Non-British Values

by Gregory Lauder-Frost

Non-British Values
Traditional Britain Group's Vice-President Gregory Lauder-Frost slates government propaganda on "British values".

We hear much from the fake Conservative Party about teaching total alien immigrants to our country, and those born here but raised in totally alien families, “British values”.

This is a fallacy when we have a government bureaucracy dedicated to liberalism and socialism both of which deplore clear sets of norms and cultural respect. Worse, they positively hate patriotism.

British youths are taught in our schools a range of quasi-anarchist ideas which effectively mean that there are no longer acceptable and unacceptable norms and that, really, anything goes. Incited by their left-wing teachers, they adopt anti-military and anti-patriotic sentiments that, say, the French & Russians can hardly imagine. In countries like Germany, where instruction in music and in national literature remains a compulsory core principal of education, our children have a moronic vacuum. Children in junior schools here return home at age 7 with books entitled “The Mosque School” etc., instead of Charles Kingsley or similar authors of magnificent children’s books. Secondary school students are reading not the great British classics but often modernist tripe filled with foul language and feminist and “anti-racist”messages. Most secondary school students have never heard of the majority of great British and European writers. 17 year-olds have never heard of Goethe or Schiller and their knowledge of Shakespeare or Milton is often so poor that it defies description.

Our children’s knowledge of Great Britain’s magnificent history, including its scientific and medical achievements, ahead of the rest of the world for centuries, is at the mercy of Marxists like Eric Hobsbawn and his fellow-travellers. Today students’ knowledge seems only to extend to the abolition of slavery (discounting the fact that had we not had slavery in the first place there would have been no abolition); or to spend their lifetime being ashamed of our ancestors and our Empire, the largest the world has ever known, which brought countless peoples straight out of the Stone-age into a modern world with all the advances that had to offer them. Students’ knowledge of European history is hopeless and in the case of 20th century history revolves around victors’ history (propaganda), Nazis, and the Holocaust.

The government is now funding schools across the UK where up to 20 languages are spoken, including Gaelic and Welsh, to absolute minorities whose tax contributions cannot come anywhere near to the expense of providing them with special educational status by the state. It is clear that Britain cannot be great unless there is no retreat from the principle that education must be conducted in the state language – English. Without this our country is doomed to creeping federalism and, ultimately disintegration. The language bond is always the cornerstone of any country.

On moral issues the government’s Department of Education have adopted an almost raving version of Political Correctness and have turned traditional and conventional morality on its head, now forcing schools to instruct pupils that the opposite is acceptable. Where once we all accepted that Britain was a Christian Kingdom and that all our children should have a fundamental knowledge of our faith, the bedrock of our culture and laws, now the Department enforces Religious Education lessons not on the “one true faith” but on all faiths across the globe. Apart from instantly relegating our faith to “just another religion” (much as they teach that communism was “just another political system”) it also means that religious education becomes completely meaningless in as much as it is impossible to properly instruct students in all the world’s faiths in the class periods allotted, so therefore they leave school with vacuous knowledge.

Discipline in State schools is effectively unenforceable. With the abolition of corporal punishment and ‘open-door’ policies students use the foulest language at teachers, ignore class discipline, and often simply walk out of a class in the middle of a lesson or even out of the school. Respect for authority is non-existent. One of the reasons for this is, of course, that this is exactly what they are teaching. The government’s response is not to punish the student but to fine the parents. But everyone knows that while many teenagers obey their parents indifferently, discipline from others is more effective. The Victorians left us many lessons on educational institutions which we have abandoned, and replaced it with a form of libertarianism which borders on the ridiculous.

The educational institutions often draw upon an essentially unpatriotic intelligentsia, socialists whose first loyalty is to every country but their own and to internationalism. Their principal objective is the deconstruction of traditional society; or globalist economic liberals whose only thought is “growth” and how to make a quick buck. These people only talk about money and our people are to them just cogs in their economic machinery.

It is therefore small wonder that today we have in real terms a cultureless society . Our concert halls and opera houses have an overwhelming majority of older people present. Our state media, the BBC, fully controlled by The Left, assist in their obsessive and continuous ‘cultural’ indoctrination, notably in their “history” programmes, documentaries, and all manner of other programmes.

No so-called conservative administration since at least World War II has tackled the take-over of the educational institutions and the media by The Left and even the Far-Left. It is beyond belief that known Marxists, communists, and very active socialists may hold teaching positions in our education system or that text books by such subversives are on reading lists. Naturally the children emerge with socialist mind-sets. They have been taught it matters not whether your grammar is correct or whether you can speak the Queen’s English or that a fundamental knowledge of your country’s greatness is important and that they are part of it. Students are taught to hate our history, hate our ancestors, hate our traditions, hate our heritage, hate our people, in effect to hate ourselves. Patriotism has been extinguished.

So what, exactly are the government teaching aliens as “values” when our own children have none?


Gregory Lauder-Frost

Vice-President Traditional Britain Group

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