Traditional Britain Conference 2018

Saturday, 20th October 2018 9:30am

Central London

Traditional Britain Conference 2018

The Traditional Britain Conference will this year be held at a prestigious venue on Saturday October 20th in Central London.

We do hope that you can join us and we have created an excellent speakers' roster to make this decision easier. Our 2018 line-up guarantees you a rousing and stimulating conference, filled with great insights from first-class people. The conference will end with drinks for those who decide to join us, with a chance to unwind in a convivial atmosphere and socialise with your peers. Those travelling in might like to consider hotels to not have to miss out on this option. Is there any better annual occasion in the patriot's calendar than this?


Our 2018 speakers will include:

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins needs little introduction as an internationally recognised media personality, who has consistently shifted the Overton Window, encouraging the general British public to speak more openly on what they previously assumed were taboo subjects.

Her talk will be on ‘The Fight for Western Culture’. To this end, she'll regale us with her experiences across the globe from the welfare tourists at Italian ports and the Generation Identity 'Defend Europe' response; to her being barred from South Africa in an attempt to hush-up the farm murders and the growing vulnerability of Europeans there. We will hear her recollections of being in the eye of the storm during the international media outcry that accompanied these high profile visits. She will also discuss front-line Britain on her recent trip to Bradford, her bumpy ride in the no-go zones of Sweden and then contrast this against the more welcoming atmosphere of a Putin's Russia or a Trump's America. Hopefully, she may also give us some background on the concerted campaign to 'get Katie' with all the verbal, physical and behind-the-scenes career-impeding attacks upon her. In short, political dynamite. Get your questions ready for the Q&A afterwards.

Dr. James Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a Honorary Senior Psychology Lecturer at UCL who tweets @JamesPsychol and whose excellent thoughtful essays on psychology can be found at Unz.

Dr. Thompson’s talk will focus upon the issue of 'Immigration' and the considerations surrounding it, including compatibility, source countries and naturally, intelligence.

His involvement with the annual London Conference On Intelligence led last year to a smear attack in a downmarket left-wing zine that was eagerly picked up by the wider liberal press. A moral storm was confected with the purpose by these cultural gatekeepers of ending his career and stopping the conference dead in its tracks. Yet, this year's conference was still successfully held, albeit abroad. A left-dominated academia and their friends in the press collude to ensure that any public discussion of group differences remain taboo, outside of the rarified atmosphere of academic journals or behind closed doors.  For these charlatans, their benchmark of 'inclusivity' means the direct opposite: incompatible voices are excluded. Inevitably therefore, we believe that Dr. Thompson has now been manoeuvred into resigning. Ethnic and sexual diversity? Absolutely yes. Intellectual and political diversity? Absolutely no, for the authoritarian liberal mindset.

Janice Atkinson, MEP

Janice Atkinson, MEP, is a stalwart British MEP in the European Parliament representing the South East of England. Within the EP, she is a vice president of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group, which includes many political parties bracketed under the populist label, including the National Rally (FN), Vlaams Belang, Lega, The FPÖ, Party For Freedom (Wilders), Congress Of The New Right and Freedom and Direct Democracy among its members.

Janice Atkinson's speech will focus on The EU, the ENF Fightback and the Migrant Crisis. Her recently published book with contributions from ENF colleagues including a foreword by Matteo Salvini, will underpin this (here). If you're looking for an insider perspective on how power is wielded in the European Parliament and how the populist parties are reacting and developing, this is your speech.

More information on Janice can be found on her website or Twitter feed. The EFN page can be found here.

Dr. Johannes Hübner, FPÖ, Austria

Dr. Johannes Hübner, as those who attended a previous Traditional Britain Dinner will recall, is a solid Austrian conservative and was, for many years, the FPÖ's Foreign Affairs Spokesman in the Austrian Parliament. An erudite, strong and witty speaker, the Parliament filled up in expectation each time he was scheduled to speak. Dr. Hübner is a staunch member of the FPÖ and a leading lawyer. The details regarding his speech will follow soon.

Senior member, AfD, Germany

Further details, including name and speech outline to come.

From a new party in 2013 to the official German opposition in 2018, the AfD have come a long way in 5 years. This leading representative will tell you how they did it and what they hope to achieve next.


Dr. Stephen Pax Leonard

Dr. Stephen Pax Leonard is an anthropologist and ethnographer, academic, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, and former banker. He is the author of five books, most recently of the critically acclaimed Travels In Cultural Nihilism,  and his latest forthcoming book is entitled, The Ideology of Failure: How Europe Bought Into Ideas That Will Weaken And Divide It (via Arktos), which he will discuss at our conference as well as giving some background on the developing political situation in his native Scandinavia.

He can be found on Twitter, here.



Six first-class speakers over the course of the day, followed by an evening reception (externally). To ensure that you don't lose out on attending book your place today for this limited capacity venue.  Last year our event sold out weeks before, with a significant waiting list keen to attend.

We look forward to seeing many of you on what will be an exhilarating and fascinating day of speeches and face to face discussions with a wide selection of patriotic and traditionalist men and women.


Booking Terms and Conditions: Please read carefully.


1) By booking you signify your agreement with the following.  The Traditional Britain Group has sole discretion to restrict entry in pursuit of what they believe will enable the smooth running of the day. While we have not yet encountered it, we also reserve the right to ask those who we feel have acted inappropriately to leave. Those who try to obstruct this will be assessed for potential damages.

2) Important: by booking for our conference on October 20th, your expressly agree that YOU WILL NOT capture any media (photos, film, audio) of either the speakers or any conference attendees at this event or socialising afterwards without strict formal prior agreement. Any filming or recording activity of any kind at this event will be deemed a breach of copyright and of privacy rights and the Traditional Britain Group reserves the right to take appropriate action if it becomes aware of such activity at the time or later. We will also seek action if we believe our copyright has been infringed and passed to third-parties. Further, our attendees have not given permission for others to disclose their attendance and by clicking to book (or using alternative methods such as bank transfer) you agree not to share this personal information with any third-party to preserve our attendees' full rights to privacy. Finally, new attendees may in some circumstances be asked to prove their bona fides, legitimate intent and full identity, ensuring the goodwill and the smooth flow of the day's proceedings.

3) While we have secured firm agreements from our speakers to participate, sometimes health issues or other last-minute commitments may impact. Your booking indicates that you understand this is a possibility and substitutions are occasionally necessary.

The foregoing is purely a precaution to ensure the comfort and security of all our attendees and the smooth running of the event which are our primary concerns.

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If you have never attended before, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere.

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As a security precaution, venue details will only be confirmed early evening on the day preceding the event. Long-term members in good standing can, where required, find out a little earlier. The venue is easily accessible via various modes of public transport and is located in central London.

Dress code is formal smart casual. Gentlemen should wear a jacket, ties are not obligatory. No leather clothing or jeans. Outline here.

Timing: The conference will begin at 10am and guests should seek to arrive a little earlier from 9.30 am. Some refreshments will be provided within the ticket price, but we will break for luncheon where you will be able to find plenty of options locally.