Traditional Britain Conference: 2023

Saturday, 7th October 2023 9:00am


Traditional Britain Conference: 2023

The Traditional Britain Group Annual Conference was held in London on Saturday, October 7th. The speeches from this event can be found below. They will be updated as they are added to our channels.  

Stefan Korte - A presentation by the German author on his new book on geopolitics who discussed the dominance of USA-interests in European decision making, the history of geopolitical thought and the theories which inform this. He looked in particular at this subject through the topical lens of NATO and the Ukraine conflict to explain how powerful forces can bend nations to their own strategic objectives. 

Mr Korte, you may be interested to hear, received an inquisition by our politicised Border Force when entering the UK by car at Dover. The customs official asked him a range of silly questions, totally unbefitting his position or background. He has worked for and with various AfD notables in regional, national and EU parliaments. It seems clear to us that toxic and subversive organisations have a hotline to our security state to make life harder for the political enemies. And these public entities are only too happy to oblige. For a copy of the book please contact the author by email:



Dr. Neema Parvini - will discuss his new book ' The Prophets Of Doom', on "eleven thinkers who contradict the dominant linear and progressive view of history" (review).  Neema has previously written the bestselling book 'The Populist Delusion' (review) discussed at our conference last year. He also runs a channel on the YouTube platform on cultural and intellectual issues, writes at Forbidden Texts at Substack and has his own academic learning website, The Academic Agency

Alexander Adams - discussed the place of art in our culture and how we can get beyond unserious and frivolous art and find a place for serious upholders of high culture, that will helps guide our civilisation in seeing the greater things. Alexander has written many books, including Culture War: Art, Identity Politics and Cultural Entryism (review);  Artivism: The Battle for Museums in the Era of Postmodernism (review); Iconoclasm, Identity Politics and the Erasure of History, and a series of works on particular artists which can be found via his personal website. Alexander also caused a stir with his call in a recent pamphlet to abolish the Arts Council. He featured on mainstream media in the days following its release to make his case (eg. Daily Telegraph)


Professor David Coleman - A senior academic with an illustrious career will talk to us about population concerns, the issues with migrants supplying the workforce, the impact upon the general population and a consideration on what the future will look like for ancestral British people if we don't change course. 

Dr Johannes Hubner: this senior figure will describe the current situation in his homeland and the post-election outlook for his own party, who polls suggest will win the next election. He will look at the immigration threat and outline the scope of the actions a political party can effect on its own within the confines of the EU and global rights system and how his own party can be more effective than some other recently successful right-of-centre parties.  He is fortunate of course, to have PR.

Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon of Akkad) - the proprietor of the LotusEaters news and opinion site and a long-standing political activist and YouTuber will also address us. 


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