Katie Paris: Despatch From The Educational Frontline

by TBG

Katie Paris: Despatch From The Educational Frontline
As they seem rather intent on enforcing their racial and politically discriminatory views in university policy I am pursuing legal action against them for the racial discrimination and victimisation I have been subjected to during my studies so far. I have submitted documents and claim forms to my local county court to protectively issue a discrimination claim. The overt anti-white discrimination and left-wing bias of universities is intolerable and unacceptable.
TBG: Some time ago, we published an outline from a TBG member on his then contemporary student experience at university (see here). Since this earlier article, things have gone downhill dramatically. You'll understand why when you read this powerful indictment of the state of British higher education and the complete dominance of the university by far-Left ideologues. Can we call on the legal system for support? Only time will tell.


Despatch From The Educational Frontline

In 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown, I decided that I would use the time productively and enrolled to study for a law degree at a university. I wanted to retrain in an industry less vulnerable to economic downturn and AI technologies but also due to being incentivised by the disparity in the implementation of our laws.

Shortly after my course commenced, I became aware of very discriminatory policies and opinions within this university. Due to coronavirus I had naïvely assumed that with the majority of our studies being conducted online that I would be able to avoid the left-wing political pandering and propaganda that are endemic within our education systems. However, this was not the case.

As part of the introductory process as new students we were encouraged to introduce ourselves and engage in online forums relating to our modules and courses. One forum for new law students that we had been instructed to engage in within our course materials, contained posts that were completely  irrelevant and inflammatory, relating to “black history”, BLM and also contained links to support groups, mentorship schemes along with other initiatives that were exclusively for black and ethnic minorities, yet nothing for white students. 

I decided to respond to one of these posts on the forum and stated that I found it “unnecessary and divisive to post left-wing propaganda” on a law study forum, but added nothing else. 

Within 24 hours this simple response had elicited many replies some of which were positive and in agreement, but as always left-wing aggression reared its ugly head.

One particular student thought it was appropriate to seek out and publish personal identifying information in a manner to incite hatred and animosity in the group, along with suggestive politically heated comments in an effort to intimidate, bully and harass myself just for one simple comment of finding this bombardment of left-wing posts unnecessary and divisive. 

There were also a range of other comments from students such as “white people could not be victim to racial discrimination” however it was the seeking out of personally identifying information that I thought required some disciplinary action.

So I flagged the discussion and made a formal complaint regarding the student’s conduct. I then followed up that complaint with another regarding the racially discriminatory practices, opinions and policies within the university structures and the unwelcoming environment that the constant white blaming and shaming was creating for new white students.

In this complaint I brought up the fact that the university offers bursary schemes to black and ethnic minority students from socially economic disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them £1.5k for their first two years of study but excludes white students from socially disadvantaged economic backgrounds from this financial assistance and incentives to study. 

The university also partners with a number of organisations who offer opportunities to meet employers, gain internships and all the necessary training opportunities that would be needed to fully qualify and become a barrister or a solicitor only to black and ethnic minority students, putting white students at a clear disadvantage on being able to gain the necessary experience to qualify and go on to gain meaningful employment in the area in which they studied.

This explains why we are seeing a massive disparity in the ethnicities of those being called to the bar or gaining employment within law firms. It is due to the active discrimination in higher education of not offering the same level of opportunity to white students studying law to gain the experience they would require. 

There were also a number of other programs incentives and schemes, such as support groups for black and ethnic minority students only, mentorship schemes for BAME only and constant positive reinforcement, excluding white students from the same level of support, opportunity and service from the university. All this whilst also subjecting them to an unwelcoming and hostile environment with white shaming, the reinforcement of negative stereotypes of white people and racists, theories of white privilege are also enforced as if irrefutable fact and that any complaints or opposition to this overt racism should be punished.

The discussion on the forum was closed and I received a response from the student experience manager who stated there was no reason to identify white students as a group that would benefit from any specific academic or support initiatives, that exclusion from the same level of support, service and opportunity for being white is positive and that a student conduct officer would be in touch regarding my complaint regarding student conduct on welcome forum.

I then received an email from the student conduct officer which stated I was to be issued with a formal warning due to my post on the forum and that they would not be informing me of any disciplinary action that was taken against any of the other students involved in that forum. I have a copy of the transcript of everything I communicated and what everybody else communicated in that discussion. Nothing I said was a breach of any rules or the Student Charter.

So I challenged this decision, asking them to provide me with evidence of what I had communicated that have been in breach of any rules.

Internal emails which I have copies of after my solicitors submitted a subject access request, inform me that that they were aware that I had not breached any rules but that they wanted to punish me for having the wrong opinions. The sanction was later reduced to an informal warning based on the statement that they felt that my opposing the anti-white racism on the forum was insensitive and intolerant, though I hadn’t broken any specific rules of conduct. They disagreed with the facts raised regarding discrimination.

When later I received a phone call from a member of university staff in which I again stated I wish to formally raise my concerns and complaints regarding the discriminatory practices and policies of the University I was told by this member of staff (which is documented in their internal emails which I have copies of from a subject access request made by my legal advisers) that white students were being discriminated against and preferential treatment given to black and ethnic minority students to quote “even out the playing field.” Confirmation of this is also contained in the internal documents that were provided to me.

I then made another written formal complaint regarding the discriminatory practices and policies within the university and the unwarranted malicious disciplinary action that students who oppose this far-left anti-white political narrative are subjected to.

After I tried to raise my complaints internally regarding the discrimination by the university against white students that would constitute a breach of the Equality Act 2010 and I was subject to disciplinary action for it, I communicated clearly to my university that I would pursue legal action if we could not rectify these issues internally.

I sought advice from the Equality Advisory Service who listened to my case and signposted suitable legal advisers, one of which has since then been investigating my discrimination claims.

A month or so later I attended an online group tutorial in which the lecturer initiated a discussion around whether the British constitution should be fully codified or not. 

In this discussion I expressed my position of supporting a fully codified British constitution that upholds our rights and liberties in a formal written document. That many of our traditional rights and liberties are not written in a document but are considered constitutional principles and values and could become undermined by the rapidly changing demographics of society particularly in relation to women’s equality before the law, which we see undermined by religious sharia courts, as an example.

The discussion was then closed down and we moved on. However due to receiving copies of the internal emails of staff at the university relating to myself I am aware that there was a discussion that took place via email between members of staff that stated they would like to punish me for having the wrong opinions but as I had not broken any rules they suggested that instead they report me to the anti-terrorist organisation Prevent as a means to deal with my “wrong opinions” and as punishment.

I was quite surprised by this, as I was not expecting that supporting women’s equality before the law would be seen as an extremist view but apparently in this context when its relating to the equality of women under Islamic sharia legal systems it suddenly became so.

I am shocked by the internal emails of these university staff that state they would consider reporting students to anti-terrorist organisations like Prevent, as a means to harass and intimidate these students for “wrong think” or as a means to punish them for making complaints about the overt discrimination that was taking place within the university. 

I also around this time that I became aware of a disabled white student who was subject to racial discrimination by the university and then was victimised for complaining, to the extent that he left and did not complete his degree due to the stress and effect on his mental health that this persecution and discrimination whilst attempting to study had on him.

Whilst the investigations and evidence gathering was being conducted, I submitted an assignment that I believe was maliciously marked down due to the bias and animosity of that tutor. I requested a review and made a formal complaint against the marker. 

After review of my work I received a higher mark and secured a change of tutors due to incompatibility issues. 

I then furthered my complaints to raise the concerns that I had of university staff abusing their power and position to impose their extremist left wing ideology and persecuting students who did not adhere to their ideology with malicious disciplinary sanctions and by actively sabotaging their education through unfairly grading their work.

After all my complaints regarding the antiwhite discriminatory policies and practices within the University and the abuses of power by politically motivated University staff had gone ignored and no action taken, I put a post in the students’ experience forum asking if other students they felt they are being racially and/or politically discriminated against by the university.

Although raising concerns or complaints regarding violations of the Equality Act are legally protected acts and to be punished for raising complaints or concerns relating to discrimination is legally considered to be an act of victimisation, my post was removed, and I was subject to a formal disciplinary, for again being "insensitive". 

As they seem rather intent on enforcing their racial and politically discriminatory views in university policy I am pursuing legal action against them for the racial discrimination and victimisation I have been subjected to during my studies so far.

I have submitted documents and claim forms to my local county court to protectively issue a discrimination claim.

In short, the overt anti-white discrimination and left-wing bias of universities is intolerable and unacceptable. The persecution of students who do not display complete adherence to the opinions of their tutors and of the wider university staff is against the law and needs to be challenged.

This statement covers the important parts for concision purposes, though there will be many additional details to provide at its conclusion.  



TBG: If you have had similar experiences to 'Katie', please message us to let us know.

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