Christmas Social With Thomas Rowsell - 11th December, London

Saturday, 11th December 2021 6:00pm

Central London

Christmas Social With Thomas Rowsell - 11th December, London
This event has now passed. Information on the event, below.
EDIT: We have now sent out all the notifications for this event (Saturday, 11.40 am). If you have not received anything, then do please notify us at the usual address:
NOTE: we will be emailing tomorrow (Saturday) before noon with the location for the event this year. A security precaution we have needed to take for the past few years. Doors open from 6.30pm, the food will be served at 7.30pm and the speaker will begin shortly after 8, after which we can continue until almost 12am. If you are a past attendee in regular good standing, we can notify you late today on the venue, if your travel arrangements require it. Email us if this is the case, sparingly we hope. We have around 80 attendees and had to close off bookings with many latecomers unable to join us. We look forward to welcoming you all to another TBG event. 

The venue is in Central London and we are happy to announce that our our special guest speaker is Thomas Rowsell, the historian and filmaker who also has a very well respected and viewed YouTube channel, called 'Survive The Jive', always informative and interesting whatever your wider outlook. There may also be some special guests too. 

The ticket price (£21pp) includes a full hot Christmas buffet provided by the London venue, but not drinks. 6pm until late. 

Standard booking terms and conditions: Those who have not attended TBG events previously will be asked to demonstrate their bona fides and identity to help ensure that the evening flows smoothly. This is our simple, standard procedure and is to the benefit of everyone, ensuring that all attendees have a joyous and secure evening. We reserve the right to refuse admission or decline bookings at our own discretion therefore, where we feel it would secure the harmonious and convivial running of the night. For personal privacy of attendees, you also firmly agree not to take any electronic media (photos, video, audio) at this event and we retain the copyright on any such elements taken at the event. 

Further we don't respond to each and every booking, if your payment has been processed, you're booked, subject to any checks for new people. The venue is given out to attendees the morning of the event (unless you are an attendee of some regularity, at which we can provide this on the day before). 

The social is open to both members and non-members alike. It's a great evening and a wonderful chance to meet lots of new stalwart and interesting men and women and recharge your traditionalist batteries after a long year.

By proceeding with your booking you are fully and formally agreeing with all of our general terms and conditions listed above.

Travelling in? Why not consider staying over? Book early enough and there are places for every budget.  Much better than racing for your last train when engaged in a great conversation or on the cusp of an impromptu proposal.

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