Christopher Gillibrand - Autumn Social 2010

Saturday, 16th October 2010 1:00pm

Christopher Gillibrand  - Autumn Social 2010

The son of a trade union leader, former Conservative Party treasurer and local council candidate in Oxford, who has been active for many years on the right of the Conservative Party will speak from firsthand experience about the day-by-day attacks Traditional British institutions and freedoms by the European institutions and also discuss the future of European societies who are under similar threats.

A Roman Catholic traditionalist, convert from Anglicanism, he is presently working on an article about the Second Vatican Council and can speak from first-hand experience of the forces destroying the Catholic Church in Europe. He believes the only meaningful ecumenism is between traditionalists in the Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican churches to fight their common enemies.

To read and/or listen to Christopher's talk please see, "Fighting the enemies of tradition in Church and State, at home and in Europe.”

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