Speaker and Social: Bruno Gollnisch, Front National MEP 27/6/2017

Tuesday, 27th June 2017 6:00pm

Central London


Professor Bruno Gollnisch, MEP, Front National

M. Gollnisch is a current university academic, a naval reservist and a senior member of the FN group in the European Parliament. He previously led the ‘Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty’ Group there and was a runner up to Marine Le Pen in the leadership contest. He now holds the position of Executive Vice-President of the FN.

His speech will cover many issues, including of course Brexit, the refugee crisis, the French presidential election, Islam and Europe.

The speech will be followed by a Q&A and then a social. The meeting will be held in a prestigious London location and the venue will have a cash bar.

The cost for the meeting is £8. This will cover the cost of the room hire and is inclusive of payment charges.

This is another great opportunity to hear directly from those at the heart of the European fightback, how they view the present situation, how it is being approached and what lessons there are for us in Britain.

It is also of course, another great opportunity to meet your traditionalist allies, network with patriots from across the country (and abroad) and have a sophisticated and edifying evening. One not to miss.

We look forward to seeing many patrons, members and general supporters at this event. Registration is open to all, although we reserve the right to refuse entry if we consider it ensures the smooth running of the event.

As ever, please contact us on info@traditionalbritain.org with any enquiries.

Dress code: smart casual (no tie required)

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