Donald Trump and the American Counterrevolution, A.D. 2016

by The Editor

Donald Trump and the American Counterrevolution, A.D. 2016
Dr. Tomislav Sunic provides a reflective and deeply analytical account of the Trump victory's significance for both America and Western Europe.

By Dr. Tomislav Sonic


Julius Nisle, Pact between Faust and Mephistopheles (engraving 1840)

Sooner or later even the darkest cloud must have a silver lining. This poetic justice is a central theme in the seminal work of European literature, with the incarnate cosmic Evil, the satanic Mephistopheles, admitting to young Faust: “I am part of the Power that would always wish Evil, and always works the Good.” (1335-1340).

Donald Trump may have never read Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Faust, or for that matter studied the meaning of chance and necessity in Sophocles’ dramas. His sudden emergence on the American political scene, however, is a portent of gigantic world changes which, even if he decides to backpedal now, can no longer be rolled back. This time around, the first woman on Earth, the all-gifted, albeit credulous and unfortunate Pandora, is letting a good gene out of her box. The supreme irony of history is that the state of America, which has stood in European eyes, for two and half centuries, as a prime symbol of international plutocracy and a land of “free movement of goods and people” will be now first to ditch them one by one. A country, which after World War II played a crucial role in setting up different political regimes around the globe, from the UN to WTO, from the EU to TTIP, is now in the process of dismantling them one by one — to the great joy of millions of both implicit and explicit White Americans and Europeans. Aside from many White fortune- tellers and twitter warriors bragging now how they “knew that Trump was coming,” no one could have divined Trump’s earth-shattering rise to world political prominence. The twentieth century was an American century; the twenty first century will be again the American century — albeit in a reverse fashion.

Another irony of history is that the Trump-like phenomenon had largely been expected to surface, at least as far as White nationalists were concerned, in Europe first. Over the last several decades Europa had gathered enough intellectual firepower, lining up an impressive number of politicians, all of them well aware of Europe’s multiracial chaos-in-the-making. Various European meta-political and cultural think tanks, such as the British Traditionalists, the German Identitarians, let alone the French New Right, had already supplied them with the necessary rhetorical tools. Moreover, European nationalists, including all brands of traditional conservatives, had for centuries harbored deprecatory feelings toward America, a country they often derided as a hypermoralistic, lachrymose and Bible-obsessed universe of its own. On the one hand European nationalists could barely hide their jealousy of White America’s organizational know-how; on the other, they permanently cultivated a sense of cultural superiority, which frequently morphed into navel-gazing and tribalistic narcissism. This is no longer the case.

Then, recently, and for a short period of time, on both sides of the Atlantic, all White eyes were riveted on the promised land of Putin’s Russia and Eastern Europe, in a great expectation that the true light was coming from the East. There were valid reasons for such a wishful-thinking scenario, both among US and West European nationalists. Speaking from a racial perspective, Eastern Europe and Russia proper are today more European than Western Europe and America.

However, what many traditional conservatives and many White nationalists, both in Western Europe and the US frequently overlook, is the sorry state of civic consciousness, or rather the lack thereof in Russia and Eastern Europe, largely due the depletion of their gene pool through half a century-long communist racial and social leveling. Communism is not just an ideology; it is a peculiar form of anthropology which cannot be erased overnight by an EU ukase or a US State Department decree. As has been written in TOO and elsewhere, by the early 90s, communism fell apart in the East because its main tenets, i.e., egalitarianism, the myth of progress, and the world with no borders, had been better put into practice in the USA — albeit under cover of more elegant and more insidious wording. From now on this newly rebranded paleo-proto-communist, aka affirmative action, miscegenated, transgenderized, progress-obsessed America, Trump and his administration will be facing.

Trump’s Hamlet and Hecuba

Despite large-scale populist revolts today against the cataclysmic racial replacement which is underway in Europe, neither Germany nor any other EU state is allowed to take the lead in any similar Trump–like scenario. German politicians have been coached since 1945 to stay put and wait for America’s move first for any of their own political decision making. The World War II memories of American bombers blasting Germany back into the Stone Age are still tacitly vivid among Germans, and especially among German nationalists. Since the end of the war, German elites have been thoroughly brainwashed and reeducated, to the extent that a German politician, if he were to professionally survive, must strictly abide by the canons of self-censorship. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that the German national-masochistic mainstream media, aka the “Lügenpresse”, had to be most vocal in its vulgar smearing of Trump.

Trump must have been unaware of what he really started in 2015. Even now he may ignore the dynamics of the political process he set into motion. Again we could quote Goethe when dealing with the notion of the unpredictability, or suddenness, or the accidental in the political process. Goethe’s magic broom accidentally falls into the hands of a young sorcerer’s apprentice, boosting thereafter the apprentice’s ego to crazed proportions, tempting him over and over again to sweep away the face of the entire world. But the magic of the broom can also backfire, and at some point the young apprentice panics, realizing that the broom is doing more harm than good.

“Can I never, Broom, appease you? I will seize you/ Hold and whack you/ And your ancient wood/ I’ll sever/ With a whetted axe I’ll crack you!”

The more arcane and legalistic language of the famous German anti-liberal scholar, the late Carl Schmitt, comes to the same conclusions about the accidental in politics. He wrote extensively about the notion of the unpredictable and the unexpectable, using in one of his books the example of the neurotic Hamlet and the frenzied seer Hecuba, both being unjustly derided as paranoid creatures by their dismissive entourage, both however announcing with deadly precision the incoming political catastrophe. Likewise, in high politics things rarely turn out as planned by a statesman. Trump himself will also be forced to adjust his polices in line with upcoming and often mutually excluding set of circumstances, both at home and abroad.

Trump’s Breakthrough

The major breakthrough Trump accomplished, which was something unseen in Western politics since World War II, is his normalizing of the political discourse. Trump, of course, is not an expert on comparative semiotics, nor does he study semantic changes in different political regimes, although he can surely well decipher the real masters of discourse in the US. He did a better job in foiling the media vernacular than most nationalist or right-wing scholars. Or, to put it bluntly, Trump succeeded in bringing the level of communication to that of an average citizen, bypassing the mandatory verbal mimicry inherent in liberal parliamentarianism. Thus, without even realizing it, he indirectly challenged political myths and mendacities on which the System in the USA and EU has based its legitimacy since 1945. On the surface, to an average White in America, Trump’s talk may look like a unique personality trait of his, but to a self-censored professional living in America or in Europe, facing the daily deluge of the newspeak terror, Trump’s talk means a breath of fresh air and more breathing space in social interaction.

This is the main reason why the mainstream media in the US and the EU despises, but also greatly fears Trump. An embarrassing blow to the System occurred with the clumsy self-delegitimization of the so-called free media in the West. Despite total demonization of Trump by all media networks in the EU and US, average citizens could not be taken for a ride by numerous self-proclaimed academic experts, liberal savants, or leftist journos. Once again the self-praising System, along with its mendacious media, although pretending to be the best of all the possible worlds, exposed itself as just another post-WWII fraudulent entity hostile to the will of White peoples.

One could draw again some surprising parallels with the former communist system in the ex-Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, a make-believe system indulging in the game of double pretense and a twofold self-denial. On the one hand the media in ex- communist Eastern Europe was pretending to be telling the truth; on the other, the populace was pretending to believe in it. Everybody knew that the other side was lying. Naturally, the System was bound to collapse.

Politics is the art of compromise as long as the compromise does not turn into betrayal of those who brought their politicians to power. Surely, Trump will have to provide perks for some of his non-White hopefuls, who otherwise in private, and in their innermost self, harbor pathological resentments, not only against Trump himself, but also against all Whites across the board. Trump will also face a standard hyperinflation of brownnosers in his entourage. This is nothing new in politics and has been amply described and documented by many scholars and many literary critics, from Antiquity to Modernity. But Trump’s grandstanding words of “being a president of all Americans”, however prudent they must sound now in a highly racially diverse and balkanized America, may soon prove to be hollow. These words no longer reflect America as it was some fifty years ago. An American citizen of Pakistani or Jordanian origin conceives of his American dream quite differently than an Irish or Flemish American. It would be preposterous to speculate now about the breakdown of America into several separate states. Yet under a likely scenario of Whites becoming a minority, stripped of much of their political leverage, the interracial hostility between non-Whites, i.e., between American Blacks and Hispanics, between American- Asians and Blacks will not abate. Rather it will explode, with each non- White group cannibalizing the other, proverbially morally repugnant Whites notwithstanding. In such a horror-like environment the big question is how large piece of the territorial and political pie the minority Whites will be able or willing to extract for themselves? Short of a racially segregated society, America and Europe, with or without Trump, will be headed for big interracial troubles.

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