TBG Statement: Facebook censorship of free speech and demonstrable political bias

by The Editor

TBG Statement: Facebook censorship of free speech and demonstrable political bias
Facebook has today taken down the main Traditional Britain Group page and banned at least four page editors as well. The page deletion was appealed and again Facebook did not follow its protocols in notifying page owners of any decision.

Facebook has today taken down the main Traditional Britain Group page for the second time and banned at least four page editors as well, without giving any true reason or allowing any appeal process. Both occasions occurred when the page was just short of 50,000 'likes', 6 months apart. Everyone should be concerned by this gross violation of the fundamental principle of freedom of speech and a clear example of political bias.

This latest act by Facebook follows a pattern we have witnessed where they have not followed their own formal processes. We can only view this as an attempt to shield its politically-driven tactics. The page was continually removed for instance when 'viral' posts became too popular using the catch-all 'community standards' infraction and then reinstated days later after 'review', often twice in one week. But the Facebook 'standards' notifications never indicated any infringing post, removed anything from the page, nor gave any of our individual admins time-out penalties, all standard practice when penalising a 'community standards' infraction.

But now Facebook's tactics have become even more aggressive. They have now started to punish multiple page editors for a phantom 'post' by an individual editor, giving time-out periods of up to a month, seemingly in an attempt to mothball the page. And, of course, deleted the page.

Incredibly to accomplish this, these charlatans have declared that our Traditional Britain Group logo (our historical English/British lion symbol seen above and to the right of this piece) went against Facebook's 'community standards' - see below. This is the only notice we received to justify unpublishing our page. Using this ancient heraldic device as a means of removing the page, is a further outrage and shows the bankrupt moral atmosphere that prevails at Facebook, underlining our suspicion that they will use any excuse to disrupt pages they politically disagree with. We appealed and almost immediately the page then completely disappeared (unpublished pages are viewable to admins) and the standard email notification outlining the decision making process was not received. Clearly this is a political hit from a more senior Facebook representative.

We retain secondary pages there for the time being, due to a critical mass of people we seek to connect with (and a page that had content reach in the multi-millions weekly), but we will also increasingly encourage people to engage with alternatives, like Gab, or Telegram. Our pages there were effectively dormant pages but we will now endeavour, time permitting, to cross-post the content there from our two current pages towards the end of shifting thousands across there. Everyone should actively engage in this attempt and encourage a slow incremental move away from the "Facebook Stasi" . Facebook is already crumbling like the Berlin Wall, they just do not know it yet.

It also makes sense to us to evaluate some 'class action' type response, that will force some legal document disclosure from them, demonstrating that the organisation does not abide by its own user agreements and makes its processes up as they proceed. This is one reason why the UK oversight is done from a separate legal jurisdiction in the Republic of Ireland. We will therefore log under this post the attacks on the page (dates and any outlined content infraction) going forwards.

We can currently be found here:


Below is the punishment an admin received for our logo on the page (an admin who did not post it and who is largely inactive) and below that the justification for the page's removal.

It's also worth noting that Facebook has intentionally set up their systems so that those non-related admins who are blocked from posting for no acts of their own, cannot appeal in any way. A clearly politically motivated take-down.





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