Saturday, 23rd May 2020 6:30pm


We warmly invite all members, followers and supporters to attend our annual black tie dinner in London on Saturday, 23rd May at a traditional landmark venue.

Join us at our most prestigious annual event and meet fellow upstanding men and women in the most congenial surroundings.

For our dinner this year we are most happy to bring you a double bill of two staunch patriots:

Peter Kofod, Dansk Folkeparti

Firstly we have Peter Kofod (30), the top candidate for the Danish People's Party (Twitter) who sits in the European Parliament after previously sitting in the Danish Folketing (Parliament). Previous to this he was a school teacher and member of the Danish Signals regiment. Just this month he called for an EU mandate to forge "a very close (trading) partnership for the benefit of the British and other EU states". He has also recently supported the labeling of ritually slaughtered food and says "If you come to Denmark and commit crime, then you have to go out. My view of criminal aliens is completely unchanged". 

His party the DPP believes that Denmark is 'not a country of immigration'. The party rejects the multi-ethnic transformation of Denmark and opposes multiculturalism.


Jaak Madison, Conservative People's Party of Estonia

Secondly - following the rousing welcome for Martin Helme his Finance Minister colleague at our event in October - the Deputy Chairman of EKRE, Jaak Madison (29) (Twitter) will speak to us. The Conservative People's Party is in coalition government in Estonia. Mr Madison recently said of Brexit "I congratulate the British guys. I really wish great parties and celebrations. We celebrate with you." On refugees, he demanded "a legal obligation to grant refugee status only to people from the European region and that, should a humanitarian crisis erupt in another part of the world, the most practical course of action would be to provide assistance within the region itself" and has called out left-liberal disinformation against the right opposing "the deliberate dissemination of disinformation on right-wing political parties that has a serious impact on election results and threatens democracy." He also had an article pulled from The Daily Telegraph after comments that were hoist out of context from years past were used to attack him in the now tiresomely familiar tactic of left-wing character assassination. 

Your Booking Options

As ever to manage the smooth running of the event, the TBG reserves the right to restrict attendee bookings at our complete discretion. Those who we are unfamiliar with may be asked to demonstrate their bona fides and confirm their identity. Your continuing to book outlines your awareness and consent to this. Please also take note of the particulars below. 

No media (photography, audio, video) will be taken by you from inside the event, nor shared and the TBG retains the full copyright on all such electronic media taken at the event. Some of this will be shown later on our YouTube channel and/or website. The meeting is also held under 'Chatham House' rules.

By proceeding to book you agree to fully abide by all these terms and conditions.

Please ensure you select the correct ticket type to avoid delays:

Ticket Types

DRESS CODE: This is a 'black tie' event. It is being held in a prestigious central London location for your full peace of mind and in a great new location to accommodate our continued audience growth. 

EVENT LOCATION NOTIFICATION: Those attending the dinner will be notified of the location late afternoon on the day preceding. This is in central London near to main tube stations for those booking a hotel. This is our standard security procedures as you will be aware Britain's political enemies fight dirty. Those in good standing who need to know sooner can always contact us.

TICKETS: This is a ticketless event and so you will not receive a physical ticket, nor do you need to print out your pre-event notification, your name(s) on the door (with ID for new attendees) will be perfectly sufficient.

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: If your transaction has been processed this is confirmation that you booking has been received. We do not have automatic notifications sent out.

FINAL NOTE: The great rate we have secured this year is for the dinner itself. Therefore on arrival there will be a cash bar for pre-drinks and guests can also purchase their table wines at this time.

QUESTIONS?: Then please reach us via email or our contact page.