"Services To Diversity" Policeman In Court On Multiple Rape Charges

by TBG

(24.05.2023) A policeman who was awarded the British Empire Medal for doubling the number of minorities in his police force has been charged with multiple rapes. 

Superintendent Mohammed Aziz, who is (was?) co-chair of Bedfordshire Police’s Diversity Support Group as well as a cabinet member for the National Black Police Association is charged with four counts of rape, several incidents of ABH, and two counts of threatening to disclose media from these activities.  

His professional activities at Bedfordshire Police were highly praised by the National Black Police Association and 43 police forces sent representatives to learn how to colourwash their own forces. He was the poster boy for his force's success in increasing diversity. 

Bizarrely, but somewhat unsurprisingly with the quality of regional journalism, it was said of his race activism that "In the campaign’s first year, 30 percent of new officers came from ethnic minority backgrounds.  The following year, this rose to a quarter of all recruits."

Aziz, declared “Too many of our Black and Asian colleagues struggle to get the right opportunities to progress their careers. “So the significant focus on race and inclusion is hugely welcome and we will work with whoever we can to make the improvements we need to see.” 

Whether this type of positive discrimination is currently welcomed by wider British society, is another question.

He appears before Westminster Magistrates Court today. 


Nota bene: Bedfordshire Police removed the below linked tweet within an hour of this article going live. Naturally we have a copy and will upload it when we hear the appeal over a Twitter post that similar people are trying to hide 😉

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