The Traditional Britain Group Refutes The Lies In The Daily Record

by The Webmaster

The Traditional Britain Group Refutes The Lies In The Daily Record

More Brickbats From The Left-Wing Media Rabble


Statement: Attempts to link the Traditional Britain Group to the Far-Right and “Nazis” in the European Parliament are futile, say the group. We are simply good ordinary people, conservatives who have a wide range of concerns about the direction our country is headed. The Far-Left Mirror Group’s efforts (including the Daily Record) to portray today’s Austrian FPO party as anything other than conservative is simply puerile. The FPO are today part of Austria’s government. Likewise the said newspapers efforts to portray the small ‘c’ conservative German AfD party as linked to “Nazis” is laughable. We are talking here about the second-largest political party in Germany.


We read this morning (Friday, October 5th) a TBG hit piece in a downmarket Scottish tabloid The Daily Record (aka the Daily Worker) owned by the hard-Left Trinity Mirror Group. A media group which has recently obscured its origins under the brand ‘Reach plc’ so that new readers following the acquisition of the Daily Express and Daily Star titles are unaware of the connection.






Their other current features this week include a sex worker who sells images of her feet to onanists, a review of the late Charles Manson’s ‘coded messages’ and teenage girls who give birth on kitchen floors. The calibre of its content and approach to its readership is plain for all to see. We understand that those readers are deserting the paid-for print copy at almost 10% annually. How long until it follows the left-wing Independent newspaper into 'online only' click-bait obscurity?

The article itself was not even given to its internal staff but is penned by a jobbing freelance Scottish activist much of whose other efforts are crowdfunded.

It uses the questionable journalese, of assembling lots of vague links, strung  together to imply guilt by association: journalism-by-Google. And lots of large photographs where readers might expect some analysis or argument instead.

Let's say up front, we at the Traditional Britain Group are traditionalists, desiring the best for Britain and its people. Our official objectives are not hard to find on our website, or on Metapedia. Read them and then join us.

Let's briefly look at the accusations.

1) The Traditional Britain Group have called for black people to return to their “natural homelands”

The group have called for no such thing. A Vice-President has suggested that the Conservative Party policy manifesto from the 1970s to financially aid those who wish to voluntarily return to the place of their cultural and ancestral heritage is a good one. That mass immigration has overwhelmed Britain, demographically, culturally and geographically, is a threat to British people's continuity and therefore our long-term interests and has consistently been opposed by a majority of the British population. State aided repatriation is available now under Theresa May's government, as it was even under Blair.

2) The FPÖ was co-founded by a former SS officer, Herbert Schweiger.

Whether this is perhaps lying by omission, a tactic to shore up a weak case or trying to form a silk purse out of a sow's ear, you can decide. Herr Schweiger was NOT a co-founder of the liberal FPÖ. He is nowhere mentioned in any general histories of the formation of the party, nor even on the generally leftist-tinged German or English Wikipedia histories of the party. The only reason he is included is due to his later activism on the "far-Right" in Germany and that he gave a past interview to this article's writer. His only connection is that he was a member of a predecessor party and therefore one of a number of initial people who joined the newly created FPÖ when the party opened for business (way back in 1956!), though he held absolutely no key leadership position throughout his limited membership. The FPÖ notably deny even this small connecting detail. That makes him the 'co-founder' apparently for the purposes of this laughable article. It's worth noting, all leading German and Austrian parties also have similar mixed post-war participants, including Merkel's CDU (as they did in France, Japan, Italy etc.)

3) AfD exploit "fears over immigration". Activists marched with neo-Nazis in Chemnitz. Three members were expelled after claims they visited a festival to mark Hitler’s birthday.

Again, a complete paucity of 'Nazi' evidence, that does not support the yellow-journalism headline. Several logical fallacies also are used to apply a character to the whole AfD based upon the loosest of associations on the margins. Tens of thousands of locals rightfully marched in Chemnitz over a series of attacks linked to refugees. These attendees included people from a wide variety of sources. This has no bearing on the character of the AfD as a political party who participated in a public march. And in a case where young regional members were found to have attended some skinhead rock concert, they were expelled, again undermining the assertions. Recent news reports also announce that the AfD now have a 'Jewish group' of active members. It's as illogical to suggest that this makes the AfD 'Zionists' (via the extreme Right) as it is to suggest that a handful of skinheads in a public march makes them 'Nazis' (via the extreme Left).

In conclusion, the Daily Record's headline of the TBG's "rolling out the red carpet" inviting "parties linked to neo-Nazis" is absolute nonsense, which is either motivated as a political hit-job, click-bait to shift copies under a lurid banner, or maybe it's just poor journalism. Their concluding paragraph though gives a strong indication of their intentions: "Scottish Labour MP Paul Sweeney said of the TBG conference: “Given some of the groups invited, I would urge the relevant authorities to investigate whether it is appropriate for this event to go ahead.”"

So a hard-Left media group who we have often seen aligned with far-Left activist organisations, use a rent-a-quote Labour MP to try to put pressure on the government to stop conferences that they don't like from occurring. This is the authoritarian Left in action, a paper-thin argument and dirty tricks to try to shut down their political opponents and deny them any freedom of association.

Finally, we should note that for some reason they declined to print our primary reply to them, which justifies inclusion here: "To disreputable Far-Left newspapers and Liberal-Left magazines everything appears as "Far-Right"".

Our hatchet-job rating? D-

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