A Traditional Britain Christmas: December 10th, Central London, Simon Webb

Saturday, 10th December 2022 12:00am


Sold out and event finished. Speech below.

You are cordially invited to join us at this year's Traditional Britain Christmas Social.

The evening is a mix of seasonal bonhomie, surrounding a speech by a special invitee. This year our special guest is the popular YouTube commentator and historical author, Simon Webb, AKA 'History Debunked'. Simon also produces works of Western (cowboy) fiction, among his wider oeuvre. His wide-ranging catalogue can be found here, or here,  where he declares his historical interests as primarily lying in matters of Victorian and Edwardian terrorism (in no small part then as now engaged in by aliens). Perhaps purchase a book beforehand and ask for it to be signed.


The event is ticketed (£18.00), which pays for the hot buffet provided by the premises, a traditional London venue of some antiquity. We have hired the whole building, so that you will be able to unwind and socialise freely.

Attendance at this evening is open to anyone of goodwill, whether TBG members or not, but first time attendees will need to show their ID / bona-fides when attending our events for this initial occasion. This is a security precaution pressed upon us some years ago, that we can assure you is for the privacy and security of all and has proved its worth many times since.

The finer booking details outlining this can be found below, so do read them carefully before booking. If you have any questions whatsoever, you are free to direct them to us at info@traditionalbritain.org If you use the mailing service email notification to respond, there may be a delay (it's an in-house address). 

We look forward to meeting many new faces among our hardy perennials at the social. It's a warm and friendly affair and you should have a charming evening. If you are thinking of making a weekend of it and staying over, you can do so from the cheaper hostel option, right up to more higher class hotels. This might also be beneficial, in case of any last minute train strike announcements. One of the simplest places to look is on Booking.com (80% of places already booked on that site, so be sprightly). 

Tickets for this TBG social are limited and will likely sell out quickly.


TBG Committee

Please see below for booking information and requirements

NOTE: Booking for our conference indicated you
r full consent to the following. Read carefully: 

Our strict booking conditions: the TBG reserves the right to decline any booking whatsoever, wholly based upon our belief that this may lead to the smoother running of the event and ensure the privacy of our attendees.
- No Media: By booking you consent that no media (photography, audio, video) will be taken by you from inside the event, nor shared to others outside of it, during or after.
- Copyright: This is a private event and the TBG retains the full exclusive right to use any media taken at the event and holds copyright on all such electronic media taken at the event. Some of this will be shown later on our YouTube channel and/or website. You may be included in some of this electronic media capture. The networking aspect of our event is also held under 'Chatham House' rules. By proceeding to book you agree to fully abide by these terms and conditions.
- Refreshments: Tickets are inclusive of a hot buffet, but not any drinks, which are the resposibility of attendees.
- Dress code: smart casual 
- Booking notifications: if your booking has been successful and the fee transferred, consider that you are provisionally booked, subject to our bona fides checks. We do not formally respond to each and every booking. Attendance though is subject to our vetting policy. You may be asked to provide formal identification before the event to ensure the comfort, privacy and security of all other attendees.
- Ticketless event: you will only need to provide your name on the door, we do not send tickets
- Location: You will be only advised of the venue location the early evening on the day preceding the conference and this will be sent to you via email. Please ensure therefore that your PayPal email is one that you regularly use, or advise us to update the email we have for you.
- Location general info: The venue is a smart location, easily accessible in the centre of London which provides you wonderful facilities, safety and security. If you are booking a hotel in central London within close range of a tube, rest assured you will be only minutes from us. The venue chosen for this purpose means the cost is as always reflected in the price to you. We try hard to keep this to a minimum and the ticket rate has barely changed in five or more years even under London venue cost pressures.
- Admittance: We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the event or to expel those already inside the event if we feel the individual(s) are either disruptive to the event or individuals therein or who threaten the privacy or security of attendees. You agree to comply with any legal, government announcement or venue regulations in place at the time of the conference and further recognise any health risks associated with the recent Covid health crisis and by participating accept this responsibility yourself and all and any liabilities by attending such an in-person event.
Far-Left: The above are all procedures we have learnt by experience to avoid any dirty tactics attempted by the progressive Left in our country. 
- Postponement: Circumstances beyond our control in the Covid-era may cause for this conference to be postponed. Where this occurs the Traditional Britain Group can take no responsibility for any damages, loss or costs incurred by those booked to attend the event, outside of the cost of the ticket itself which we will refund.
- Data Privacy: We retain the information collected from from those who book to attend our events to enable us to notify them of later events, articles, opportunities and to process their applications. We never share your details with any other organisation or for any other purpose. If you do not wish for us to do this, please formally write to us (info@traditionalbritain.org) to advise us how you'd like us to retain or process your data.   
Dress code: smart casual 


Please note we have passed capacity and are completely sold out.


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