Letter to Ed Miliband - One Nation - James Cullis

by The Editor

You claim your party embodies One Nation values, so I just have a few questions around your commitment to those ideal you claim to believe in.

Dear sir,

You claim  your party embodies One Nation values, so I just have a few questions around your  commitment to those ideal you claim to believe in. Firstly,  please can you tell me how your sudden conversion to One Nation ideals squares with your parties philosophical tradition? As one is premised on custom and communal obligation where the individual are conditioned by a historical and fraternal duty  one has to his fellow man. The other is rooted in a divisive ideology which presupposes a society of two groups of people segregated  by wealth and material goods. In which those who have the least are encouraged to understand their loyalty is not to the nation, but to a ‘class’, an abstract entity in order to redress a perceived economic imbalance.

Secondly, your party has historically supported legislation which has categorised people by arbitrary constructs; which has divided people into collections of individual who identity is defined by whichever construct the individual ‘chooses’ to identify with. How does this sit with notions of One Nation values? How can a national community exist that simultaneously allows an individual to decline to be a part of it? It makes no logical sense.

At present you  and your party have failed to supply any answers these questions and will dismiss  these   concerns as outdated  and irrelevant. This will be to the detriment of British society which is in need of a return to real One Nation ideals, where the individual naturally feels part of the community and is able to take pride in it. I hope the coming year  will  witness a reversal of this trend, and that Britain will rediscover these decent values.

Yours sincerely,

James Cullis

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