Foreign Battles On British Streets: Muslim Activists Storm Cinema

by TBG

Foreign Battles On British Streets: Muslim Activists Storm Cinema

In another blatant incident, Muslim activists have stormed a Birmingham cinema showing the Kerala Story, to try to stop the film from being seen. 

The film tells the story of abduction, rape, forced conversion, and terrorism based upon the concept of 'love Jihad' and is narrated by one of the victims. The mostly Indian heritage viewers stayed firm and the activists were removed from the cinema. This time.

Earlier last year similar activists had prevented the showing of a film called The Lady From Heaven based upon the life experiences of a daughter of the Islamic warlord Mohammed. After chants and blockades, cinema chains cancelled all further showings of the film. The film was created by a director from the Shia branch of Islam, which is a minority group amongst British resident Muslims. In both films, the subplot concerned the activities of the Muslim terrorist group Islamic State. 

This is another example of the imported conflicts that we have seen recently in Britain. Readers will recall the conflict that broke out in Leicester and other parts of northern England after a disputed cricket match between Pakistan and India. 

This city is reported, by the local Conservative leadership, to be home to 10,000 slaves forced to work in the textile factories there. Reports have also indicated wide-scale money laundering and tax and benefit fraud within this industry. Leicester was a key hub during the post-1948 immigration of subcontinentals and others moving to the once rich industrial area. It is now a 'superdiverse' city, with 43% Asians, 8% blacks, and only 33% ancestrally British. 

Numerous other incidents could be mentioned. One is a long-running Pakistani protest outside Avenfield House, home of a Pakistani ruling family, yet in London, which was given new vigour after the arrest of former Pakistani PM Imran Khan. 

Or the attack upon the Indian Embassy in London by Sikh separatists whose brethren are engaged in an insurgency in India to force a separate 'Khalistan' homeland. They removed the Indian flag and burnt it. 

Or the calls to rape Jewish females in London. In this case, the CPS declined to prosecute those that they had arrested. 

With the British-Irish experiences with the IRA, it is clear that even among a people who share close identity and history (as do subcontinental Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs) multi-ethnic and multi-racial societies are riven with low-intensity conflict that often increases into open violence. 

The transformation, therefore, of our largely homogenous society of long antiquity into one where multiple foreign-origin groups bring their own rivalries, conflicts, and self-interests with them is an endeavour that is likely to have increasingly negative consequences for residents of the British Isles. 

Only those who benefit from this situation can rationally support it. For others, they should be able to recognise that we should seek to stop the historically unprecedented influx and return those who are engaged in perpetuating conflict.  #ReverseMigration 


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