Drug Gangs Taking Over Britain

by TBG

Drug Gangs Taking Over Britain

Border Force have found a tonne of cocaine floating in the English Channel as drug seizures continue to spiral out of control. Cocaine seizures last year were up 70% at 18,767kg and ketamine was up 884% to 1,837kg seized. The National Crime Agency in 2022 estimated UK cocaine consumption at 117 tonnes, so this is a significant haul. 

Since 2017 (state-funded BBC), the UK's National Crime Agency has placed the small, but violent Albanian mafia (part of a wider Balkan mafia) at the heart of the UK's cocaine trade. In recent years, these gangs have moved into cannabis production too.

Many of the first wave of Albanians came to the UK posing as 'Kosovans', a bordering country, during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Balkan wars. When the war ended, as standard, they never returned. 

From these smaller beginnings a flood is now coming. A Home Office small boats report last year stated "since May 2022, there has been a significant increase in the number of Albanians crossing the channel on small boats. From May to September 2022 Albanian nationals alone comprised 42% of all small boat crossings, with 11,102 Albanians arriving by small boat in those five months."

So, at a time when cocaine use is growing faster than ever, some members of the national group who our government agencies blame for the control and distribution of cocaine are increasing at a similar rate. 

The Albanian Ambassador could not explain to MP Lee Anderson last year, why Albanians are using dangerous inflatable boats costing thousands per trip instead of cheap flights into the country. He also suggested it was Britain's fault and Albania should not be held responsible (see below) for their countrymen once they arrive here illegally. 

The Prime Minister of Albania has also attacked Britain for discussing these criminal trends. He should be more concerned that in his own country 83% of Albanian citizens are looking for a way out.

Albanian men are also the largest foreign group in British prisons. 

While the majority of Albanian asylum claims were successful in the UK, often on the basis that they'd been 'trafficked' (agreed to work for criminal gangs illegally for help into the country), asylum figures in the EU nations provided by sleuths last year, indicated that their acceptance rate was much smaller. While 8% on average, this is only because the average is inflated by the insane discrepancies between soft-touch UK (55%) and Canada (69%) versus almost everyone else. 

The Oxford Migration Observatory has declared that in the UK  "55% of adult Albanian asylum applications were successful ...Of the 45% that were refused, some will go on to appeal successfully". News reports last year indicated that only a tiny handful of those who failed were actually removed. 

On Albania's Independence Day in November last year in London, there was a serious display of wealth ostentatiously displayed by young people in our capital (in screenshot images accompanying this piece) as they circled Parliament and Whitehall, bringing everything to a halt as they waved flags and blew their horns. 


A shipment of new Glock pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition packed into a food hamper was seized recently en route from Albania to Britain. The driver stated he was asked to take the hamper to someone in the UK and barely knew the person who asked him. Isn't that always the way? 

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