Alleged Muslim Attacker Violently Assaulted By Muslims In Jail

by TBG

Alleged Muslim Attacker Violently Assaulted By Muslims In Jail
Muslims are heavily overrepresented in British jails at a rate of about 300% over their number in the wider population (17%, 2022). This factor has consequences for the management of the prison population

Mohammed Abbkr, a Muslim worshipper accused of attacking elderly Muslims, has himself been attacked by a Muslim gang in jail. 

Two elderly Muslims were set on fire in incidents in London and Birmingham after being approached and sprayed with a flammable liquid. On March 23rd Abbkr was charged with two counts of attempted murder at the Old Bailey. He has been remanded in jail until October. 


A video widely shared on social media is said to be Abbkr, who is ambushed and assaulted in a jail cell full of other Muslim males. While the case is sub judice which applies some reporting restrictions, it's noticeable that no establishment media outlet have mentioned the attack at all.

Muslim Gangs In Jail 

Muslims are heavily overrepresented in British jails at a rate of about 300% over their number in the wider population (17%, 2022). This factor has consequences for the management of the prison population, not least due to having a much higher percentage of the jailed terrorist population. Even back in 2008 the London Telegraph was reporting that Muslim gangs were "taking control" of prisons and that staff were warning White British prisoners to be on their guard after arrival and that they were under threat.  

5 Pillars

The Editor of the UK-based Islamic media service 5 Pillars, Roshan Salih, posted the clip and warned - in a now-deleted tweet (below) - not to disrespect Muslims.

Salih has recently given an interview in which he had outlined his hopes that the UK will become an Islamic state (above). 

The 5 Pillars social media pages often attract UK-based radical Muslim activists.  Last year many visitors on their pages were overjoyed at the attempted murder of Salman Rushdie by a Muslim activist in the USA. Facebook moderation teams and 5 Pillars themselves busily hid or deleted comments, but they continued to pour in. Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Park attacker has also been attacked several times by Muslim gangs in prison. 

The Muslim threat in UK prisons has not diminished since the 2008 article, with a more recent government report stating that forced conversions were becoming the norm under threats of violence or providing access to other benefits. While many of the more vulnerable conversions are targeted at lone White prisoners, many others have been aimed at black, often Afro-Caribbean prisoners too. Many of this latter group originally came from Evangelical Christian backgrounds. It has been estimated that 30% of Muslims in jail were not Muslim to begin with. For instance, Michael Adebolajo one of the killers of Lee Rigby converted in prison and then converted others. Khalid Masood the London Bridge killer also converted in jail. 

Global Criminal Networks 

The combination of entrenched criminal networks often based around drugs, aligning with radical Islamic prison gangs in the UK is a cause for concern. Many of the territories through which drugs are grown and imported cross important Islamic states, where a local connection is key. One such is the Balkan Route, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, through Turkey, and then on to Balkan states into wider Europe #. The importance of Pakistan and Turkey in this process has additional implications for the UK, where these two ethnic groups are historically heavily overrepresented in the night-time economy. The Turkish element of this was driven by the UK government's ''Turkish Businessperson's Visa'',  which even though it's now closed to new applicants (though not to other visa routes) is still open to be extended for existing applicants, before they can apply for citizenship. Businesses that provide cash-based food services are able, where any criminal involvement does intrude, to launder money made elsewhere and /or avoid taxation. Such illicit activities can launder a wide range of other criminal activities, from child grooming and prostitution to illegal workers, the drugs trade and in some reported cases, terrorism. It's also worth noting, that Albania, which now controls large parts of the UK drug trade is also two-thirds Muslim and has a historical connection with Turkey through past Ottoman dominion. 

We will see as this case reaches its judicial fruition, whether any of these issues touch the surface in the establishment media. 


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