Traditional Britain Group calls on government to resign.

by The Editor

Traditional Britain Group calls on government to resign.
The Traditional Britain Group calls for a vote of no confidence in Her Majesty's current government. They have ignored the will of the British people in allowing mass immigration and the current Calais migrant crisis only further demonstrates their utter ineptitude in resolving this immigration crisis.

With the complete and utter chaos at Calais, it is reported today by Kent's Chief Constable, Alan Pughsley, that 7 out of 10 aliens make it through the channel tunnel and hundreds a month successfully arrive from Calais, that they know of. The fake Conservative Party government has demonstrated its crass ineptitude and impotence when it comes to immigration, which it pledged to reduce. In fact numbers continue to increase with no end in sight and no realistic solutions. On this, the most important and crucial issue facing the British nation and its future, the government should resign.

3rd August 2015.

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