Astro-turfed 'Just Stop Oil' Activists Dragged Out Of The Road In London

by TBG

Astro-turfed 'Just Stop Oil' Activists Dragged Out Of The Road In London

As public anger grows, Met Police have used the Public Order Act to stop Just Stop Oil activists from marching on London's roads, after they were creating serious congestion for others on the first of May.

We hope that this step is now repeated across the country, where 'civil disobedience' is used to stop others enjoying their own rights. This does not prevent the right to protest, only intentional disruption.

Conservative party Chairman Lee Anderson was recently berated by Met Police Chief Rowley that "he didn't understand the law" on protest, yet under one week later the law is exactly what has been used to stop the disruption, so who doesn't understand the law?


The police had earlier threatened to arrest angered motorists when they had taken the banners off the activists. 

Astroturfed Just Stop Oil recently sprang up in 2022, alongside other groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rising, often funded through wealthy activists in the background. They are propelled through media headlines as they create havoc for ordinary citizens whose rights always seem secondary to those of the activists. 


A large source of JSO's funding comes from an American organisation, the 'Climate Emergency Fund' bankrolled by Aileen Getty, an heir to the Getty fortune. "Tens of thousands of pounds" have also been given to them by Dale Vince, a former New Age traveller, who founded Ecotricity an energy provider that sells energy based on a large wind power portfolio scarring the British countryside. 


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