Traditional Britain Conference 2018

Saturday, 20th October 2018 9:30am

Central London

Traditional Britain Conference 2018

The Traditional Britain Conference was held at a prestigious venue on Saturday October 20th in Central London.

Our 2018 line-up provided our audience with a rousing and stimulating conference, filled with great insights from first-class people. The conference ended with a patriotic social, where many new friendships were made and a good degree of political networking across different conservative groups.

Find speeches from most of our speakers below and many others on our dedicated webpage 

Our 2018 speakers included:

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins needs little introduction as an internationally recognised media personality, who has consistently shifted the Overton Window, encouraging the general British public to speak more openly on what they previously assumed were taboo subjects.

Her talk was on ‘The Fight for Western Culture’.

Katie's Rebel media page can be found here and her own website here as well as on Twitter.


Janice Atkinson, MEP

Janice Atkinson, MEP, is a stalwart British MEP in the European Parliament representing the South East of England. Within the EP, she is a vice president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group, which includes many political parties bracketed under the populist label, including the National Rally (FN), Vlaams Belang, Lega, The FPÖ, Party For Freedom (Wilders), Congress Of The New Right and Freedom and Direct Democracy among its members.

Janice Atkinson's speech focused on The EU, the ENF Fightback and the Migrant Crisis.

More information on Janice can be found on her website or Twitter feed. The EFN page can be found here.


Dr. Johannes Hübner, FPÖ, Austria

Dr. Johannes Hübner, as those who attended a previous Traditional Britain Dinner will recall, is a solid Austrian conservative and was, for many years, the FPÖ's Foreign Affairs Spokesman in the Austrian Parliament. An erudite, strong and witty speaker, the Parliament filled up in expectation each time he was scheduled to speak. Dr. Hübner is a staunch member of the FPÖ and a leading lawyer.


Armin-Paul Hampel, AfD, Germany


Our speaker is the foreign affairs spokesman for the AfD, a member of the German Bundestag and previously had a distinguished career as a journalist and film-maker.

From a new party in 2013 to the official German opposition in 2018, the AfD have come a long way in 5 years.

Professor Richard Lynn

Professor Lynn has a distinguished psychology career, much of which focused on the issues of intelligence and population groups which he outlined in tens of books and hundreds of peer-reviewed papers.

His talk was on the decline of intelligence in western Europe and the role of mass immigration


Professor John Kersey

An outline of the stranglehold of the Left in public sector education and its impact upon our intellectual culture


Samuel (Sam) Swerling

A short discussion on the implications of Brexit and the process to date




As we outlined at the conference, we apologise to our attendees who booked to hear the following two speakers who were not there on the day.

Dr. Stephen Pax Leonard

Dishonourably, Leonard gave us barely 48 hours notice of his withdrawal from his long-standing booking, which was not enough time to source a like-for-like replacement. This retreat appears to have been in no small part caused by activist students barely out of short trousers and playing at journalism  who had enquired about his attendance. Some indignation was expressed by our conference attendees at this turn of events and so naturally, we again offer our apologies here.

Dr. James Thompson

Dr. Thompson who was an Honorary Senior Psychology Lecturer at UCL before he was extirpated by the Left and did not attend after "considerable pressure" by similar sources. He was good enough to provide some reasonable notice and to suggest a replacement - although we sourced another.



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