Traditionalist Politics

by The Editor

Traditionalist Politics
Guest writer Mr. Andrew Robert Biggins comments on the importance of Traditionalist politics. His blog may be found at

By Mr. Andrew Robert Biggins 

As a student of Traditionalist ideas, I continually ask myself the following questions:


How could a Traditionalist agenda be introduced into mainstream political debate?”


“Which would be more successful; attempting to steer an existing party in a Traditionalist direction or forming a new party with a Traditionalist manifesto?”


I don't yet have an answer to either question.


Julius Evola believed that a rectification of European politics to make it capable of carrying forward a Traditionalist agenda was impossible and any attempt to do so, futile.  He saw only the possibility of individual transcendence over modernity and wrote Ride the Tigerfor those qualified few who wished to attempt it.


If we subscribe to the doctrine of cyclical history then we must agree to the futility of resisting the degeneration of our current age.  It would be like swimming against an inevitable tide.  However, I can't help feeling a sense of dutyto at least try.


There are signs that there is a nostalgia in the air for times past, times thought of as “better” than current times.  Scott King's “Britlins” artistic project explores what it would be like to relaunch Britain in the wake of Brexit:


Do you remember:
When you knew your neighbours?
When shop assistants were not machines?
When you could still telephone your bank?
When a holiday was at home, not abroad?
When summer seemed to last forever?
When you felt that you belonged?

If you answered YES to any of these questions…

There may be a place in Frigg for YOU.

Frigg is a fictional new town created by artist and graphic designer Scott King. It is part of Britlin’s, a satirical proposal to redesign Britain as a 1970s holiday camp. A combination of the words ‘Britain’ and ‘Butlin’s’, Britlin’s plays with the power of collective nostalgia to imagine a new society. From a new Chairlift Network connecting Land’s End to John O’Groats, to the creation of self-policing New Towns fuelled by fun; Britlin’s proposes strategies to make “Your Past Our Future”.


Whilst concepts such as this help to undermine the false notion that human life improves as time moves on, it does also remind one of the need to explain to the average man/woman in the street just what Traditionalism is and is not.  Most would assume that it is an attempt to turn back the clock and live as we did a decades or centuries ago.


My belief is that it would be possible to put forward a simple Traditionalist platform that people could relate to.  Below I attempt to list a bullet point summary of what that platform could be built upon:


  • The people need to believe in something bigger than themselves to be psychologically comfortable. The simplest concept is that of Nation and what it means to be a citizen of our Nation.


  • Materialism must be shown to be a destructive force; economic activity must be relegated to it's proper place, as a servant of the People, not the master.
  • We most educate the People about the transcendent role of the Church and the Monarchy in our society; we must abandon the wish for these institutions to be “relevant” to the modern age and appreciate that it is their irrelevance to modernity that gives them their utility.
  • Egalitarian views must be shown to be utterly false and a fantasy construct of our neo-Marxist political and media class. We must learn to celebrate talent, genius and brilliance whilst accepting that only the minority (the Elite) possess these characteristics. 
  • Those that perform so-called “menial” tasks within our society must be recognised, valued and encouraged to perform those tasks to the best of their ability, for they are the foundation upon which our Nation is built.
  • The fallacy of democracy must be shown and an alternative political system instigated where those who are qualified to govern do so, for the good of all.
  • Relativism must be combated by a committed propaganda offensive in favour of transcendent, absolute values by which society can be ordered.
  • We must have an honest discussion on the subject of “Race”, taking in the current political “hot potato” of immigration.


The opposition to such a platform would be immense within our current political environment.  But as my dear old Mum used to say...”It's better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all!”

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