Police Scotland, the Police State and silencing of dissent

by Auld Wat


Semper Vigilo, Police Scotland's motto, means 'Always Vigilant': More like 'Always Watching'.


A familiar theme these days is threat to freedom of speech and freedom of expression when it goes against the narrative of the Cathedral[1]. There are lots of examples of this to choose from, but a recent case from a small part of the civilised world brings clarity to the situation.Police Scotland

Bute is an island off the west coast of Scotland, and up until recently a peaceful island a pleasant island not without its own social problems. However the people there, like those in the rest of Scotland, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe have been gripped by ‘refugee mania’, opening their arms to families from war torn Syria. Our ‘refugees’ (20000 of them over 5 years) come from camps in Syria rather than overland – it is still likely that they will have a detrimental effect on the communities they are placed in. A 40 year old man chose to express himself on social media, point out why they should not be here and so forth, and the Stasi (Police Scotland) from Dunoon station swooped in.

This arrest is significant in Scotland. The police hope it will keep others from making similar remarks of course this will not happen, you can hope it won’t. What we can take from this going forward is that cases like this will continue to happen and in increasing numbers. The police, even if they hold some right wing sympathies (or even anti-establishment sympathies – although it is hard to see why they would be in the police force at that point), cannot be trusted. For them it is their principles or their pay packet, in this material world of social conformity we live in you know the choice they will make.

So the more and more events like this happen, the more angry people will become, and the more likely that there will be a ‘reaction’. On the other hand, it gives an opportunity to direct people against the establishment by encouraging them to speak out against these injustices (perceived or otherwise in some cases). A simple graphic like the one shown here, spread over social media, which then gets shared further by the masses would have the effect of getting people active in attacking and criticising the establishment. The necessity to make relevant to a local issue will give the message more appeal, the Leave.EU campaign has had success with this idea.


Auld Wat, Contributor.

[1] Neoreactionary term for the unholy alliance of big business, big government and big media.

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