Is 'Operation Black Vote' intentionally harming the cause that it simultaneously promotes?

by The Editor

With the tendency of anti-racist or 'equality' campaigns to exert the same racial segregationist tacts as many of the organizations that they deem as 'racist', I looked briefly into recent news regarding Operation Black Vote and their mission. Or lack of one.

By CentreRight Writings Head Author

With the tendency of anti-racist or 'equality' campaigns to exert the same racial segregationist tacts as many of the organizations that they deem as 'racist', I looked briefly into recent news regarding Operation Black Vote and their mission. Or lack of one.

They spout almost meaningless objectives such as to combat 'institutional racism', which basically means their objection to true democracy and simple mathematics regarding the ethnic population makeup in Britain. With Black Briton's being a minority in Britain looking at the 2011 census, their vote isn't as numerically substantial as the White vote, in which they ultimately deem offensive and racist. This is a reason why they take the arrogant and racist tact of bracketing Asians (and committing a massive faux pas in the same sentence listing Chinese as non-Asians) and other ethnic minorities in their definition of 'Black', which is again racist and offensive to many who aren't Black and are rightly passionate about their heritage, with British-born Indians being an example. This bulks their numerical audience; they acknowledge this yet fail to declare their understanding of minorities being mathematical and not necessarily racial.

Thus in categorizing every non-White as Black the OBV organization imply that they understand that it's just a numbers game and not a presence of prejudice as they try to make an 'us vs them' approach more palatable and 'under the radar'.

What pains me most is that many of the shady figures who are responsible for the media published by OBV are basically pushing for Labour votes. Their divisive attitude of lobbying for more and more policies and laws to focus on minorities will only outcome in less equal measures being taken and more long-term inequality. Prior to every general election, mainstream political leaders go to plead with minority groups and assure them that they are the reason Britain is great and how amazing and unquestionable their contribution has been to society. In the recent past, political leaders of mainstream parties have gone on record to state that White Britons are lazy whilst immigrants are unquestionably hard working; yet then don't join the dots and state that traditional, individualistic values would thus benefit such immigrant/ethnic groups as individual people willing to work for a living as they know that their claptrap is designed to bag votes and not encapsulate the truth.

Rather, the Labour ethos of proclaiming minorities as being constant victims of unproven institutional racism/ inequality and grouping minorities together, which they know will keep divisions high in communities; and win them votes.
The greatest minority is the individual. It should be a destiny of an individual to be able to work hard in life and gain the benefits of doing so with minimal state interference. Social mobility in Britain is generally good and patronizing and lying to minority groups constantly isn't addressing the problem that the Labour welfare state is only harming minorities and creating more divisions and excuses for lack of social cohesion in the long run. Have you ever seen a party leader address a minority voter event and state that they could do more to aide social cohesion?

The main problem with OBV is that their objectives clearly aren't coherent with what needs to be achieved in order to take more Blacks out of the poverty bracket in Britain. True equality would be regardless of race or groups and would be aimed at more localism and individualism for businesses, more responsibility for the individual and less grouping and victimization which results mainly in segregation, mistrust and real racism between different ethnic backgrounds in communities.

OBV boasts support from many in Labour who were responsible for mass immigration during the last Labour Govt., such people and policies which Labour have openly admitted as being planned. This alone should be ample reason for any Black family to never vote Labour again; how are their prospects including jobs, NHS treatment and use of other public services enhanced by a political party willing to flood local communities with immigrants? Or does mass immigration only lower wages and job vacancies for White people?

This is one major reason why Labour have demonized debate over immigration for so long. They understand that they could no longer tell their sob story to working class Whites in order to gain votes as people were starting to live relatively comfortably; working families started to gain ownership of cars and newer technology. Thus Labour couldn't destroy British culture using the still largely-homogeneous British population, ergo they imported three million immigrants to do the job for them. Many of these immigrants felt no allegiance to Britain and would vote Labour in subsequent elections to be able to bring other family members over to visit or settle. This is not a viable model for long term security for Black families in Britain and OBV know this as much as the Labour party do. The real racist agenda was indeed the Labour plot to bring such numbers of immigrants in; knowing full well that any cut in immigration would then allow them to play the card of arguing again for more immigration to support the swelling public sector and to try to repair the economy which they almost destroyed. Over the next two years you will start to see this plan unfold. Labour will smartly, again, change the argument to suit their aim of diluting British culture. They will argue it's all about the economy this time, with the Cons and Libs partially agreeing in fear of being seen upon as racist political parties due to the narrow minded and very contentious nature of the immigration debate (something else Labour must take responsibility for).

Labour, groups such as OBV and others will ignore in the run up to the next general election the culture argument in the immigration debate and will focus upon a short term fix for the economy (also ignoring unemployment figures).

This is a dangerous time in British politics as we have already seen MPs elected upon a non-White agenda via a non-White block vote. If Labour hypnotize ethnic minorities again then this election could be the last where the numbers game still means Britain can retain her culture, heritage and beauty. This is why OBV and others aren't really about helping Blacks; they are destined to destroy White culture and as contentious as this may sound, it's proven by the fact that Labour, Cons and the Lib Dems still aren't willing to have a real discussion about immigration and the pros and cons for all current British citizens.

If they wanted to; the next government could makes lives better for all ethnic groups in Britain, destroy apathy among all sections of society and give genuine power back to all local communities and people. Yet they won't.

Why don't you personally email the long list of Black MPs and other wealthy figures who support OBV and ask them how such 'institutional racism' has allowed them to build a fortune from poverty? Ask them how Black history month is suitable for an anti-racism initiative when a White history month is regarded as being the epitome of a racist event in a White country. Don't expect a reply.

Originally published at CentreRight Writings

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