The TBG Responds To An Upcoming ITV Smear

by The Editor

A Statement in response to the letter from David Henshaw of Hardcash Productions (ITV) of 27th October 2017


Their letter can be read here.


The Traditional Britain Group is NOT “far-right”, whatever that actually means.

You give no adequate explanation, and it appears that the only thing which qualifies one as being “far-right” is opposition to mass immigration and doing something about it. That would mean most people in the country would be “far-right”. The TBG, for instance,  supports restoration of the hereditary peerage, our national Church, and rectifying the raft of broad-Left social legislation that has occurred over the past five decades. For instance most “far-right” groups throughout history have some affiliation with socialism. The TBG is anti-socialist.


 The TBG is not anti-semitic.


 The TBG is opposed to all forms of political terrorism and crime.


The TBG supports the Conservative Party Manifesto pledge of 1970 to halt mass immigration and encourage voluntary repatriation of aliens to their natural homelands.

We believe this is more relevant today than it was in 1970. The problem has not gone away. You mentioned Mrs. Lawrence. We have nothing further to add to our comments in 2013, other than to remind you that she announced publicly that she had sent her son “home” for burial (i.e: Jamaica).


The TBG believes that there should be amendments to existing legislation on offering all aliens our housing and welfare benefits. We believe that if such things were not on offer mass immigration would dry up.


The TBG holds annual conferences to which a wide range of notable speakers are invited to come to and address us on a range of theoretical, philosophical and topical issues.

We have no knowledge of any of them being “Nazis” or of belonging to any known Nazi organisations; “Right-wing extremists” are just left-wing media slurs for those whom they don’t like. The media appears to think it can be judge and jury in these matters. You are simply being defamatory and leaving yourself open to accusations of libel.


It is laughable to call Anne Marie Waters “far-right”. For years she was a Labour Party activist. She recently came a very good second when she stood for the leadership of the UKIP, a liberal-libertarian party. She is opposed to Muslim immigration into the UK; does one have to be “far-right” to oppose this?

According to the “Independent” News Blog, hardly a bastion of right-wing writing, half the population are opposed to it.

The TBG cannot be held responsible for anything Ms. Waters had to say in her speech. You must address her on that.


Our conferences are not public meetings. They are private. However we do not believe in political proscription (as you obviously do) and anyone may apply to come along to hear what is being said and make up their own minds on what they have heard. Our only caveat is that we would refuse an application if we thought the applicant was going to cause trouble or disruption.


Martin Sellner is one of the young leaders of the Generation Identity movement which is growing across European countries in response to mass immigration. It supports the indigenous nations of Europe. We cannot be held responsible for anything Mr Sellner (or indeed any other speaker) said in his speech. But while we continue to have freedom of speech we do want to hear what he has to say and our audience can make up their own minds on content afterwards. His video will be available on our channel for fair minded viewers to watch before this 'expose' is shown.


The TBG do not accept that the Far-Left at Hope Not Hate are unbiased “experts” (self-proclaimed experts maybe) on any of this or are qualified to comment upon our group. They speak for themselves and no-one else. It is, after all, their far-left agenda. We believe it is a disgrace that the media or anyone else consults communists and their fellow-travellers for “expert opinions”.


The TBG does not “hate” anyone. However, we do not accept that the rest of the world have any right to enter our country and we would prefer it if they remained at home.


The TBG is an independent group of decent ordinary people who are concerned about the State of the Nation and the title of our group is self-explanatory.


The TBG regards itself as traditionalist radical real Tories.


Whilst we like to hear what is happening at home and abroad we have no “links” etc to any other bodies. There is no “conspiracy”.


Lastly I come to your filming of our private conference. You call it covert. We call it illegal. Indeed there is a large dossier of cases regarding this kind of thing. It is, for instance, illegal to film, photograph, or record private individuals (as opposed to speakers) at a private function without their express consent. We also refer you to this Ofcom link:

“If the reason [for recording] is that it is in the public interest, then the broadcaster should be able to demonstrate that the public interest outweighs the right to privacy. Examples of public interest would include revealing or detecting crime, protecting public health or safety, exposing misleading claims made by individuals or organisations or disclosing incompetence that affects the public." None of these reasons could be cited in this instance.

We have taken legal advice re: any defamation against our group and membership.

Gregory Lauder-Frost, Vice-President and on behalf of the Traditional Britain Group. 31st October 2017.


N.B. You can also read the response and alarmist letter-style sent to one of our recent conference speakers, Anne Marie Waters, here.

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