The Great Betrayal

by The Editor

The Great Betrayal
By Gregory Lauder-Frost - 'Our task must be to restore Britain, her heritage, her traditions, her glories, her position in the world. It must be to sweep aside the universal Left wherever they appear. We saw in the old Soviet Union and the former Eastern Bloc the final results of full-blown Socialism. Liberalism is an equal cancer. The crusade for our country must continue. What is needed is a Real Tory and traditionalist onslaught for our nation. We must keep talking and not be afraid to do so. We must get our message out there.'

In January 1998 the old Western Goals Institute (Julian Lewis - then deputy head of Conservative Central Office's Research Department, now MP for New Forest - said in the Jewish Chronicle on the 2nd October 1992, that he would be advising local associations that Western Goals was “hostile to Conservative objectives”) Newsletter carried an article entitled “Rural Britain: the heart of the nation”, claiming that the most powerful emblem of British national identity was the countryside. It attacked plans by John Major’s Government, plans which were going to be extended by New Labour, to seriously threaten our rural heritage. Major’s Conservative Party Environment Secretary, John Gummer, said that by 2016 his ‘structure plans’ meant implementing a substantial housebuilding programme, inevitably in Britain’s countryside. Four million homes were to be built, with the already over-populated southern and Home Counties taking the brunt of the development. John Prescott, New Labour’s spokesman on this contentious issue confirmed these plans and went further (see Stuart Millson’s article “Goodbye England” in the Traditional Britain Newsletter 2003). These past few weeks we have been experiencing the latest similar proposed onslaught by another so-called Conservative administration (or is it a Liberal coalition?) on our magnificent countryside. Scraps of concession have been made to those dreadful whingers and complainers – the people – who, to be fair are normally totally ignored.

So one wonders just what is a “Conservative objective”? The old Monday Club News (12th April 1991) – another group the Conservative Party have “distanced” themselves from - carried this quote from Robert Nisbet:“The ethos of Conservatism is tradition…defence of social tradition and emphasis on the values of community, kinship, hierarchy, authority, and religion; add also Conservatism’s premonition of social chaos surmounted by absolute power once individuals have become wrenched from the context of these values by the forces of liberalism and radicalism. The Conservatives began with the absolute reality of the institutional order as they found it, the order bequeathed by history”. Ask yourself, seriously, after reading this, whether the current party calling itself ‘Conservative’ has a right to be called that? Whilst it is true that under the last successive Labour Governments more alien non-European immigrants than ever before were permitted to enter Great Britain, the Conservative administrations since the 1950s have been little better. How then do these admissions and the permitting of vast numbers of ‘British’ births to aliens to a tiny already over-crowded island fit in with the “emphasis on community kinship”, the “defence of social tradition” and the opposition to liberalism? Indeed several former Conservative MPs, such as Douglas Hurd, have emphasised that they want to see a liberal Britain; others have professed their pleasure at a multicultural Britain. But the ‘white flight’ and George Galloway’s win in the Bradford by-election this week because he pandered to the Muslims there demonstrates that multiculturalism is actually a myth and something that “liberal Britain” by urging ever-onwards is simply to its detriment. The 1970 Conservative Party Manifesto pledge to halt immigration and encourage voluntary repatriation was just another lie. Margaret Thatcher’s 1978 speech where she said that the British people felt they were being “swamped” just another electioneering stunt.

The same Western Goals Newsletter carried an article by me entitled “Christianity and the Millenium”. In this I exposed the situation we were facing as a Christian Kingdom. Gone is the common phrase once used at baptisms that the infant was being brought to “the one true faith”. Now our children are told that Christianity is just another religion, really no different to others, as though it were, in reality, pretty meaningless. Even private schools are churning out athiests. And now we have a so-called Conservative-led Government wishing to impose same-sex ‘marriages’. This is the overturning of our age-old accepted traditions, and of the authority of our Church; an insult to our ancestors. We have witnessed in the past 3 decades the battle to save from exile The Book of Common Prayer. Not legislation brought forward by a Conservative Government. Oh no. A Private Bill initiated in the House of Lords, by a Tory Peer, Lord Sudeley, was passed and saved the day. Instead, the Conservative administrations were more concerned with the relaxing of Sunday trading. Successive Conservative Governments have approved the appointment of Bishops and Archbishops known to have serious left-wing antecedents. The result is the anti-tradition, ‘progressive’, liberal miasma which has engulfed the Established Church today. The appalling non-Anglican statues of what were termed “martyrs” unveiled at Westminster Abbey in July 1998 demonstrated how insideous this Left-wing infiltration of The Church had become. They included people such as the Roman Catholic Liberation theologian Archbishop Romero who was openly assisting Communist terrorists in Central America. He did not die for his faith. He died because he aided and abetted Communist terrorists for whom he was an apologist. No “martyr” he.

Sadly it was the Conservative Party which took us into the EEC, without a referrendum, compounded, of course, by the Labour Government’s subsequent false referrendum which failed to advise the voters that the end result would not be a nice cosy trading agreement but the end of British sovereignty, the destruction of our fishing fleets, the abandonment of our previous favoured trading agreements with our kith and kin abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc., and which now has our country paying annually billions of pounds to the European Union as a sort of Club subscription which our people can not afford. Conservative administrations have gleefully adopted EU laws and diktats, notably on that great favourite of the universal Left, ‘Human Rights’, which enables ancient and long-standing British laws to be regularly overturned with impunity. Hard-line socialists are sent to the EU as officers and appointees representing Britain and remain in situ under Conservative Governments. Yet as far back as 1939, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (in their book Nationalism – ‘The Nature of Nations’ OUP, p.261) set out that “the ideal nation is one which (a) possesses characteristics distinguishing it clearly from others; (b) is free from external control, and sufficiently strong to maintain that freedom. One of the chief objects for which this freedom is required is the unrestrained enjoyment of the characteristics mentioned in (a); (c) acts as a single entity possessing interests and pursuing policies designed to promote those interests.”

With multinationals now in control of our media, left-wing and liberal journalists run rampant, seemingly unopposed. As for the BBC, hear what Peter Sissons had to say in his book One Door Closes (2011): “At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of The Left………In the later stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’.”

We now see a Conservative-led Government planning to further debase the House of Lords, indeed destroy what we have known and loved for 1000 years and which has given us infitinely greater service than the House of Commons, when we might have expected a Conservative Prime Minister to stand firm and announce that he and his party were completely opposed to socialism and all it stands for, for its monstrous attempts to wreck our ancient Constitution, including its Class War attack expelling the hereditary peerage from Their House. A truly Tory Party would announce a repeal of Blair’s so-called “reform” Bill for the Hosue of Lords, restored the House of Lords to its pre-Blair status quo and maintain “the institutional order as they found it, the order bequeathed by history.” It seems lost on this current Conservative Party that any attack upon the hereditary principal is de facto an attack upon the Monarchy and the Royal Family. As long ago as Autumn 1968, that great parliamentarian, Victor Montagu, said of suggestions for ‘reforms’ at that time: “The Crown’s prerogative to create hereditary peers should continue. It would be an affront to the Sovereign to compel these people to undergo an elective process.” Nothing has changed. The attacks upon the House of Lords are in essence an attack upon the institution of monarchy in Britain.

I have not room to mention our schools and our tertiary education systems, our Civil Service, every organ of the State, and how they have been almost taken over by The Left with no opposition form anywhere. The abandonment of morality, the family, and the onslaught of feminism and liberal-leftism in all spheres of life has gone unchallenged. Society too has become commercial and nothing else.

The Left has practically triumphed in this country. Dave (David Cameron) and most who imagine they are "Tories" just cannot get it into their heads that we have a permanent Leftist "government" in this country - leftists controlling all the important bodies and institutions. It doesn't matter if we vote "Conservative". What is so tragic now is that all the Conservative Party seem to stand for when they get in is "value for money" or whatever. They just don't have a clue - and cannot understand the political cultural struggle - which the Left has won. As far back as 1975, the great and much lamented M.P. John Stokes said in Monday News: “the Tory Party must be seen as the defender and preserver of our way of life.” How we have been betrayed.

Our task must be to restore Britain, her heritage, her traditions, her glories, her position in the world. It must be to sweep aside the universal Left wherever they appear. We saw in the old Soviet Union and the former Eastern Bloc the final results of full-blown Socialism. Liberalism is an equal cancer. The crusade for our country must continue. What is needed is a Real Tory and traditionalist onslaught for our nation. We must keep talking and not be afraid to do so. We must get our message out there.

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