The Traditional Britain Conference 2019, October 19th

Saturday, 19th October 2019 9:00am

Central London

The Traditional Britain Conference 2019, October 19th

The Traditional Britain Group's Annual Day-Long Conference Is Now Open For Booking!

There will be six - possibly seven - speakers of a high-calibre for you to hear from and for the first time ever a senior government minister, a leading populist figure who is tipped to be Prime Minister of their country in the near future (not Italy) who will be speaking to us!

For now discretion counsels us to avoid naming our speakers, but every single one is of the high quality you'd expect from a TBG event and have been chosen for their important contributions to the day's discussions.

The six speakers who have never addressed us before are as follows:


  • A senior government minister from a leading European populist party who has made all the right people angry

  • A British academic and expert on geopolitical issues, a well-respected author who will speak on issues surrounding Russia and the West

  • An erudite and highly entertaining academic and anthropologist who will discuss the present plight of the European peoples

  • A well known Scandinavian leader, a member of the traditional European right

  • A leading national conservative and recent member of the Polish Parliament

  • A German AfD parliamentarian, ex-military man and former diplomat, who will speak on Islam, the migration crisis and the threats to Europe


Tickets are now on sale. As ever our event will be followed by a long social in the evening from about 6pm, enabling attendees to meet some of the day's speakers and network with a wide range of upstanding men and women from right across Europe. The Traditional Britain Group welcomes bookings from members and non-members alike.

We sold out long before the day of last year's event, so please be sure to book with haste

Our strict booking conditions:
the TBG reserves the right to decline any booking whatsoever, wholly based upon our belief that this may lead to the smoother running of the event and ensure the privacy of our attendees. No media (photography, audio, video) will be taken by you from inside the event, nor shared and the TBG retains the full copyright on all electronic media taken at the event. Some of this will be shown later on our YouTube channel and/or website. The meeting is also held under 'Chatham House' rules. By proceeding to book you agree to fully abide by all these terms and conditions.

If you agree with the above, then please proceed to book:

Please use the appropriate booking option. Either 1) Patrons 2) Full (i.e. not Associate) Members) 3) a Standard Ticket (which includes Associate Members and non-members) or finally 4) student tickets (ID will be asked for).

Ticket Options

The tickets will include refreshments (teas and biscuits).

Traditional Britain Patrons only, as always, will be invited to lunch with the Traditional Britain Chairman, Committee and all our honoured speakers. Not a Patron or Full Member yet? Then support us and join here.

Alternative booking options:

Please send any cheques and suchlike to us at our mailing address: Traditional Britain Group, BCM Box 9045, London, WC1N 3XX

Direct bank transfers: Sort code: 30-99-99; Account: 01296132; Traditional Britain Group; Reference: Your Name - if you do this please ensure you email us to advise of who you are and that you have transferred the fee (

- Dress code: smart casual 
- Booking confirmation notifications: if your booking has been successful and the fee transferred, consider that you are booked. We do not formally respond to each and every booking. Attendance though is subject to our vetting policy. You may be asked to provide identification before the event to ensure the comfort and privacy of all other attendees.
- This is a ticketless event
- You will be only advised of the venue location the early evening preceding the conference which takes place the following morning and this will be sent to you via email. Please ensure therefore that your PayPal email is one that you regularly use, or advise us to update the email we have for you.
- Location: The venue is a smart location, easily accessible in the centre of London which provides you wonderful facilities, safety and security. The venue chosen for this purpose means the cost is as always reflected in the price to you. We try hard to keep this to a minimum and this is reflected in the fact that it has actually not changed in three or more years even under London venue cost pressures.


Any questions: then ask!