Statement regarding reports made in the Daily Mirror and WalesOnline

by TBG

Statement regarding reports made in the Daily Mirror and WalesOnline in regards to the Traditional Britain Group and Christopher Gillibrand, UKIP candidate for Dwyfor Meirionnydd.
The Traditional Britain Group has been made aware of some criticisms of Christopher Gillibrand by the Trinity Mirror Group in their usual dishonourable way. Through the amateur journalistic device of selective quotation and guilt by association, they seek to attack Mr Gillibrand’s electoral position. The Traditional Britain Group stands for traditional conservative values, among them the preservation of the House of Lords in its historical form and the conservation of the British population in Britain. Those who attack the The Traditional Britain Group on this basis, rather shame themselves by instead identifying their own extreme political viewpoints. We have a range of clearly defined viewpoints, which can be seen on our website. As both our website and Facebook page assert, we are a “broad alliance of conservatives, traditionalists and radicals determined to take a stand against the current political consensus” and therefore our members and officials have a similar broad range of conservative viewpoints.
Birds fly, the sun rises and muckrakers rake.


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