The suppression as well as eradication of national-identity, the migration-crises and the consequences for Germany.

by Committee

The suppression as well as eradication of national-identity, the migration-crises and the consequences for Germany.
An excellent and detailed speech presented by Bernhard Zimniok, MEP, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) at the Traditional Britain Group Conference, 2019, in London. 

The suppression as well as eradication of national-identity, the migration-crises and the consequences for Germany. 


Bernhard Zimniok, MEP, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), member of the Identity and Democracy Group #

An excellent and detailed speech presented at the Traditional Britain Group Conference, 2019, in London. 

On the 22 September 2013 Chancellor Merkel was celebrating her party's victory on stage. The General Secretary at that time, Gröhe stood next to her and waved a small German flag. As Merkel noticed this she immediately tore the flag from Gröhe´s hand and ensured that the flag was removed from the stage. Chancellor Merkel did not want to have any national symbols on stage. This little episode illustrates well the mental state of Germany. Any commitment in Germany to our own country, to our roots and symbols (naturally excluding any ideas or symbols connected to the deplorable Nazi regime), immediately gives rise to allegations of right wing extremism.


Even harmless remarks can openly cause displeasure. At one of my lectures in Bavaria, the most conservative of our federal states, I greeted the audience with the usual greeting of “Grüß Gott“. The meaning of which is: Greet God, as in may God bless you. I was subsequently informed by the audience that I could not use this greeting as it would exclude all people who do not belong to the Catholic faith. It is a paradox that I would be reprimanded for this in conservative Bavaria.


However, considering that the entire educational system in Germany are part of supressing and replacing our culture, our traditions and our roots for an envisaged dream of a new multi-cultural world with no national borders, maybe it was not strange that my mentioning of God would cause this resentment. As Christianity is itself one of the main targets for the forces behind the pro-migratory narrative.


This assault on our national identity is led by politicians, media and the self-proclaimed cultural elite, most of which are paid by the German taxpayer; they very openly and bluntly demand the abolition of Germany.  

I will quote some verbal statements I have encountered:

  • "People will finally say goodbye to the illusion that Germany belongs to the Germans."

Çigdem Akkaya (former Deputy Director of the Essen Center for Turkish Studies)

  • "the concept of “love for the fatherland” always made me want to vomit. I never knew what to do with Germany and I still do not know it today."

Habek, party leader of the Greens

  • "On October 3, a country was dissolved and many are happy 25 years later. Why should not this succeed once again with Germany?"

Green junior organization

This type of self-hate is also manifested by politicians in demonstrations; one such example is Claudia Roth, Bundestag vice president, who has been carrying signs at demonstrations stating that:

  • "Never again Germany";
  • "Germany mislead"; and
  • "Germany is a piece of shit"

No-one is seemingly upset about these types of statements; mainstream media just reports this without any critique and some media outlets actually reports on these statements with joy and encouragement.


I now want to provide you with another example that I witnessed in Germany. However, please note that I mention this example only as a testament to the absurd viewpoint this group of people in Germany possess. I do not mention it due to any intention from my side to relate it to the wider political and historical context. This self-loathing in Germany has reached such extreme heights that a politician of the so called Pirate Party made a public statement, calling for a New “Bomber Harris” to emerge in order to bomb Germany and presumably usher in the new state of affairs for Europe and the world. Remembrances ceremonies to the civilians that perished in Dresden during WWII, conducted in the past are now socially frowned upon in Germany.


As a last example of the German urge to self-destruct is the abolition of a part of the oath previously sworn in the state Parliament of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The oath contained the words: "For the benefit of the German people", this part was unanimously decided to be removed and replaced with "good of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia". The reason provided is that Left wanted to denounce discrimination against people who live in Germany but are not German citizens. The new oath reflects "only the social reality in our state, which is characterized more than any other by immigration," said Greens parliamentary vice Stefan Engstfeld". A very interesting circular argument by a person representing one of the driving forces responsible for the current situation in Germany. My questions in relation to this are: if you do not commit to work for your own constituents, who do you actually work for and what legitimate authority do you actually possess?


My conclusion is that Germany is unwell; as some parts of the German population seeks to abolish itself.


When I criticize this movement, that builds on a self-loathing and seeks self-destruction of the very foundation that provided the prosperity and social security we have witnessed these past 75 years in the West, I am often called a Nazi. Just because I demand the preservation and maintenance of a national identity for Germany. Does this make me a racist, is this me? No, definitely not.


We Europeans, especially Germans, try to appease every culture that arrives within our borders. We show them respect, and submit to all their cultural and for us foreign rules - but they do not reciprocate. In our modern Western societies, we call this integration.

Here it should be noted that integration is a two way process, a process of give and take. This process is nothing that a majority of voters in Germany approved. Furthermore, in the UN convention[1], it is stated that it is assimilation that should be the norm for the newcomers; however, this was conveniently “forgotten” by those who seek a cultural revolution not only for Germany but for the whole Western-world. The process of integration we have used in Germany is rather to be described as a process of appeasement to cater to most if not all demands from the new cultures migrating to our nation. We do this in Germany because this is the proper way to behave, the politically correct way, we are tolerant, enlightened, cosmopolitan - and if you ask me, quite, quite stupid.


I am firmly convinced that every person in a state needs to have a certain feeling of belonging to a common culture and history in order for that state to be able to guarantee functional governmental structures that we in the West have come to expect and ultimately guarantee rule of law. A culture that includes such aspects as a common language, shared traditions and to a certain degree values guarded by one justice system. Without any notion of connection, links or togetherness to our neighbours the whole societal idea starts to fall apart.


In these modern times are societies with an identity to be viewed as something undesirable? Should this instead be replaced by an individualization, without the social-glue? This is a fatal illusion and a self-deception of gigantic proportions. A modern democratic state needs a solid social frame of reference providing unity and togetherness in order for the governance structures as well as the system of business to properly function and not risk to become a failed state.


Opening our Western societies to the notion that we have nothing that binds our societies together, due to the fact that we have nothing to be proud of is destructive enough. If we in addition open up for large scale migration with no assimilation, from groups who themselves possess a high degree of cultural belonging and who’s culture is highly incompatible with the host culture, it is of course disastrous, provided that you seek to preserve and develop your national culture and not destroy it. As just indicated one critical element is when one culture allow and even encourage other cultures to settle in your nation that possess the following characteristics:

  1. Radically different value systems; value systems that often are extremely archaic from our Western point of view
  2. A strong resistance and even distain of the host culture; and
  3. The people themselves, the value bearers of these “new” cultures that are both able, willing and most of all used to employ lethal-force in their pursuit of personal-, clan- or group-goals.

If these groups then, as is often the case, combines religious and/or policy doctrine with violent interventions, we have an explosive mixture.


In Pakistan, where I lived for a long time, I experienced this. The Christians in Pakistan suffer enormously. They are killed and oppressed, as they make easy victims due to the fact that they are marginalised and often defenceless. They more often than not represent an outlet for angry Muslims who want to take revenge on the devil USA and the West in general. Nobody criticizes these occurrences and the bishops in the country must be silent, to not provoke more violence. Even the Pope does not dare to speak out. He could raise his voice and describe the reality as it is; however, he seeks dialogue, which is interpreted by the Muslim side as weakness and submission. Currently we have a situation where more Christians than ever before are being persecuted. More than 250,000 Christians worldwide - excluding Muslim-dominated countries - are oppressed, persecuted and killed.


The cultures that possess these radically different value systems, often extremely archaic to us in the West, rely on a strong association to the family and clan. In order to achieve this the person has to submit completely to this community, “the Umma” where social control is an instrumental part of their societal system; violations of the rules are sanctioned harshly by the clan and/or the family. Already here we detect an incompatible element for assimilation into a Western style society for representatives of such cultures. Clan cultures disqualifies the individual already at the outset to become a productive and valuable member of a Western style democracy as they will only become a parallel society within the larger frame of the host nation, ......for now. Here we are faced with the famous “square peg in a round hole”-syndrome. Regardless of how much the infant tries it just will not fit. We can detect the same type of infantile behaviours and disappointing albeit predictable results from the Liberal left who, despite mounting cost for their already frayed credibility still endeavour to save the pro-migratory narrative and to abolish all national boundaries.


In Germany, we can look back on several decades of experience with attempts to appease, not integrate, and certainly not assimilate, the Turks who came as guest-workers. No significant trace of the wanted integration can be witness, we are further away from it than at the beginning of the 1960s, when the first Turkish guest-workers came to our country. The third generation of Turks largely rejects our values and our freedoms. Half of this group sets their religious rules over our constitution. As I said, integration as a tool for societal cohesion has proved to be a failure; this result is due to two main reasons. I will start with the secondary reason for this; integration is an ill-suited, as well as not democratically sanctioned process. The process implemented should have been that of assimilation in combination with only a select and very controlled numbers of migrants being allowed to arrive who must possess and display a genuine interest in being assimilated. However, the primary reason for this failure is the colonial notion of the West that not only do all other cultures in the world aspire to be like us in the West, but they need to be like us. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is fair to say that of course there are individuals from other cultures that view parts of the culture represented in the West as something to aspire to, but the vast majority do not; that is not the reason they arrive in the West.


This has led to the inevitable existence of several parallel societies in Germany, just as elsewhere in the West.  In many discussions that I have had in recent years, Muslim representatives make no secret of the fact that our society will soon be transformed through their numbers and their creation of political parties within our democratic systems. This is communicated openly and bluntly; however, the average German continues to indulge in his multi-cultural dream world and appeases the migrants, so that their cultural pride is not blemished. It is the task of all German politician to safeguard our democratic traditions, cultural legacy and the future for our children. This is especially true since it is clear for all that massive migration from vastly different cultures will not only lead to problems but the inevitable destruction of our democratic nation as we know it.


If we look back to 2015 Merkel opened not only the border of Germany but also the external EU border; ensuring an uncontrolled influx of about 1.5 million people from many of the most dysfunctional areas and states of the world. As a result, Germany was overrun and completely lost control; I've seen this tragedy at our borders as anyone was able to enter into Germany without any control. I witness this bedlam in Munich, at the main station where mostly women greeted the foreign young men with teddy bears and hugs.


Subsequently is was not enough to just greet the third country nationals upon arrival, but they need to be cared for in terms of accommodation, health services, food, clothes and other supplies. This onslaught of 1.5 million people - no one knows the exact numbers - has brought Germany to the edge. Schools, hotels, container-settlements and large tents had to be organized. An army of volunteers became involved in the name of goodness. Criticism of this was not welcome, it was frowned upon and declared undesirable. This despite the fact that it was clear from the very outset that a majority of the arrivals constituted economic migrants using the asylum institute to their own benefit. They were and are in my view to be considered as asylum-fraudsters, individuals preying on valuable resources earmarked by us for people who are really in need. Anyone that dared to question this and point out the gigantic fraud that was ongoing was declared a monster. For those who drive this cultural revolution and the abolishment of the national state in the West this event was of course heaven-sent and any factual analyses and description of the events had to be supressed. Eckhart-Göring, representative of the Greens said: "It will be rough. Germany will change, I'm looking forward to it! "


If we now after four years look at the changes in Germany what has changed? Let us examine some different aspects.


The housing market

The German population is shrinking due to a low birth rate of around 1.3% and this in turn means that a significant amount of living space would have been left free due to this. However, the opposite is the case. About 400,000 new apartments are now needed annually and yet only just under 300,000 are built. The main reason for this is that the entire construction-industry is currently utilized, there is no more building-capacity left. As a result, construction prices rose steeply. Bavaria aims to complete 28,000 new apartments by the end of this year, at a cost of € 2.6 billion. At the same time private investors are extremely reluctant as initiatives to cap rents in Germany was launched and even approved in several parts of Germany. In Berlin, a law was enacted that even requires a reduction and consequent reimbursement of previous rents paid by the tenants. This makes the housing market for rental accommodations completely uninteresting for private investors. At present, we have a return in Munich of about 0-1% per annum - against the complete risk the investor have for his investment.


Consider the consequences of the example for Munich, my hometown. We officially have about 15,000 third country nationals that was classified as ”refugees”. These individuals then had to be taken care of and accommodated despite the lack of accommodations. In addition and to make the situation worse, the city of Munich sold its public housing a few years ago in order to replenish the city treasury, the Stadtsäckel. In 2015 Munich had a surplus of around € 800 million in the city treasury, and by 2020 Munich will have a negative balance of minus € 1.3 billion. How could the situation change so significantly? The answer is that new social housing now needs to be built for our new citizens, several thousands and the costs amount to about € 1.3 billion.


Everywhere in Munich building works are ongoing, as if there is no tomorrow. Blocks of flats, even whole settlements, are being raised, so that family reunification can take place smoothly. Only in my constituency there are several thousand apartments being built. In the district of Pasing, apartments were built, usually 3-4 room apartments, each about 100sqm, to house approximately 6,000 people. In regard to rent levels there was a 35% increase during the last 5 years and now the average rent for Germans in Munich stands at about 18 € / sqm, excluding costs for heating. This lead to the current situation where the average earner need to utilize about half of the income to cover the cost of their accommodation. Furthermore, the acquisition of property cannot be financed by a working income alone as purchase price have risen sharply to now stand at around € 10,000 / sqm.


In sharp contrast, everything is free for our new citizens in terms of basic needs for life, such as housing, food, education and health services. In addition, there are extra social facilities for these new buildings that houses them. These facilities that are staffed around the clock, such as kindergartens. As an example, Munich alone hired 800 new social workers to care for these third country nationals and according to official statements, 80-90% of new buildings are reserved for them. In sharp contrast, the German part of the population have to pay and wait a considerable time for a free apartment. Last year alone 28,000 persons moved from Munich to the surrounding countryside since they could no longer afford the high rents. I myself know about cases of individuals who has to commute daily for at least 3 hours.


During this period, the number of homeless citizens increased rapidly. In Munich alone in 2017, within 4 months, the number of homeless persons rose from ca 1,000 people to ca 7,700 people; today well over 10,000 persons are homeless. This unfortunate group is made up of about 20% women and children.  It is also estimated that about 550 of the total number of homeless citizens live permanently on the street. There are no official figures, because that could raise uncomfortable questions. Take a stroll through the most famous shopping street in Munich, that stretches about 800 m through the oldest part of the city. I can predict that you will find at least 10 elderly citizens searching for recyclable bottles and cans in the trash containers. During the same period of 2017 while this occurred, it was announced that Munich spent € 400,000 per month for a so called “refugee center” in the city center. This center employed 35 staff-members to taken care of between 8 to 15 underage third country nationals, claiming to be refugees. If you as a concerned citizen and God forbid as a politician would dare to address these unequal and unjust treatment as well as question the usage of taxpayers money, then you were and still are, called a racist and naturally a Nazi. These epithets is most strongly put forward by individuals within the Liberal Left and even more so from remnants of extreme left political parties that was rebranded as green parties in the 1980s and 1990s. The same group of politicians that spearheads the suicide cult of the Western world. In Hamburg, we have the politician Stefanie von Berg of the Green Party stating: "... our city will change radically; I think that in 20, 30 years we (that is to say the Germans) will lose our ethnic majority in the City and I will add very clear message to especially all people on the right of the political spectra, that this is good! "


Despite statements like this from far left-wing representatives, we have today come to empirically know and prove that the level of education among the predominantly illegal and economic migrants arriving in Europe in 2015 and after is extremely low to non-existing. To be very frank these persons, and may I take the time to point this out - to no fault of their own, are simply not suited for our highly specialized labor market in Germany and dare I say in the rest of the industrial West. We would not have had to use four years to realize this reality, had we been guided by facts rather than by feelings and if the debate had not been silenced with unjust and highly unethical labeling of dissidents, such as myself and many others. But the mainstay of German politicians, media and the social elite ensured us the public that with these migrants we would receive the necessary specialists such as: doctors, nurses, engineers and scientists. Instead, we have received huge volumes of illiterates, only a few have received a school education. These people will therefore only be able to take on simple jobs, if there is any incentive for it as subsidies often are high enough to make official work unattractive. The hunt for simple jobs has in turn lead to a cutthroat competition among the lower wage groups. This specific problem is further compounded by public subsidies when someone hires a so called “migrant” as public subsidies usually will accounts for about 50% of the wage. This has as a natural effect that it displaces German citizens from the labor-market. In addition the third country nationals receive full access to our social security systems after a very short period in Germany and are eligible for the same benefit as a German, without ever having contributed to the budget. To make the situation even more unjust the third country nationals are in some situations even in a better position than the citizens in terms of claiming their benefits. If a German citizen applies for basic social welfare she must disclose her entire financial circumstances and almost all of her savings must have been used before she can be the recipient of this state sponsored support. However, the third country nationals do not have to disclose any of their financial circumstances.


In order to dispel so called “fears” of foreigners, hide the factual problems with migration and show how successful the policy of integration is the ruling elite ensured that all Germans and their children and grandchildren born outside Germanys current borders receive a status of: "immigrant background". Hence, I also have this status since my father is from Silesia, which today belongs to Poland. Through some statistical “magic” based on this seriously imprudent policy of the pro-migratory narrative, 18% of people living in Germany are then declared to have a background as migrants. This in turns leads the Liberal-Left and media to conclude that German integration is a fantastic process - a model of success.


A few words about the crime and the security situation

Katrin Göring-Eckardt of the Greens said: "Of course, Islam belongs to Germany, and of course Muslims belong to Germany and I think we can be very happy about that. It would be very boring if we were only dealing with ourselves."

I ask how has this new exiting and not so boring existence of citizens and other persons staying in Germany developed after 2015? Well we have been able to record crime types not heard of in centuries such as group rapes by large gatherings of men, as well as underage individuals. We have a significant raise of crimes such as: sexual harassment, robbery, serious assault and murders. Third country nationals are disproportionately represented in the crime statistics, as they commit 10 to 15% of the various crimes. The Bavarian interior minister Herrmann could only provided a politically correct statement and walking like a cat around a hot saucer of milk he manage to utter that: "Now there are obviously people from other cultures who come to us, in whose homeland non-violence, as they cultivate, is not so obvious." Here he should have stated the obvious, if he took his position seriously in order to protect his constituents, the people that actually pay for his salary and office, against domestic and foreign threats; We have allowed people of vastly different cultures to settle in our society that care little for us or our culture and that posses a significantly lower threshold to use violence to reach their goals. They are also, due to their cultural viewpoint and status not fully within our sanction system and thus more free to commit criminal acts that a German citizen would hesitate or even refrain from committing.



As pointed out previously the pro-migratory narrative being based on largely false assumptions and policy ideas, continually fail to stand up to scrutiny based on facts. Most Liberal Left politicians are completely uninterested in the raw data, the facts, as it will challenge the pro-migratory narrative. Hence, these politicians attempts to obfuscate the facts so that it become hard to impossible to obtain a full understanding of reality. Thus in Germany many crimes are not listed separately in the statistics. Only in a few places has these attempts from the factophobes been averted. One such place in terms of crime statistics are North Rhine-Westphalia where more in detailed categories are officially available. As a telling example in 2019, there were a total of 2,883 knife attacks that had in total 3,555 victims in the first half of the year.


Germany become colorful some individuals claim. I claim that their definition of colorful is the new word used to describe a state of affairs that is deranged and ailing, caused by a seriously imprudent policy of uncontrolled mass migration from some of the world’s most dysfunctional states and culture. In addition, we have managed to import the world’s conflict spectra to Germany. It is not only the security of the individual out for a walk with the dog that was compromised, it is also national security that is being undermined with this policy. Concerning state security, it is worth noting that for example the Turkish diaspora form a relatively homogeneous community that is easily controlled from outside of Germany. A situation that has arisen in the past when for example Erdogan called on the Turks in Germany not to vote during the last general election. Consequently, the turnout of the Turkish population fell from 83% to 62%.


Many migrant groups are very well interconnected mainly due to their close knit culture, their position as a diaspora in a foreign land and naturally the technical ability provided through the use of internet and social media. This poses a danger for Germany just as it does for other nations What if there were restrictions due to major economic problems, or if religious feelings are deemed to be violated, as occurred during the so-called Mohammed caricatures. This groups can through their close-knit society, cultural determined fervor and the use of modern communication gather with an exceptional speed. I have experienced this in Pakistan. If this would occur in Germany on any sizable scale we could not handle the situation with our police. I recall the G20 summit in Hamburg, in order to control the unrest caused by 1,500 chaotic protesters, all police reserves of Germany were mobilized. Frankly, if any large-scale riot like situation occurs, Germany will be in a very perilous situation.


Important concessions are made in the name of tolerance, as we Germans do all we can not to hurt foreign and sometimes totally alien concepts entrenched in the cultural and religious habits of the newcomers. Halal food must be served in schools, kindergartens as well as in canteens and naturally, almost pork products are removed. Even breaks for prayer are allowed for assembly line workers. It has gone so far that if a school class contains one Muslim child then the rules of Ramadan must be observed by the whole class, even if the Muslim pupil or its family has not even asked for this treatment. In the courts where social judgments are passed more considerations are given for the customs of sharia, where even violence towards women within the marriage is judged differently then if the husband and wife would have been Germans. I could continue and make this a very long list but it is sufficient to say that it is disturbing how we try to appease very diffrent cultures that are on a head-on-collision with our German culture. But then again, that is the strategy of the suicide cult presided over by the Liberal Left. By removing our pride in our culture, our achievements and our lessons from history for bad and for worse, they remove the bonds of our cultures and nations so they can be dismantles and overtaken by other cultures, who do not have the slightest plan to appease anyone but rather is only interested in the subjugation of other cultures. The composition of the population in Germany is on the way to change irreversibly. Studies claims that when a society receives segment of 16-17% Muslims that society changes irreversibly. The segment of the population that today constitutes Muslims in Germany is estimated at 6-8%%.


If we turn to the Church it could be assumed it would be critical of Islam as 250 000 Christians are persecuted, oppressed and killed every year in the name of Islam. However, this is not the case in Germany. Instead of an open debate about the incompatibility and the persecution of Christians the church operates in the shadows. They seek dialogue with and invites Muslims to worship together. However, anyone who is familiar with Islam knows that this cannot work: Just like Judaism, Christianity is only a preliminary stage, indeed an aberration. Islam is the only true faith, the true revelation of God. All other religions are records of people and thus faulty.


So this leads to the question if they church leaders are less intelligent, but I suspect it is all about greed. The Catholic and Protestant churches lost about 700 000 members last year through resignations, yet the tax revenues increased. How could this be possible? The answer is simple, the churches operates charitable organizations that make huge profits from the refugee- and migrant-industry. Here it is worth to point out that the annual costs of migration for Germany is officially € 25 billion, reputable business institute provides the figure to be closer to € 60 billion. Anyone who voices any doubts in the church about the meaningfulness of migration are banned. Bishops and pastors provide clear recommendations to their congregations how to cast their votes in local and national elections and openly as well as urgently warn the flock against voting for the AfD. AfD members are themselves excluded from facilities managed by the church, such as kindergartens. The church also terminate the employment-contracts of staff affiliated with the AfD, this occurs on all levels. Even church functions are not spared from this apartheid like behaviors towards those that challenges the pro-migratory narrative and question the factophoebes; only recently did an AfD member turn to me and complain that a priest did not want to baptize his newborn child because he is a member of AfD. This despite the fact that he was a longtime and very active parishioner.


In order to contribute to a solution of this highly problematic situation and negative future for Germany, AfD is the only German party that opposes this direction. That is also the reason why, despite other plans for my age, I joined this party. It is a difficult struggle to bring the unbiased facts to the people in my country, so they can decide for themselves for the future. We the representatives of AfD are massively marginalized in Germany. We are for example more often than not slandered, misinterpreted, erroneously portrayed and quoted by the media. Many of our party members suffer severe personal disadvantage due to this treatment at the hands of media as well as by public officials. They are socially excluded, lose their jobs, lose their existence and even suffer physical attacks. I have advised my son to leave Germany if we in AfD cannot manage to convince our citizens to together turn things around and create a Germany that values its roots, culture and upholds the rule of law and protects its citizens.


In the midst of all my talk about by Germany it is interesting to note that through the uncontrolled type of migration that Europe now faced for more than 20 to 30 years, we as European, we in the West all face the same dilemma, the same threat. So ironically my nationalism and patriotism will at least in my attempts as a politician lead to a closer cooperation with other Western patriots that values their nation, culture and history. My hope is that together we will be able to turn the tide and build a sounder and more resilient Western world, capable to preserve our great individual national as well as collective European legacy.


Let me in closing reiterate that I find it racist and colonial to presume that all other cultures in the world need to emulate our Western cultures. What they do need to do, as long as they are present in our countries, is to respect our cultures and our laws.


Finally, I would like to propose that the only question that we in the Western world during this junction in time need to ask: is if we want our children or grandchildren to become a cultural minority in our own countries. I know where I stand on this issue.


Thank you for your attention

[1] 1950 Refugee Convention Article 34 naturalization

The Contracting States shall as far as possible facilitate the assimilation and naturalization of refugees. They shall in particular make every effort to expedite naturalization proceedings and to reduce as far as possible the charges and costs of such proceedings.

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