The SNP - Dirty Politics On Show

by TBG

The SNP - Dirty Politics On Show
Questions are rightly being asked on a series of events in the troubled SNP.

The accident-prone new First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf finds himself under the spotlight after raids on his predecessor's house over campaign fraud. 

Questions are rightly being asked over a series of events in the troubled SNP. Firstly, why Teflon Sturgeon suddenly made the decision to resign on February 15th after a hasty press conference declaring that she no longer had the "stamina" to continue. Secondly, why the leadership election campaign protocols for her replacement were significantly shortened. And thirdly on the timing of the raids on the former leader's home at which her husband was arrested.

Voices within and without the SNP are now suggesting that the SNP membership was intentionally kept in the dark to ensure the election of Yousaf and that therefore a new election is justified.

On the 27th of March, Yousaf running as the Continuity-Sturgeon candidate was declared the winner by SNP members. He beat his rival Kate Forbes by 52% to 48% of the votes. He swiftly moved to demote Forbes, after which she "told him where to stick it" and then promptly resigned. Exactly one week later on March 5th, Police Scotland raided Sturgeon's house and arrested Peter Murrell her husband (in this allegedly Lavender marriage). The police then stated, "A 58-year-old man has today, Wednesday, April 5, been arrested as a suspect in connection with the ongoing investigation into the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party".

The allegations surround what happened to £600,000 of party election funding that was received by Murrell as CEO to rerun a second referendum. 

Questions have rightly been asked whether this arrest was made in as timely a manner as it may otherwise have been, allowing both the election of continuity Yousaf as well as potentially the disposal of any evidence in the case. Yousaf has said, "that sounds like a conspiracy theory, that somehow we were in cahoots with Police Scotland around the timing."

Even within the SNP questions are being asked. The Telegraph report that a respected veteran SNP MP, Angus MacNeil said: “One of the candidates was billed as the continuity candidate. Are we sure that the membership are now happy with their choice?” “It is being more and more successfully argued that it should be re-run. Does the SNP and the leadership not want to make sure there’s not a question mark hanging over them?”

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond in charge during the independence referendum said “they have to answer questions about why they changed the rules around the leadership election, why it was rushed through, why the extraordinary anxiety to get Humza in and the equally extraordinary campaign against Kate and Ash.”

Sturgeon has gone to ground and pulled out of a meeting she was due to attend and Murrell has been released while police investigations continue. The official auditor for the SNP, Johnston Carmichael, have now withdrawn and a tendering process is underway. 

This is just the latest news item to indicate that there's something very rotten in Scottish politics. In the linked Gupta case, there's barely any commentary, outside of the business pages. 

Now read this: on Yousaf's anti-White statements and Muslim advocacy.


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