President of the European Parliament Moves To Restrict Discussion of The Great Replacement

by TBG

President of the European Parliament Moves To Restrict Discussion of The Great Replacement

Roberta Metsola, the Christian Democrat President of the European Parliament has reprimanded a Vlaams Belang MEP after he criticised replacement level immigration into European living spaces. 

Tom Vandendriessche was reacting to a call by Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs that "legal migration should grow more or less with one million per year" noting that 3.5 million migrants already arrive lawfully every year. Johansson is overseeing an EU wide migration pact. 

Vandendriessche responded that "Illegal migration is therefore not what this EU migration pact is about. The real intention is more migration. Commissioner Johansson openly admits it: there are too few European births and she wants to replace them by importing four and a half million non-Europeans. Per year. Deliberately organized repopulation...You are pushing a migration pact down the throats of our people."

After his statement a censorship campaign to suspend Vandendriessche from the parliament and fine him began. It was led by Sophie in’t Veldt of the 'liberal' Renew Europe Group, who characterised it as "Nazi terminology."

Metsola stopped short of banning him, but warned him not to repeat the Dutch phrase 'omvolking' which is said to be "a term relating to radical change in the demographic composition of a population, through immigration and influencing reproductive behaviour" i.e. population replacement. 

Vandendriessche told a Brussels website (edited by a man associated with Standpoint magazine and The Critic) that "they want to silence elected representatives of the people for disagreeing with their replacement migration policy.” He further said that in’t Veld was trying to “intimidate him” to stop him talking about the Great Replacement. 

As we see in the United Kingdom, elected officials are increasingly being penalised and sometimes excluded completely if their political outlook is opposed by those in positions of power. A growing censorship curtain is falling both across printed and online speech as well as against statements made by those elected to represent their people. While much media hot air is expended on fretting about 'illiberal democracy' in countries like Hungary, none is directed where it ought to be, at the growing censorship industrial complex developing all around us. 

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