Traditional Britain Seminars 2014 and evening social

Saturday, 8th March 2014 1:00pm

Central London

On the 8th March the Traditional Britain Group will be hosting a half day event, titled 'Traditional Britain Seminars 2014' at a prestigious club in central London from 1pm until 6pm, followed by an evening social until late.
We are very excited about this great new feature in our annual calendar as it will be unlike any other conference you have attended before, political or otherwise.

The afternoon will consist of a number of themed discussion tracks, led by our invited 'track leaders' who will introduce the theme and lead the discussion. Unlike normal conferences this will be a great opportunity for individuals to discuss and debate key issues and themes in the alternative, traditionalist, conservative and radical political and cultural sphere.

We are aiming to have two to three tracks running an hour for the afternoon. Guests are free to wander between tracks if they feel the discussion or theme is not of interest to them, and are not obliged to attend any one track. Guests can sit quietly and listen to discussion - or contribute their thoughts, without judgement and free of politically correct constraints, to the group.

This format was tested on the evening of our Traditional Britain Conference back in October and was enjoyed greatly by all present. The relaxed and open structure allowed for exciting, informed and intriguing discussion in a friendly environment.

If you would like to lead a discussion track please get in touch on Track leaders get a FREE ticket!

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