Resuscitating the Conservative Party

by The Editor

Resuscitating  the Conservative Party
Resuscitating the Conservative Party by David Hamilton

The Condition of Britain?

The Office for Budget Responsibility called for higher immigration over the next 50 years to spare taxpayers the need to endure greater austerity but they never said how immigration boosts the economy. It boosts corporations and the commercial elites while taxes rise to pay for it.

This is plus the £120bn fiscal consolidation the Chancellor, George Osborne, is pushing through as he seeks to close the budget deficit. But higher levels of immigration will not help the economy to grow faster and ease the pressure to cut spending, even though ideologues claim it will but they give no proof for the assertion. This is Globalist propaganda as there are millions already here and the economy is in its biggest depression for 80 years. (1)

Immigrants get free housing and health care but its never revealed how many immigrants are claiming benefits. Instead, British unemployed are stigmatised as lazy. Cameron wants to cut housing benefit for those under 25 years of age and reduce child benefit but youth unemployment has risen for several reasons. The continuing import of cheap foreign labour, undercutting wages, a shrinking jobs market at home through business being undercut by imports from low wage economies in the East and outsourcing work to cheaper companies abroad.

In a decade the population of England and Wales has increased by 3.7 million and it is causing a housing shortage. New Zealand has the same land mass of Britain and an estimated population of 4.4 million while the UK has a population of over 60million.

The people entering our country go to a community of their own kind, find work in the black economy and often set-up “No-Go areas” for natives. If they apply for asylum they can stay for ever with numerous appeals; if they commit crimes they only have to say they are gay or persecuted at home, have a girlfriend or a cat and they can stay.

Rapists and murderers are not deported because our safety is less important than aliens' right to stay. Human rights laws, bent lawyers, evil judges and "equality and diversity "workers help them stay. This country's immigration laws are the laughing stock of the Asian and Arab worlds. They tell jokes about us, and laugh at our weakness.

The first trick is to understand that the government are cutting welfare to enable them to channel taxpayers money to other countries and schemes they support. They make scapegoats of our young, the sick and are going to force disabled people to work yet are giving 10 billion to Afghanistan , billions a year to the EU and have offered billions to the IMF -it is they who cause the problems. They were caught fiddling their expenses, propped up thieving bankers with taxpayers money yet want to penalise British people. The Tory's will be out of power for years. They have turned against their natural supporters with cuts in what they are valued like the forces, reforms of the Lords and gay marriage. We are watching the destruction of the Tory party by its own leaders.

Figures compiled by Tory HQ reveal that so many are leaving the party that it jeopardises the party's capacity to contest elections in marginals because they will not have enough party workers to canvass. Since Mr Cameron became leader, the number of full-time paid party agents has dropped from over 150 to fewer than 50. The number of members has plummeted from 300,000 to 160,000.

In cities like London, Birmingham and Bristol, there are dozens of constituencies with no party organisation and the party is nearly dead in Scotland and parts of Wales. To win the next election, the Conservative Party will need at least 40 per cent of the vote. Private polling for the Tories suggests that the three issues voters are worried about are are the economy, immigration and welfare. Issues the party has abandoned.

Homosexual Marriage

The main issue that is destroying the Party is Homosexual Marriage which implies the equality of homosexuals. It is the main reason for people leaving and often for UKIP. Last year in his conference speech, Cameron appalled traditional party supporters: ‘I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative.’

At a party for gay activists at Downing Street in July, hours after he had entertained the Queen who is supreme governor of the Church of England, Cameron attacked churches for “locking out” gays by supporting marriage between one man and one woman. He says he is proud to follow in the tradition of Tony Blair, who introduced civil partnerships in 2005. Cameron restated his aim to redefine marriage by 2015 irrespective of what the public or his backbenchers think: “I just want to say I am absolutely determined that this Coalition government will follow in that tradition by legislating for gay marriage in this Parliament.”

I declare that homosexual should be protected, but homosexual relationships are not equal to hetrosexual ones. There is an end in hetrosexual relationships that homosexual s do not have and that is having a child between them – it has to be artificial, by means external to the couple.

Male homosexuals can not produce children and to enjoy parenthood. Take the case of Elton John and David Furnish. The media talk as if they have had a baby but they have not: they had to get a woman to have it for them and a woman is not in their relationship.

The equality argument is that a male and female couple sometimes also have to resort to a Surrogate Mother, but this not an equal situation because the male female couple have a dysfunction but a male and male couple simply can not have a baby and always need outside help.

A female and female couple is an even more remote case and restricted to extended foreplay or the artificial aid of a plastic, facsimile penis.

The House of Lords

The Un-conservative 2010 manifesto stated: “We will work to build a consensus for a mainly-elected second chamber to replace the current House of Lords, recognising that an efficient and effective second chamber should play an important role in our democracy and requires both legitimacy and public confidence.” Compare that with the idea of Conservatism of Disraeli at the beginning.

On what principle is an elected House chosen? Either you promote democracy or defend tradition and inheritance. What principle does an appointed House stand for? That of the political elite picking allies for political favours and future support.

A conservative principle is that tradition, inheritance and nobility are good in themselves, coupled with a scepticism about democracy; which, in Parliament, means that the members are chosen, controlled, rewarded and punished by a centrally-directed party machine subject to the executive. The hereditary House of Lords must be re-instituted because the new chamber is for rewarding members of the political elite and to stack decisions in the elites favour. Only the gullible think this will be democratic. It is part of the ongoing takeover of our lives by moneyed elites whose loyalty is to themselves and whose vision is the dissolution of our nation for Globalist aims.

The Lords must not be subservient to The Commons and the only person with authority to change The Lords is the Monarch. This is a usurpation of Crown powers by the state. The Lords is where people with a sense of duty should make serious decisions in the interest of the nation not in the interests of cliques or for personal preferment from the Prime Minister. The Lords must have their role strengthened to proposing legislation in the national interest to offset the harm done by the careerists and “yes persons” in the Commons. It would begin a return to duty and honour and away from the sordid self-seeking of the Commons.

Re-asserting Conservative Values in the Contemporary World

The dominance of the Conservative Party in the 20th century came from upholding its principles like loyalty to monarchy, the established Church, the Army, nation and family and to re-affirm these ineluctable principles would generate loyalty to the Party again because people are proud of those institutions.

The Conservatives have betrayed their principles by tampering with the laws of succession, trying to take the regulation of marriage off the Church of England over its equality of gay marriage, weakening the Army as a fighting force, putting the interests of other nations above our own in spending and trying to redefine the family.

The party must restate traditional values like Noblesse Oblige which today is taking responsibility for the lower orders and poor. They would reciprocate by giving support.
The National Church.

The government is trying to usurp the churches role of regulating marriage. Cultural Marxists know that to found a Marxist-style state they first have to destroy Christianity. For many years Christianity has been under attack from humanism: Marxism, Darwinism and less known movements have undermined it but now it is being transformed into an ideology into an ideology to advocate gay rights and Equality. Cameron has called upon the church to re-state its commitment to Equality. It has never promoted Equality but this is an attempt to get it to do so.

Bishops talk of asylum seekers as being like Joseph and Mary and one loon recently stated that those who took part in last Autumn's riots were having a spiritual experience! God save us from these girly-men and their vaunted masochism!

Liverpool Cathedral has a photograph of Tracey Emin on one wall with a quote from her. They have a book in their shop crowing about the spirituality of Madonna! They are letting the devil into the church.

Churches and cathedrals are constantly appealing for money from the public but seem not to encourage people to attend.

Sunday evening services in the Church of England are communion services which cater for those who have undergone confirmation not new worshippers. The popular service at St. Lawrences Ludlow, uses The Book of Common Prayer and attracts about 70 but is held at 8 a.m; the less popular modern service with its average attendance of 17, is at the more social 9a.m.

The synod are not interested in the views of people outside the Church and do little to attract them. They have closed their minds and see everything through the dogma of progressive services. I once remarked to a vicar that I gave up church when they destroyed the service by dropping the King James Bible. He was amazed! I remember asking the wife of the Bishop of Aston at the time why they make it difficult for people to attend services by holding communion every Sunday evening:

"You can still go up even if you are not confirmed.” The point is people feel out of it but the Church will not listen to their pleas. They are convinced convinced that holding services in a vulgar, modern English means people can understand the services. You can not understand communication with God in a simple rational way but do achieve a spiritual awareness through sublime language.

Defence of the Nation

The army is to be reduced to its lowest number since the Napoleonic Wars when it is cut to just 82,000 under Future Force 2020. We have a moral duty to campaign to have the famous and noble regiments restored in the face of this anti-British act. Young people want to join the forces and experience the camaraderie and why should they not? It encourages loyalty to the country and a moral responsibility to their fellow citizens.

There plans to cut 20,000 troops from the army. The units to be dropped include the third battalion of the Yorkshire regiment and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the fifth battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. One battalion will be lost from the Royal Welsh, the Mercians and the Royal Fusiliers. Harold Wilson tried this in the sixties but because of the fame of Col. “Mad Mitch” Mitchell the Argyll and Southerners were saved.

The units recruited in Wales will be cut as much as those in Scotland which further undermines the Party there. These honourable and loyal regiments must be restored by a proper Conservative government. You have to wonder what the military chiefs are made of to sit back and allow this decimation.

The reforms of Major-General Nick Carter, must be reversed. Carter's changes show how the army is being restructured to fight for the New World Order. The army will be split into three distinct bodies: reaction forces, adaptable forces, and force troops.

The reaction forces will be the army's spearhead and will be trained, equipped and prepared for intervention anywhere in the world. This will include the Royal Marine Commandos and the Parachute Regiment.

The adaptable forces would take over from the reaction forces, but would take 18 months to prepare for combat. They will be made up of existing full-time regiments and reserves.

The "force troops", or "theatre troops", will be made up of the units required to support the front line – the artillery, engineers, signals, intelligence and medical corps.

The restructuring is extreme and the battalions to continue include the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the Queen's Dragoon Guards and the Royal Dragoon Guards. The Parachute Regiment's three battalions will be spared. The Queen's Royal Lancers will be merged with the 9th/12th Lancers, and the 1st Royal Tank Regiment with the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. (2)

What is the threat to Britain?

The real threat to us is among younger, second-generation Muslims, galvanised by unjust invasions of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. In a poll published by the Daily Telegraph 40 percent of young Muslims said they would prefer to live under Islamic law in Britain. One in eight said they admired groups such as al-Qaida that are”prepared to fight the West.” Yet still the elites bring them in.

Sharia law is now being operated in many of our cities. Terrorists based in Britain have carried out operations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain, and America. Many governments - Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish, French, and American - have protested at our elites' refusal to shut down its Islamist terrorist base and refusal to extradite wanted operatives.

As far back as 1999 it was reported that around 2,000 British Muslims being trained in British terror camps, mainly in London and Birmingham. The trainees were taught hand-to-hand combat, survival skills for guerilla warfare and advised to get real military training in war zones like the Yemen and Afghanistan which they do because Birmingham accents have been heard by RAF Nimrod. In January 2007 Omar Bakri revealed that Islamist extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organisations. It has been revealed that at least eight members of al-Qaeda are serving in the Metropolitan police.

In January 2009, the head of domestic security service MI5 revealed that 2,000 people in Britain were involved with Islamist terrorist plots and many more support terrorism through fundraising and propaganda. From 11 September 2001 to the end of March 2008, British authorities arrested 1,471 Muslims for terrorism-related offences.

We need to stop following America in invading sovereign Arab nations and bombing their schools and hospitals and bring all our troops back to police our national borders and remove illegals and criminals. What the elites following America have been doing is toppling pro-Western leaders in Arab countries to install the Muslim Brotherhood.


Immigration exemplifies the Law of Unintended Consequences. What used only to be a problem for working-class people is now affecting the middle-classes.

They are finding their leafy suburbs and villages being built up and invaded by the newcomers who they are discovering are not as picturesque close-up as they seem from a restaurant table or the seat of a car travelling though some ‘vibrant’ multiracial area.

They are finding that they and their children are in competition for jobs with immigrants in the higher–level positions that they would have expected to fill. Migration Watch found that the number of non-EU graduates who, having completed their studies here were given permission to stay and take up jobs increased from 870 in 2004 to 40,000 last year.

The loaded, ideological term, Racist, has always been presented as Whites oppressing or exploiting lesser breeds but now racism between Muslim and Jewish people in Europe is becoming the main concern. The multi-racialist ideology is built around multi-racialism or anti-racism. What became known as “Identity Politics” after the 60s is an inversion of Nazi values but with Whites as the enemy.

The media present Israel as a Nazi state and Jewish people are now actively being persecuted by Muslims in Europe especially France and Malmo, Sweden. If Cameron and his NATO colleagues succeed in getting Turkey into the EU, European Jewry will be wiped out.

The Country

Somethings are deeply important to British people and one which is part of our self-image is our countryside.

It is a conservative value to conserve our countryside not ruin it, yet Cameron has announced that a new city between Birmingham and Coventry is being planned. This is caused by immigration as newspaper reports acknowledged.

They want to “loosen” planning controls, for the Green Belt. This ends the great idea of the 1948 Town and Planning Act of setting up Green Belt areas in another un-Conservative move. This is part of the “clique” mentality that dominates contemporary politics as it makes it cheaper and easier for supporters of the Conservative Party like wealthy developers to build on Green Belts which are cheaper to build on than brown field sites. The Green Belt has restricted urban sprawl and conserved some beautiful countryside that all can visit. There are several similarly destructive schemes planned and I hope that The Countryside Alliance and The Campaign to Protect Rural England fight to conserve our environment against unnecessary destruction.

There are around 600,000 empty properties and many brown field sites in urban areas that should be developed first, but the Coalition wants to let developers destroy meadows, ancient woodlands and downlands, which, once concreted over, are ruined forever. We have a duty to conserve the environment for future generations. We must fight them to conserve our countryside.

They put their short term interests above the long term national interest. Local planning authorities must be given the power to require developments on already developed land before destroying Green Belt land in the interests of the communities.

They need to think through the environmental, social and economic implications of each development and ensure the conservation of the environment and a better quality of life rather than constantly plumping for economic growth regardless of the practical consequences. Millions of people visit the countryside for outdoor activities - climbing, rambling canoeing. There are many activity centres which offer young people a healthy life instead of clubbing and drugs.

The Family

We are born into a family, a community and a nation with history, culture and a civilisation that pre-exist us and we imbibe it as we grow up: It lives in us, and we live in it. This has a conscious and an unconscious effect which makes us what we are.

Marriage is the best arrangement for a stable upbringing in that both sexes are involved. The family is the fount of civilisation and there are warning signs from one-parent families - the misery and trouble they are often in and young children out looking for father figures and getting into danger.

Babies are devalued as little more than attributes of the woman’s body, her rights are paramount and the father does not count. Abortion is erasing our posterity as over 6 million babies have been killed since the 1967 Abortion Act!

The family is the centre of trust and the child’s selfishness is tempered which is necessary for a co-operative social life as they begin to understand kinship and that they belong somewhere. It begins to learn values and how to treat others in the practice of life.

Those without that learn lessons the hard way, and, in the modern world, it can be a very hard lesson. By understanding human nature one develops wisdom whereas the progressives way which is taught in schools conditions children to submit to an ideology which is learnt by rote and where anyone who says the wrong thing has to be corrected.

We should begin at home by instilling proper values, take responsibility for our own families and for the nation as a whole. We need to re-learn the virtues of duty and responsibility – traditional British values, and do so for our people as a whole.

That old-chestnut that marriage is just a bourgoise convention is shallow. When a couple are deeply in love they naturally want some external ritual to seal their emotional bond.

The Monarchy

The relationship between people and Monarch is a special one. It is not something superficial but profound: it is archetypal and the King and Queen figures are deep in our psyches. The Monarch is The Head of The Established Church in Great Britain and represents our Heritage.

The family is exemplified in Monarchy. The institution of Monarchy is the embodiment of the nation and the Monarch is on our stamps, our court cases are Regina v X; we walk and drive on the Queen’s highway. The throne goes automatically to her successor which represents national continuity and renewal. It is the summum bonum of our family system and the family is its reflection. King and Queen are Father and Mother of the nation.
In these times of banks, politicians and corporations combining to import labour and outsource jobs we need a real public authority. The monarchy is a profound institution that is in archetypal relationship with their people. It is part of the psyche of the nation.

The EU

Do we really understand that our membership of the EU has no legitimacy?

Through Freedom of Information requests Margaret Thatcher got some shocking evidence of secret negotiations between Ted Heath and Pompidou to inveigle this country into the EU.
The great former Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky obtained secret KGB documents which show how the EU is being turned into a Soviet style state. Our membership has no legitimacy and we must negotiate with like-minded parties across Europe to form a breakaway Federation of European Nation States. (2)

The Portugal Declaration urges the EU to assist African governments in setting up migration information centres: “to better manage labour mobility between Africa and the EU”.The first job centre was opened in Bamako, capital of Mali, on Monday the 6th of October. More centres are to open soon in other west African states then in north Africa. They are encouraging over 50 million Africans into Europe.

The EU alliance with Muslim states began after the Arab oil embargo in 1974. E. U. leaders openly boast about enlarging the EU to include the Arab states. In 2002 Louis Michel, Belgian minister of foreign affairs and later a member of the European Commission, told the Belgian parliament that the EU will eventually encompass North Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe.

Since the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty-European Constitution, people are ignored. Plans for a "Mediterranean Union" or "Union for the Mediterranean," which will include all EU member states, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, was launched in mid-2008 with plans for the creation of a "north-south co-presidency". Brussels developed the EU Arab dialogue which began in 1974 through The Barcelona Process — A Union for the Mediterranean” into The European-Mediterranean Partnership.

The Financial Times of 21 November 2003 reported that the EU's racism watchdog shelved a report on anti-Semitism because it found Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups were perpetrating most racist attacks. The report, "was judged inflammatory" and buried. "The decision not to publish was a political decision." The page from the paper is no longer available online! (4)


(1) For those looking for a model for a Conservative economics see Professor. Ezra Mishan.

Derek Turner interview with Ezra Mishan
The House of Lords
Lord Sudeley wrote an excellent booklet on this in 1991 for the Monday Club as did Diana Spearman for The Salisbury Group in 1978.

(3) The Destruction of the military by the Conservative Party

it is worth noting that Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond has never served in the forces.
The Army is to be reduced by 23 Regular units since the Strategic Defence and Security Review as part of Army 2020. The changes are due to be implemented by 2015, with the overall mandate to reach the capacity of 82,000 for the Regular Army and 30,000 for the Reserves by 2018.

The changes to the Order of Battle (ORBAT) will include:

Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps
• The Queens Royal Lancers will amalgamate with 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) upon completion of scheduled operational commitments and not before October 2014.
• The 1st Royal Tank Regiment and the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment will merge upon completion of scheduled operational commitments and not before April 2014.

Royal Regiment of Artillery
• 39 Regiment Royal Artillery and 40 Regiment Royal Artillery will both be removed from the ORBAT by October 2015.

Corps of the Royal Engineer
• 24 Commando Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2013.
• 25 Engineer Regiment and 28 Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2015.
• 38 Engineer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT.
• 67 Works Group will also be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2015.

Royal Corps of Signals
• 7th Signal Regiment (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps) is to be removed from the ORBAT.

• 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,) will be reduced to form a Public Duties Incremental Company on completion of current task and not before August 2013.
• 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers upon completion of scheduled operational commitments in the autumn of 2014.
• The 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howard's) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Yorkshire Regiment on completion of their Cyprus tour and not before the autumn of 2013.
• The 3rd Battalion the Mercian Regiment (Staffordshire) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Mercian Regiment on completion of Op HERRICK 19 and not before October 2014.
• 2nd Battalion the Royal Welsh (The Royal Regiment of Wales) will be removed from the ORBAT and absorbed into the rest of The Royal Welsh Regiment not before autumn 2013.
• 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment will join the Prince of Wales’ Division.

Army Air Corps
• 1 Regiment Army Air Corps will merge with 9 Regiment Army Air Corps, bringing the Wildcat force under a single HQ based at Yeovilton not before October 2015.

Royal Logistic Corps (RLC)
• 1 Logistic Support Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before April 2015.
• 2 Logistic Support Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2014.
• 23 Pioneer Regiment will be removed from the ORBAT not before October 2015.
• 8 Regiment, 19 Combat Service Support Battalion and 24 Regiment RLC will be removed from the ORBAT.

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
• 101 Force Support Battalion will be removed from the Regular Army ORBAT not before autumn 2015, and will transfer to the Reserve.

Royal Military Police unit
• 5 Regiment Royal Military Police is to be removed from the ORBAT as part of the drawdown from Germany. The three remaining Regiments will be re-organised.
• All SIB capabilities will be reorganised under one headquarters, while the Military Provost Service will be increased, and a specialist Support Operations group will be created.

The Royal Gurkha Rifles are to remain with two Battalions to sustain their capability and meet their unique operational requirement in Brunei.

The current Regular and Reserve structure for the Army Medical Services will remain largely unchanged with three Regular and ten Reserve field hospitals.

The Intelligence Corps will retain three Regular military intelligence battalions.
The Army will lose 17 major units as it cuts 20,000 regular soldiers by 2020, the defence secretary has said.

Philip Hammond told MPs that the units to go included four infantry battalions and two sections in the Armoured Corps.

But the defence secretary said the Army that emerged from the process would be a "forward looking, modern fighting machine" and "the best of its class".

The number of regular soldiers is set to fall from 102,000 to 82,000, while reservists will double to 30,000.

David Cameron's official spokesman said the prime minister had taken a close interest in the details of the announcement.

Ahead of the announcement, the former head of the Army, Lord Dannatt, said there could be as many as 11,000 compulsory redundancies

The savings are a mere drop in the ocean. It for interdependency, the armed forces of European countries will be cut until no one country has a force large enough to defend itself. Then they introduce the EU armed force. It is the same with the cut backs in the police force
The Royal Navy already flies the EU stars flag on many missions and the EU refers to it's own navy, but it doesn't have any ships.

(4) Just Google the titles I mention and you can read the originals for yourselves. Mrs. Thatcher got the following secret documents released by FOI requests. These and many others are on the Margaret Thatcher Foundation website.

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