"We call on all young Africans to come to Europe"

by The Webmaster

Not allowed on Facebook. As we understand that social media are busily purging this video we have instead posted it on our website. 

It is a great example of its type, which demonstrates the use of grievance politics to promote one's own self-interest (and by extension, your associated ethnic self-interest).

It helps to offset objections and creates political momentum. In this case the speaker uses third-hand post-colonial arguments crafted by 'post'-Marxist people in the West. These are happily taken up by various non-Westerners to advance the cause of a mass population shift from Africa to Europe.

We have also seen a not dissimilar pattern in Islam, fusing it with post-colonialist and grievance politics aimed at Europe, to help create the modern jihadi mindset.

Many of those who have had the misfortune to attend a British university over the last decade will instantly recognise the ideological blueprint on display here.

This technique is used not just by those in the Third World but also a not inconsiderable number of internationalists and left-liberals in key leadership positions in the West (like Federica Mogherini or the UN Migration Compact signatories and multinational organisations) who effectively seek to open the gates of Europe further than they have been already, dismantling nations states and peoples as they go to further their own agendas.

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