TBG Statement on Daily Mirror smear.

by The Editor

The Traditional Britain Group deplore the left-wing Daily Mirror’s smear against it and against Gregory Lauder-Frost. People will know that the Mirror has always been Left and that it was previously owned by the criminal Labour MP Robert Maxwell. It is therefore no surprise to us that they are in bed with the communist group Hate not Hope [sic].  Mr Lauder-Frost denies the comments attributed to him, and has never even heard of Patrik Hermansson , nor met him. Nor does he give interviews in public houses. This is simply a cheap, slow news day, smear. It is a sad day for British politics when stories like this from the Daily Mirror are treated seriously.  We are sorry that the disgusting media have attacked Jacob Rees-Mogg for being our dinner guest five years ago as though guilt by association is a crime in the UK. MPs should be able to address all political groups in Britain without being afraid of the left-wing media. We have done nothing wrong and our aims and objectives are on-line for all to see.

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30th January 2018.  

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