Young Conservatives

by The Editor

Gregory Lauder-Frost comments on the need for Young Conservatives to defend Great Britain's national patrimony.

For many older people when assessing the future prospects for this country they foresee nothing but gloom and even disaster. The see a world of lawlessness and disorder where discipline will be unheard of; a world of massive organisations run by a new globalist World Order whose sole achievements will lie in making money; morality will be old-fashioned; Christian faith will be for mystics and creeping Cultural Marxism for everybody else.

It will be a State brought about by the wreckers of society, by the over throwers of civilisation. By those who preach slogans such as “Equality, Freedom, Democracy”, and who are listened to by others (teachers, psychologists, social workers, journalists and Members of Parliament), who describe themselves as being what is known as “liberal-minded”.

At the moment the wreckers do seem to be winning. Take for example the Sex Discrimination and Race Relations Acts. Are they really the bearers of equality or harmony or do they create a feeling of inequality that was never there in the first place? Should ‘freedom’ mean a hatred of discipline or that students should run their places of learning and voice all their likes and dislikes? Are we content to continue along this road and accept leftist domination in the fields of education which, after sowing the seeds of discontent, encourages resentment and revolt against the established order of things? Notice how The Left continues its drive for the abolition of the already dumbed down compulsory religious education in schools; how “scientists” are offended if Britain is referred to as a Christian nation and declare their offence publicly. We have reached a situation where our enemies (reinforced by government) are teaching our children and there is no permitted opposition to them. Is it democracy when governments legislate against freedom of speech and expression? When certain views of history become “official”? What has become of our civilisation when governments celebrate the lives of terrorists who have murdered others?

How can it be that this scenario has been allowed to develop unchallenged? It is because there has been no real Conservative opposition. For too long the subversives, includes agencies like the BBC, have had it all their own way. Now the time has come for our young people, those who might still have some idea of what conservatism actually means to try and put a stop to this.

There are hundreds of thousands of young people out there in our country who should be inspired by real conservatism, the kind of Toryism which built Britain. That was not a Toryism which adopted liberalism, threw money down the Overseas Aid drain, embraced multiculturalism, who celebrate terrorists like Mandela and invite IRA murderers to dine with Her Majesty, which legislated to redefine traditional marriage and ‘celebrates’ homosexuality as “normal”, and which believes that everything revolves around making a profit. This is blatant liberal-leftism.

Toryism was paternalistic, believed in the Church, the House of Lords, The Monarchy, our heritage and traditions, our institutions. It recognised simple rights and wrongs that required no explanation. It put Britain first at all times.

Young conservatives can fight the wreckers. They’ll have to take the flak, of course. But they should never miss an opportunity to gain publicity for their views. They should adopt slogans and repeat them as often as The Left do. Many young conservatives are connected with education. They should make their presence felt by speaking out against so-called “progressive trends” and stand up for tradition, authority and discipline. Tell teachers and lecturers that you do not accept that our Empire was something to be ashamed of but something to be proud of; that the British brought civilisation to the world. Tell them to their faces that you refuse to accept their left-wing indoctrination and if they send you to the Headmaster tell him too. Ask them why you have to undertake endless lessons on Nazis and yet communism is simply glossed over. Fight these Reds in our midst.  You might even call for the return of corporal punishment. Individuals like Dr. Frank Ellis at Leeds University, forced to take early retirement for speaking the truth outside the parameters set by the Liberal-Left, was a triumph for the latter. Young conservatives must fight this kind of Stalinism else it may one day turn round and bite them.

Young conservatives have fine minds. They should constantly question more. Not let the media undermine their mental capacities. See garbage for what it is. Expose the liberal-left by bombarding the BBC’s board of governors with complaints about bias.

Young conservatives are at the crossroads. They can either continue along the road of broad left-wing brainwashing by the media, by the educational systems, even by governments who have reached a point where they represent no-one but themselves and refuse to hear what the people have to say, OR they can start the fight-back to recover their minds and the minds of our people; to restore our national dignity.

Gregory Lauder-Frost. St.George’s Day, 2014.

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