Traditional Britain Conference - ‘A Europe of regions and identity’ - Markus Willinger

by The Editor

Austrian Identitarian, Markus Willinger, outlines the talk he will make at the Traditional Britain Group Conference, 'The Future of the Nation State.'

Markus Willinger, born 1992 in Austria, is a German identitarian living in Stuttgart. He wrote the book "generation identity" which is going to be translated into several languages. Willinger tries to spread identitarian ideas in Europe by giving speeches and by writing. At the moment he studies history and political science in Stuttgart. Markus will be giving a talk at the Traditional Britain Conference on the 19th October.


Talk – ‘A Europe of regions and identity’


A Europe of regions and identity:

There are many different ideas for Europe´s future. From an American ruled “western Empire” to a united and homogenized European state to a weak alliance of independent nations - there are many possibilities. In his speech Markus Willinger (author of “Generation identity”) will try to explain how a united Europe can work without destroying local identities and customs. He claims a Europe of regions and identities will works better together than the European Union does today – without trying to regulate everything. Some call the identitarians the enemies of nationalism, but Willinger will try to show that there can be a symbiosis between region, nation, and civilization.

The advantages of diversity:

Out of all the continents of the world, Europe is the one with the most nations and languages (excluding mini languages as spoken in New Guinea). Willinger believes that this diversity goes some way to explaining why Europe developed during the last 500 hundred years so much faster than the rest of the world. “Internal competition among the European countries forced them to be innovative, whilst at the same time a united China was much less under the pressure to reform. Europe’s diversity is one reason why we Europeans outpaced the rest of the world. Diversity is an advantage – it should be supported and homogenization opposed.”

Why Europe needs to stand together now:

But surely Willinger accepts that there are problems that the Nations can´t solve alone? These include the military defence of the continent, the fight against mass immigration and economic matters. But the European Union as he notes “has failed to succeed on any of these points. Europe is not able to make any military decision and can´t defend itself without the Americans, it hasn’t even tried to stop mass immigration, and the attempt to unify the currencies of north and south has led to economic crisis. We have to find new ways to find solutions for these problems, but one thing is clear - we can´t solve them alone.”

Willinger will then try to show us a picture of a new Europe, and how this Europe could solve the big problems which threaten our continent. He claims that we should split the Euro into 2 currencies for north and south Europe, and that we need a European alliance to replace the NATO. Such an alliance should rely on the strengths of the different European nations. For example would the UK focus on building ships, while Germany on Tanks? But the main goal of a united Europe would be to help the south European countries to stop the illegal mass immigration to Europe.

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