acts by enemies who proclaimed themselves to be loyal to outside countries and acting in the interests of those countries against us. That was their human nature but “Progressives” try to pretend the attackers are as “British as you and me”! Then the politicised police arrested Britons who reacted for comparatively petty things like “racist tweets” - while allowing Muslim preachers of hate to say what they like and to convert young people to terrorism. A “far-right” group challenged the police to arrest Anjem Choudary(1) or they would put him under citizens arrest. The Metropolitan police rushed him and his family to safety to protect him from justice.

It is not easy to realise that the three main parties are against their own people and act as one on the central, core issues of the multi-racial, PC ideology. They differ on emphasis and some fringe members of the three-in-one party can express rebellious views on many things but not the central ones - anti-racism, globalism and loyalty to the EU.

The elites are an “Ideological Caste” and any who say the wrong things have their careers destroyed unless they publicly abase themselves, their careers enhanced if they vociferously make the right statements.
Every time the EDL leader Tommy Robinson appears on TV he shows up the biased interviewers up for what they are. Andrew Neill's stitch-up recently showed every viewer what the Establishment is really like. Even intelligent people are beginning to see what corrupt liars the Establishment are even if they find the EDL distasteful. I read many comments in the MSM and people who were not EDL supporters said they had been appalled by the sheer bias of Andrew Neil. That followed a stitch-up on the BBC a few days earlier.

Progressives see no danger in this because they have convinced themselves that immigrants are nice, harmless people who want to be like us. This patronising view, denies new comers their humanity and pretends they are different from us when they share the same human nature as us and are just as capable of taking over our territory as we did theirs and acting out historical grudges against us.

Progressives are anti-White and think there is a Hitler waiting to get out but immigrants bring enrichment. This prejudice is why they discriminate against us and are prejudiced in favour of ethnics. They pretend that the human nature of ethnics, their need for territory and to develop their communities as rivals to us fade away on the flight over here. It is clear to empirical examination of the world around us that imported communities are colonising our territory and many are waging war against us from within with the support of the authorities through the politicised police and academic and intellectual elites. (1)

Progressives pretend it isn't happening and they make Whites scapegoats if anything goes wrong with the connotative “racism” which is only used about Whites. Once again that is treating white people and ethnic people as different. The white community is the only racial group in Britain without any political representation or social-support structures.
What is distributed to us in benefits, tax relief etc., is just enough to bribe us to support a political system and to keep us quiet while we are dispossessed. Ethnic communities are organised and have official preference. They are growing in numbers and gaining more and more strength and power over us.

An issue that shows how little our rulers care about indigenous people is foreign aid. Cameron and colleagues in the coalition Government transfer taxpayers money to the third-world while making people in this country unemployed and cutting back on welfare and services. All across the country community centres are being closed yet money given to countries we have never heard of and many richer than ourselves.

Noblesse Oblige

There is a need for practical activism for the one unrepresented group who suffers constant discrimination from the authorities – White British people!

We are being reduced to the standard of a third-world state and will need to organise food and soup kitchens for our poor. There are other things we must do to help our beleaguered people.

Car insurance premiums have gone up by about 40-50% in many cases as foreign gangs commit fraud involving motor vehicles' is about £50 of what motorists now pay in insurance. People need to know that mass immigration is costing them dear, something which voters care about.
We must campaign for the same rights and privileges as those given to other ethnic groups. We have rights under the Race relations Acts as a ethnic groups and protection from genocide under UN law.(1)

We must have high standards of morality and conduct and act decisively against associates and members who bring the movement into disrepute. The one issue that the elites use to destroy threats to their power is thuggery. This behaviour is unacceptable to the public which is why by using these antics infiltrators who commit or urge acts of violence which give the media “evidence” that we are like that must be quickly disciplined or expelled.

Another type to be watched for are those who foment internal discord and dissatisfaction which can destroy groups and damage the organisation through whole regions. These people must be brought before an appropriate committee and democratically investigated and if found guilty, expelled. A proper disciplined organisation is imperative. But it must be democratic, open and above board.
Groups of campaigners or leaf letters must always be of say five in number and always carry camera phones to record physical attacks because Establishment politicians use the UAF to carry out physical intimidation. Assailants must be photographed and prosecuted.
We must avoid the cry baby approach:” Boo Hoo, they won't give us democracy.” If they deny us a platform, tell them straight: “You are frightened of us. You know how much latent support we have and you fear us!”

We need to be active in communities like Southall, where they have slum-houses being built in people's back gardens, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and Handsworth, anywhere where Whites are a minority, or soon to be a minority and help them organise community and political structures that campaign for a share of social resources where they are being treated less favourably than ethnic groups. If we can attract people with legal knowledge we could open community advice centres.
There are no community centres in inner cities for white families – yet there are many for Black, Chinese, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu community centres and charities. We are entitled to equal representation.
That means parity of social facilities - youth clubs, sports centres, community centres and if requests for equal white rights and facilities are refused and our bids for those facilities turned down then it exposes the anti-White double standards of the authorities, it creates grounds for legal challenge as it gives examples of discrimination against White people of the local authorities.

We have to face the reality that even in the most appalling situations the police will take the side of ethnics against us so we need to build local representation networks with proper legal advice. The issue of White parity with ethnics is of paramount political importance to defend our people from :

a) The systematic racist gang-raping of young White girls by Muslim rape gangs,
b) The state anti-white racism in the guise of affirmative action and political discrimination programmes
c) The one-sided allocation of funds from councils and community groups to immigrant, asylum seeker, race based groups that discriminate directly and indirectly against us.
d) Increasing failure of Whites in education
e) Destroying the morale of White working class people in order to import cheap labour using the fib “You won't do the menial jobs” as if people can refuse employment without getting their benefits stopped. Parity at least for whites in social housing, education, National Health Service treatment, council housing association housing and community centres for children and the elderly etc.

There is need for a campaigning organisation to fight for them and reinvigorate a dispossessed and abandoned electorate.
The media will not go easy on us - they never do. They can not because they need us as a bogey group to convince themselves that they are morally right when they are obviously morally corrupt. Their system of cheap labour for work on their homes and cheaper restaurant prices depends on undermining our working people.

Our unifying belief should be in the necessity of a civil defence group for us - the forgotten people. We must not sink to race hate like the Establishment who are trying to eradicate us; nor should we try to compromise with the evil ideology of the neo-Marxists which is race replacement of white British people by immigrants from the Third-World. We take up the cause of fighting for white people to exist as a people and a stop to the ethnic cleansing of Whites, as an ethnic group; and to defend them from being discriminated against, not as an aggressive force, but as campaign for ethnic parity.

In Blackpool the police suppressed a report that showed 11 Muslim fast food outlets were being used as “honey traps” to lure young White girls as young as 11 and 12 into sex and then prostitution. Police covered up gang rapes of young White girls as young as eleven for over a decade. Senior police do not only covered negligence like Hillsborough but anything that might shatter the public delusion that mass immigration is bringing benefits.

It's time these corrupt senior police officers were sacked without pay or pensions and prosecuted for aiding and abetting widespread Child-rape of minors. Though, they probably act on orders from the Home Secretary.

A Campaign to protect young White girls from foreign child-rapists appeals to the male protective instinct and the female instinct to care and nurture.


2. The people who produced this are well respected academics whose opinions are valued around the world and this well researched analysis of what the Globalists think of us is the image academics around the world now have.

Matthew Goodwin -

The livelihoods of Authors of such works depend on the "problem" they are continually analysing and are not impartial solutions.
Matthew Goodwin has less than ten years of adult life since qualification and a vested interest in what he writes. If he doesn't keep the stirring trouble he loses his status as an academic elite. Theoretical understanding of multiculturalism without practical experience is meaningless. They are respected by other unworldly academics and the vested interests they produce these reports for.

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