Marine Le Pen Statement on Paris Islamic State Attacks - English Translation

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Marine Le Pen Statement on Paris Islamic State Attacks - English Translation
Marine Le Pen's statement on the Paris attacks by Islamic State - 13th-14th November 2015 - in English.

My dear compatriots,

We live the horror. We are living a national tragedy.

Last night the capital of France suffered attacks of unprecedented barbarism that show a new escalation in violence of Islamist terrorism. For the sixth time in 2015, they hit our country.

France mourns its dead, and I cry with her. I also think of many wounded, some in critical condition. I want to share with the bereaved families my deepest sympathy and my solidarity. I salute the dedication and professionalism of our police and our emergency services. They have the admiration of the whole nation.

France and the French are not safe, it is my duty to tell you. And emergency measures are necessary.

- France must finally identify who are her allies and her enemies. Her enemies, the countries that have good relationships with radical Islam. These are also the countries that have an ambiguous attitude towards terrorists organisations. All those fighting terrorists are the allies of France and should be treated as such.

- The President of the Republic announced the state of emergency and temporary border control. That's good.  But, despite what the European Union, it is essential that France finds the control of its borders, indefinitely. Without borders there is no protection or security.

- France has been rendered vulnerable.  It must be revived because for too long it has undergone a programmed collapse of its protection and defence capabilities in the face of yet unpredictable and growing threats.  It must restore its military resources, police, gendarmerie, intelligence and customs.  The state must again ensure its vital mission of protecting French.

- Finally, Islamic fundamentalism must be destroyed. France must ban Islamist organisations, closed radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred on our soil, as well as illegal immigrants who have nothing to do with France.  As for binational participants of these Islamist movements, they must be stripped of their nationality and be inadmissible.

My fellow compatriots, we are a courageous people. The nation must be united in this event.

Beyond words must be strong and relentless action to protect French and perpetuate unity.

Vive la Republique!
Vive la France!

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