Traditional Britain Seminars 2014: Paul Weston - Establishment Betrayal

by The Editor

The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the role played by the British establishment, the EU and the UN, in the ongoing destruction of the Britain from the 1950s onwards.

On the 8th March the Traditional Britain Group will be hosting a half day event, titled 'Traditional Britain Seminars 2014' at a prestigious club in central London from 1pm until 6pm, followed by an evening social until late.

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Paul Weston - Establishment Betrayal

The purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the role played by the British establishment, the EU and the UN, in the ongoing destruction of the Britain from the 1950s onwards.

We live in an era of Political Correctness, which is so much more than the ideology noted by those who say “It’s Political Correctness gone mad!”

PC is an absolute ideology, emanating from Communist/Socialist organisations, which has a single objective – the destruction of any Free Market Economy built by Christian, white, heterosexual, married males. In other words, it is an ideological war waged against Western Civilisation itself.

No matter which particular political party is in government, the ideology of PC remains far more powerful than any politician, no matter however outspoken he or she may be. The reason for this is simple, the hard-left have captured our institutions and have effectively carried out a full scale revolution, but without guns or violence.

The left are in control of each and every institution which exercises control over the country of Britain and the people who live within it. The establishment that they railed against in the 60s and 70s has been usurped. The establishment today bears no resemblance to the establishment any person over the age of 50 grew up in.

Taken from the top down, we could start with the United Nations, an organisation heavily influenced by leftist ideology since its post war inception.

The European Union is a quasi-Socialist organisation which seeks to dismantle the Nation States of Europe; to obliterate National Sovereignty, and to rule with an iron fist over both the political and economic landscape of a balkanised and fragmented Europe.

The Civil Service, which for so many years provided the gold standard for fairness and impartiality is now a highly politicised outfit, which emphasises its multicultural and diversity (celebration of) credentials rather than providing impartial and unbiased support to the democratically elected government.

The media in Britain is driven mainly by the output of the BBC, which can longer be described as either impartial or fair. The BBC typifies the liberal, metropolitan elite, who refuse to believe that any opinion other than their own is worthy of debate, let alone merit. The slanting of BBC news is of great concern to all those who wish to hear the unvarnished truth about both world events and events at home. The BBC is now a self-admitted propaganda arm which is anti-Christian, anti-right and pro Islam and pro-liberal left.
Education, also, is very much part of the establishment betrayal. There is little point in capturing the media, unless the idea is to also brainwash and propagandise young minds from an early age. Our educators no longer attach much importance on traditional history, dates, or facts. Nor do they teach the basic structure needed for gainful employment – reading and writing to a genuinely useful level, and real numeracy. Instead, they teach to the lowest common denominator whilst filling their heads with anti-British ideas, pro-multiculti, pro-diversity and various green issuesw such as global warming, which is presented as a proven fact.

Combined, the establishment works actively against the traditional Conservative Britain built by many generations. It is time it was held to account.

Paul Weston

I started writing articles about the left-wing destruction of traditional Britain in 2007, which led to my joining UKIP in 2010. I stood in the last General Election but resigned when it became apparent that UKIP would not confront the Islamic issue, which I consider to be the greatest threat to Britain since Nazism and communism. I joined the British Freedom Party in late 2011, but became disillusioned with the direction it was taking, over which I had little control. In 2013 I established Liberty GB with a small group of ex-British Freedom activists who shared my own political ideology – which is that for a political party to seriously compete in a general election it must appeal to Middle Britain, rather than just the core nationalist vote which the leftist mainstream media find so easy to vilify and smear. If we are to discuss taboo subjects such as mass immigration and Islam, it is imperative we do so from an elevated moral and ethical position impervious to leftist character assassination.

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