The Traditional Britain Group Conference 2013

by The Editor

On Saturday 19th October 2013 the Traditional Britain Group held its annual conference. The event, which attracted around a hundred attendees, was described by all we spoke to as "marvellous", "brilliant" and a huge success.

On Saturday 19th October 2013 the Traditional Britain Group held its annual conference in a prestigious central London location: the Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair. The event, which attracted around a hundred attendees, was described by all we spoke to as "marvellous", "brilliant" and a huge success. A convivial hot lunch was given for the speakers, committee and selected guests in a private room at the Running Footman, opposite the hotel.

The conference was opened by our President, The Rt. Hon. The Lord Sudeley. Our first speaker was Professor John Kersey, who spoke on "Preserving the substance of a nation: the role of a traditional conservative counter-establishment" which was well-received. During his speech he mentioned the BBC appearances in August by Gregory Lauder-Frost to unanimous applause from the audience. He was followed by barrister Angela Ellis-Jones, who spoke on "The Forces destroying Britain from Within". Angela emphasised that we should not permit the Liberal-Left to set the parameters for everything, especially speech and freedom of expression, and that we should constantly fight our corner fearlessly.

The next speaker was Alex Kurtagic, an author ("Mister", 2009), artist, musician, cultural commentator, and social critic, who emphasised the practical failure and ideological bankruptcy of conservatism, and made a broad attack on the forces of liberalism and socialism in his speech "Wanted: A Moral Critique of Egalitarianism".

Immediately after lunch we had the TBG Vice-President, Gregory Lauder-Frost, former Political Secretary and Foreign Affairs Chairman of the old Conservative Monday Club, and Vice-President of the former Western Goals Institute, who spoke on "Immigration and the Threat to the Nation-State". He outlined a definition of the nation-state, and cited Stanley Baldwin's comments on why the indigenous British were unique and why European nations should remain populated by Europeans only. He slated alien mass-immigration, and the falsehoods of multi-culturalism and assimilation and those who promote them.

Robin Tilbrook, a solicitor and Chairman of the English Democrats, then gave us his views on "The Future of England as a Nation State", arguing for a purely English parliament and an independent England. We then had an afternoon tea break provided for all present, followed by Richard Spencer, who had flown in especially from the USA to address us. Richard is President and Director of The National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publishers. He was formerly Assistant Editor of the American Conservative magazine and Executive Editor of the well-known "Taki's Magazine." He speaks widely to many organisations and had addressed our last conference. His topic was "Why we need Europe" where he argued for a great Europeans' (only) super-state and thought that one possibility may have been taking over the EU from within in order to do this.

Our next speaker was 21 year-old Markus Willinger, who had travelled from Vienna to speak to us on "A Europe of Regions and Identity". Markus, who is reading History and Political Science in Stuttgart, is possibly the best-known face of the new Identitarian Movement in Europe and has already had his book "Generation Identity" published, to much acclaim. He was keen for our young people (commenting upon the large number of under 30s present) in particular to take up the baton of fighting for our peoples. He was extremely well-received. He was followed by our last speaker, Dr Sean Gabb, the writer, broadcaster, academic and Director of The Libertarian Alliance whose provocative and entertaining speech was entitled "Britain and the Global Reversion to Ancestral Ways", and who offered an interesting case for a pragmatic alliance between libertarians and those on the more traditional Right.

After every speech 10 to 15 minutes of questions and answers took place. After a break for a light dinner we recommenced two hours of evening six discussion sessions on different issues, chaired by Angela Ellis-Jones, John Kersey, Alex Kurtagic, Richard Spencer, Olivia Pistun, and Gregory Lauder-Frost. Overall, this was a spectacularly good conference, enjoyed and enthused about by all we were able to speak to. We expect several exciting developments to arise from it and that we can move forward as one group which still believes in the Nation, and in the indigenous British and European peoples continuing to manage their own affairs in their own way.

The speeches will be published and videos of them will be available shortly.

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