November's Immigration Bulletin

by The Editor

November's Immigration Bulletin

BBC chairman Lord Patten says political correctness stops politicians speaking the truth on immigration and says Europe's weak borders have led to rampant crime

Lord Patten has weighed in to the immigration debate by suggesting that British politicians are now unable to cope with the country's 'porous borders'.

The Chairman of the BBC Trust and former Conservative minister blamed the 'dark side of globalisation' for the problem.

Chris Patten also suggested that elected representatives were increasingly reluctant to tell people the truth about such vexed issues.

He said that 'immigration,
organised crime, drugs' and 'epidemic disease' were just some of the 'aspects of the dark sides of globalisation' leaving national governments increasingly

Daily Mail, 30.11.13

Half a million immigrants pour into UK in one year

Half a million immigrants have flooded into the UK at a rate of more
than 1,300 a day in 12 months, official figures revealed yesterday.

The numbers are being fuelled by citizens from the EU's poorest countries arriving in search of jobs or benefits.

In all, 503,000 people including 183,000 EU citizens came to Britain in the year to June, while 320,000 left.

On Wednesday, the Daily Express delivered a petition against the changes to Downing Street. More than 150,000 readers have backed our campaign.

Daily Express, 29.11.13

Net migration is bogus. Gross migration is what affects communities

By Melanie McDonagh

Just over half a million people migrated to the UK in the year to June.
And half a million the year before.

I've talked about this before, but it's gross migration, not net migration we should really be talking
about, and especially non-European migration. Because it is the numbers
arriving, not the numbers leaving, that have an effect on community cohesion,
the sense of a common society, especially when the newcomers bolster an
existing, large migrant body.

The Spectator, 29.11.13

Immigration: people move freely, but who pays?

By Paul Collier

An important result of modern research is that until income gaps close, migration from poorer countries accelerates.

The free movement of peoples within Europe is a great achievement, but as with the free movement of goods it is rooted in the ethical principle of reciprocity. Germany exports to France without trade barriers; France exports to Germany without trade barriers, and that is mutually beneficial. Several hundred thousand French citizens live in Britain; several hundred thousand Britons live in France: both societies gain from this enhancement of freedom.

The accession of south-eastern European countries to the European Union is not just an expanded opportunity for mutual benefit; it is an important contribution to stabilising these societies and enabling them to catch up. But an exodus of their workforce to Britain is a long way from practical reciprocity.
[Paul Collier is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University]

Daily Telegraph, 28.11.13

Net migration into UK increases - Office for National Statistics

Net migration into the UK has risen year on year for the first time in
two years, official figures show.

Net migration - the difference between the number of people coming to live in the UK and those emigrating - rose to 182,000 in the year to June, up from 167,000 in the previous 12 months.

Immigration to the UK fell in the year to June 2013.

figures from the Office for National Statistics show some 503,000 people came to live in the UK in the year ending June, compared with 517,000 people the
previous year.

Meanwhile 320,000 people left the UK - down from 349,000 the previous year.

BBC, 28.11.13

Object to mass immigration from the EU? Join the Romaphobe club!

By Tom Harris MP [Labour]

How grateful we all were when our political leaders graciously informed us that we were once again allowed to discuss immigration without being accused of racism.

And it's (largely) been true. Because now there's a new word, or rather, a number of new words that can be used pejoratively to describe those who question the value of large-scale immigration. And all those words end with "phobe".

The latest is "Romaphobe", used to attack anyone who is too stupid to understand how "lively" and "vibrant" their communities will become after New Year's Day, when EU freedom of movement rules are lifted to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens.

Daily Telegraph, 27.11.13

Thousands of illegal immigrants could be "fiddling" the system by claiming asylum only after being threatened with deportation.

Almost 20,000 foreigners have been allowed to stay in the last six years
after claiming that deportation would breach their human rights.

fact that they claimed asylum only after being detected has called into question the legitimacy of their claims and there are now calls for the Home Office to investigate.

Labour MP Frank Field – who has called for a crackdown on immigration uncovered the figures.

He found that since 2008 a total of 66,569 foreigners claimed asylum after detection.

Of those 19,066 nearly one in three were actually successful. The others
had their return home delayed, often by years, by using the tactic.

The former welfare reform minister told the Sun: "It is an obvious fiddle that I am sure the Home Secretary will want to look at.

"You are either here for one reason or the other. You can't be both."

Daily Express, 26.11.13

Half of Brits want to stop new migrants moving here as Romanian foreign minister warns Cameron against 'racist attitudes'

Almost half of Britons think the right to work and live in the UK should
be blocked for Romanians and Bulgarians, a survey has shown.

Meanwhile, an opinion poll for Channel 5 News found 47 per cent of people thought migrants from the two countries should have no right to live, work or claim benefits in the UK and 56 per cent believed immigration had resulted in a negative impact on Britain.

A third of people surveyed over-estimated the percentage of people born outside the UK living in the country, thinking the figure was over 40 per cent, rather than the 13 per cent indicated in the 2011 census.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of those surveyed said Ukip had the best immigration policies, followed by Labour on 18 per cent, the Tories on 12 per cent and Lib Dems on 7 per cent.

Daily Mail, 26.11.13

The rift over immigration to Britain continues to widen

Immigration is not just one of the biggest and most sensitive issues in British politics; it also exposes one of the great and widening rifts between
most of the people and much of the political and chattering classes.

During the past fortnight, YouGov has conducted surveys on the issue for The Times and Sunday Times.

Mountains of YouGov research show how little respect voters have, not just for politicians but for other pillars of British society.

We listed 10 possible issues for renegotiation and asked people to identify up to three that mattered most to them. "Greater control of our borders and immigration from the EU" was the runaway winner, picked by 57%. It was the first choice of every social, political and demographic group.

The Guardian, 26.11.13

Britain heading towards a 'colour-coded society', says Demos

Britain is drifting towards a "colour-coded society", where white people and those from ethnic minorities are settling down in different areas, a
think tank says today.

The study from Demos and Birkbeck College warned that ethnic minority Britons were starting to steer clear of white areas to avoid having to be "ethnic pioneers".

Correspondingly white people were leaving more diverse areas for the countryside, which are 90 per cent white.

It said that white British people who have moved out of diverse areas do not do so due to racism or discomfort with diversity – often being more tolerant than those staying.

Daily Telegraph, 25.11.13

Terror-link group met in parliament

A group with undeclared links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the
terror group Hamas has been holding meetings at the Houses of Parliament.

Separately, it can also be revealed that one of the Government's police
and crime commissioners will this week speak on the same platform as a man who has justified the killing of British troops and called for democracy to be
replaced by Sharia.

Meanwhile at a meeting, to be held in Leeds on
Wednesday, Mark Burns-Williamson, Labour PCC for West Yorkshire, will speak
alongside Azad Ali, a senior figure in the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe

The meeting has been organised by the hardline group iEngage,
which has repeatedly defended extremists and attacked Muslim moderates and for which Mr Ali also works.

Sunday Telegraph, 24.11.13

Minister apologies for Pakistani 'corruption' remarks

The Government's chief legal advisor has apologised for "any offence"
caused when he said corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is "endemic" and a growing problem that politicians have underestimated.

Dominic Grieve QC, the Attorney General, said he had not intended to suggest there was a "particular problem in the Pakistani community".

Sunday Telegraph, 24.11.13

Who was surprised by the Mail's immigration poll?

By Melanie McDonagh

The important thing, I think, is to require government to talk in terms
of gross immigration, even if it doesn't want to.
The premise for ministers appears to be that in terms of what you might call
population footprint, it doesn't really matter whether the footprint is that of
Brits or Europeans or Tunisians. As Paul Collier, author of Exodus, the
excellent study of immigration, pointed out on Radio 4's Start the Week, in
theory, if a million Britons leave and a million Chinese arrive, the result is
zero net immigration, but the overall effect on the population is quite

The Spectator, 23.11.13

Corruption rife in the Pakistani community, says minister

Corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is "endemic" and a
growing problem that politicians have underestimated, the Government's chief
legal adviser has said.

Dominic Grieve QC, the Attorney General, said
ministers should "wake up" to the threat of corruption in public life, which he
attributed to "minority communities" that operate a "favour culture".

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve praised the integration of minorities into British life, and pointed out that corruption can also be found
in the "white Anglo-Saxon" community. But he said that the growth of corruption was "because we have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. It is something we as politicians have to wake to up to".

Mr Grieve said he was referring to "mainly the Pakistani community" but added that other minority communities had similar problems.

Daily Telegraph, 23.11.13

Enough is enough Mr Cameron: Mail poll reveals voters' deep concern over wave of new migrants

A huge majority of voters want David Cameron to defy the EU and maintain controls on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants.

In an explosive Daily Mail survey, eight out of ten said they did not want citizens of the two countries to be handed free access to UK jobs from January 1.

Only 5 per cent think Brussels should be in charge. An overwhelming 85 per cent said migration was putting too much pressure on schools, hospitals and housing.

In a devastating blow for the Premier, our poll reveals that only 11 per cent trust the Tories on immigration – six percentage points less than Labour and 11 less than UKIP. But, in a stark indictment of the whole political class, a disturbing 44 per cent have no trust in any party on this most serious of issues.

Asked if the impact of mass immigration had been good for British society as a whole, only 19 per cent said yes, while 64 per cent said no. Four in ten said immigration had changed their community for the worse, compared with only 11 per cent who said it was better.

Daily Mail, 22.11.13

UK won't see mass Romanian and Bulgarian immigration, minister says

There will be no mass migration of Romanians and Bulgarians, coming to the UK for work in the new year when labour market restrictions are lifted, the immigration minister has said.

He said the government was not complacent about the arrival of new migrants but said it would be different this time and suggested that people were more likely to go to Germany, Italy and Spain than Britain.

Harper criticised rightwing Tory MPs who have been pressing him to extend the transitional controls on Romanians and Bulgarians, telling them it was not legally possible under the European accession treaties. He said Britain's domestic courts would rule that an extension of controls would not comply with the treaties.

The Guardian, 21.11.13

The Paradox of Diverse Communities

Urbanists and planners like to imagine and design for a world of
diversity. Diversity, we like to think, is both a social good and, as I've
argued, a spur to innovation and economic growth.

But to what degree is this goal of diverse, cohesive community attainable, even in theory?

That's the key question behind an intriguing new study, "The
(In)compatibility of Diversity and Sense of Community," published in the
November edition of the American Journal of Community Psychology.

Their simulations of more than 20 million virtual "neighborhoods"
demonstrate a troubling paradox: that community and diversity may be
fundamentally incompatible goals.

After 20 million-plus simulations, the authors found that the same basic answer kept coming back: The more diverse or integrated a neighborhood is, the less socially cohesive it becomes, while the more homogenous or segregated it is, the more socially cohesive.

The Atlantic Cities, 19.11.13

Romania and Bulgaria -- what can be done?

By Sir Andrew Green

1st January 2014 is a date that has loomed on the horizon for some time but is now just around the corner. From that day, Romanians and Bulgarians will have full access to the British labour market.

We predict that the UK population of these two nationalities will grow by between 30,000 and 70,000 in each of the first five years, with a central estimate of 50,000.

It looks, therefore, as though the government are stuck between the rock of EU legislation and the hard place of public opinion, which is increasingly exasperated by the failure of the political class to get a grip of

Conservative Home, 19.11.13

We're importing the equivalent of three new Waleses in one generation

By Daniel Hannan

In fact, we face a rise in numbers without precedent in our history.
According to the latest official figures from the Office of National Statistics,
our population will pass the 70 million mark in 2027, and reach 73.3 million in
2037 - 9.6 million higher than at present.

Over the next 25 years,
we shall be adding a population equivalent to three Waleses, or nearly two
Scotlands. The impact on my South East region will be especially hard. Already, its loveliest villages are being ringed by new development, its bluebell groves paved over. Now we face building, in effect, a whole new London in the vicinity of the existing London.

No, the single biggest factor is net inward migration, which will account directly for 43 per cent of the rise.

It took a long time, but I think most commentators have finally clocked that this is about space, not race.

We are, not to put too fine a point on it, full up.

DTB, 19.11.13

A multicultural hell hole, that we never voted for

By Leo McKinstry

Page Hall in Sheffield is a monument to the failure of the state's
experiment in multiculturalism.

Page Hall's descent into social
breakdown is just a foretaste of what will happen across Britain next year as
the final restrictions on migrants from eastern Europe are removed.

Already there are estimated to be 200,000 Roma people living here but that number will be dwarfed once all border controls are lifted.

This wave of mass immigration from two of Europe's most impoverished countries will be a disaster for Britain, hastening the collapse in national identity, wrecking social cohesion and imposing an intolerable strain on civic

Daily Express, 18.11.13

Now Alan Johnson joins chorus of Labour chiefs apologising on migration

Alan Johnson yesterday became the third former Labour Home Secretary this week to admit their party's open door immigration policy had been wrong.

Mr Johnson, who presided over the Home Office under Gordon Brown,
suggested Labour had encouraged immigration while in power to boost the economy, but he conceded they had 'got the sums wrong'.

Daily Mail, 16.11.13

Mass immigration was a 'mistake'? Come off it, Jack

By Leo McKinstry

Yet this orchestrated pantomime of contrition could hardly be less
convincing. For a start all this hand-wringing from party elders has been
focused entirely on the European Union, yet the majority of immigration to
Britain under Labour was from outside the EU.

Most of the vast influx,
running at an annual rate of more than 550,000 new arrivals during Labour's last years in office, came from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

There is a foul stench of hypocrisy about Labour's pretence of concern on this issue given how it tried to silence critics.

Blunkett might now wail about the impact of the Roma in his Sheffield constituency but he was one of the chief architects of the immigration free-for-all famously declaring a decade ago that he saw "no obvious limit".

Daily Express, 14.11.13

Rather than apologising for immigration, let's keep our borders tighter in the first place

By Douglas Murray

Last week the Conservative party's representative on Question Time, Anna Soubry, performed the very 2004 tactic of dismissing all fears over this as 'prejudice' and 'scaremongering'.

Ten years ago it was David Blunkett who was doing the smearing. Using Parliamentary privilege he memorably dismissed mainstream critics of Labour's immigration policy as 'bordering on the fascist'.
So how amusing yesterday to see that very same former Home Secretary now warning in the most panicked terms about the consequences of opening up our borders to Bulgaria and Romania.

Well there are now 200,000 Roma in Britain. And the political parties are united behind a policy which is going to allow in, at the very least, many thousands more. I suppose we can look forward to an apology from David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Anna Soubry in about 2021.

The Spectator, 13.11.13

Jack Straw: Labour made mistake letting Poles in early

The former home secretary Jack Straw has admitted that dropping
immigration restrictions on eastern European migrants was a "spectacular
mistake" on Labour's part.

The Labour MP said handing immediate working rights to Poles and other nationalities who joined the EU in 2004 was a
"well-intentioned policy we messed up".

The Guardian / Press Association, 13.11.13

David Blunkett in riot warning over Roma migrants

Tensions between local people and Roma migrants could escalate into
rioting unless action is taken to improve integration, David Blunkett has

The former home secretary fears a repeat of race riots that hit northern cities in 2001.

His concerns centre on the Page Hall area of Sheffield, where Roma migrants from Slovakia have set up home.

"We have got to change the behaviour and the culture of the incoming community, the Roma community, because there's going to be an explosion otherwise. We all know that."

And he accused the government of "burying their head in the sand" over the size of the Roma community living in the UK, which he said was revealed in a recent study by Salford University.

"They [the government] have been saying there is less than 50,000 Roma in England. The Salford study shows that at a very conservative estimate, there's over 200,000. That they constitute a very large minority, with real problems."

BBC, 12.11.13

Conservative members get tips to win over ethnic minority voters

New "community engagement guides" have been issued by Conservative party headquarters to help party supporters win backing from ethnic minority voters.

The four-page guides have been prepared as part of a push by the Tories to expand their share of the black and minority ethnic vote ahead of the 2015 general election.

They have been published after a study found that Britain's ethnic minority vote may determine the outcome of the 2015 election.
The report by Operation Black Vote found the number of seats where black and Asian voters could decide the outcome had increased by 70 per cent since

Daily Telegraph, 9.11.13

BBC is too big, too left-wing and ignored critics of immigration and Brussels, former head of news admits

The BBC is too big and too left wing and should lose some of its licence fee, the Corporation's former head of TV news has warned.

Roger Mosey claimed the BBC had wrongly kept critics of Brussels, benefits and immigration off the airwaves and veered to the left on many issues.

Daily Mail, 8.11.13

With Britain's population set to grow by 10 million... The dangerous liberal myth that it's racist to want to curb immigration

By Professor Paul Collier

Shared identity is the foundation of trust, co-operation and generosity.
In other words, it is the very fabric of a successful modern society.

Yet in liberal circles, the whole subject has become a taboo in which
the only permissible opinion has been to bemoan popular antipathy to immigration and denounce those who dare to question it as racists, nationalists and Little Englanders.

Migration in itself need not necessarily be a bad thing. The key issue on which Britain must reach consensus is how much diversity we want in our society. Some diversity is likely to be better than none. But too much diversity would threaten cohesion and the vital things that cohesion sustains.

A Gallup poll indicated that around 40 per cent of the population of
poor countries would choose to migrate to rich ones if they could. That is the
extent of the demand out there.
[Extracted from Exodus by Paul Collier]

Daily Mail, 8.11.13

Just one in 67 suspect illegal immigrants is sent home: Officials are not properly following up tip offs in 94% of cases

Only one in every 67 reports of illegal immigration result in a person
being booted out of the country, a damning report by MPs reveals today.

Incredibly, in 94 out of every 100 cases, immigration officials are not
even bothering to properly follow-up on tip offs from concerned members of the public.

This is despite David Cameron personally urging people to
'report suspected illegal immigrants' a to new Border Agency database so they
could be deported.

Daily Mail, 8.11.13

UK Politicians Collaborate with Muslim Brotherhood Islamists?

At the end of this month, on November 23-24, UK politicians, in a
crushing betrayal of Britain's moderate Muslims, are planning join many of
Britain's most outspoken Islamist groups and preachers at the sixth Global Peace and Unity conference, due to be held in London. Tens of thousands attend these conferences; journalists applaud the initiative, and cabinet ministers, political commentators and other policy-makers address its crowds.

Mohamed Ali Harrath, a leading figure in the British Muslim community,
founded and organized the Global Peace and Unity conferences in 2005.

Politicians and public officials speaking at the upcoming event include
Andrew Slaughter MP, the shadow Justice Minister; Sadiq Khan, the Shadow
Secretary of State for Justice; Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC, a Labour Peer;
Simon Hughes MP, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats; Khurshid Drabu, a
senior immigration Judge; and Shahid Malik, former Minister for International

Gatestone Institute, 7.11.13

Labour let too many low-skilled migrants into Britain, admits Miliband as he promises to give local people 'a fair crack of the whip'

Ed Miliband will admit today that Labour was wrong on immigration and let too many low-skilled migrants into Britain.

In a party political
broadcast tonight, the Labour leader will say that communities struggled to keep up with the speed of new arrivals to Britain.

And he will concede that the scale of immigration meant workers' wages have been undercut.

He will add: 'Britain's diversity is a source of our great strength. It makes us a more successful country.

'But people can lose out if migration isn't properly managed. The pace of change can be too fast or people can see their wages undercut.'

Daily Mail, 6.11.13

Almost 400,000 migrants due over next 25 years as Scottish population rises 9%

A projected influx of 380,000 new migrants in the next 25 years has been welcomed by the Scottish Government.

Scotland's population is expected to rise by 9% by 2037 to 5.78 million, with more than four-fifths of the rise from inward migration, according to the National Records of Scotland

The Herald, 6.11.13

UK population to rise by 10 MILLION in the next 25 years: 60% of increase linked to immigration, ONS says

The UK population is on course to soar by almost 10 million in the next 25 years, fuelled mostly by immigration.

Official projections show that by 2037 there will be 73.3 million people living here, up from 63.7 million in

Around 60 per cent of the increase is linked to migration,
including more people moving to the UK and having children when they settle.

The predicted extra 9.6 million people expected by 2037 is bigger than the current 8.3 million population of London.

Daily Mail, 6.11.13

We need lots more Indians in UK politics -- Cameron

The UK's Indian community should be "ever more involved" in shaping
British life, Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday, as he visited one of
the biggest Hindu temples outside India.

He said he wanted "many more British Indians" in parliament after arriving at Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in
Neasden, London, with wife Samantha to celebrate the Hindu festival Diwali.

"We want many more British Indians in our parliament, Commons and Lords, and yes, in the Government of our country, too."

Irish Independent, 5.11.13

How migrants from outside Europe leave a £100 billion hole in the public purse: Amount taken in benefits and services is 14% higher than money put back

Immigrants from outside Europe have taken 100 billion more in
benefits and services than they paid back in taxes, a major study revealed

Over a 16-year period, the bill to the taxpayer of providing them with welfare, health and education was 14 per cent higher than the money they put in the national purse.

However, migrants from Europe including those from Eastern Europe who came in large numbers after 2004 have paid more in taxes than they received, researchers said.

The report from academics at University College London claims to be the most far-reaching study yet conducted of the impact of migration on taxpayers.

UCL's report said the population of migrants from outside Europe grew by more than 2.2 million between 1995 and 2011, reaching just under 6.15 million in 2011.

It said that over the same period, the non-EEA immigrants received
public services and benefits worth 104 billion more, at 2011 prices, than they paid in taxes.

Over the same period, the EEA migrant population
went up from under two million to 2.85 million in 2011. But they contributed
£8.8 billion more to the Treasury than they received in services and
benefits, meaning they paid 4 per cent more than they took.

Daily Mail, 5.11.13

Revealed: one in seven people claiming working tax credit is a migrant

Those who insist that migrants are less likely to claim benefits tend to draw their data from the Labour Force Survey, which relies on respondents
reporting claims to benefits, rather than actual data on claims made.

New evidence produced by Michael O'Connor, not previously in the public domain, looks at in work benefits, and HMRC data. Michael has crunched the numbers and his data seems to show a strikingly different picture.

• Migrants are more likely to be claiming working tax credit than the rest of the population. Indeed, they are 20 percent more likely to be claiming working tax credit that the rest of the population.

There are nearly half a million migrants claiming working tax credit in the UK.

• One in seven (14.5 percent) claiming working tax credit is a
non-UK national.

• More than one in six (17.6 percent) claiming
both working tax credit and child tax credit is a non-UK national.

• More migrants claim working tax credit than claim all of the main out-of-work benefits together.

The claim that migrants are half as likely to claim benefits as UK nationals turns out to be a myth.

DTB, 4.11.13

Your £125 yearly bill to help illegals! Taxpayers shocked by spiralling costs

Every British taxpayer pays £125 a year to support illegal
immigrants, shocking new figures reveal.

A staggering £3.7 billion is needed to pay for their health, education and other services.

Figures show the estimated 850,000 illegals living in the UK each cost the public as much as 4,250 per year.

Daily Star, 2.11.13

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