Grave Of Dambuster's Hound to be Exhumed, Moved Elsewhere

by TBG

Grave Of Dambuster's Hound to be Exhumed, Moved Elsewhere

In a further cultural affront at RAF Scampton, the grave of Wing Commander Guy Gibson's dog ni**er (is it still legal to speak openly in modern Britain?) is to be exhumed and moved elsewhere - planning request - because of the Home Office's policy of moving foreign aliens onto the site. 

The grave has already suffered the indignity of having the gravestone replaced because the dog's name was taken to be more associated with the American usage of the word, rather than the British (a term of disdain for negro / African people rather than a word for the colour black). A brief video clip of the dog can be seen on the Imperial War Museum's website

The dog was the mascot of the 617 squadron, which conducted Operation Chastise, commonly known as the 'Dambusters Raid'.  The squad suffered heavy losses, although not so heavy as the still disputed numbers of soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war in the vicinity of the Ruhr dams. The mission has become somewhat iconic in some imaginations due to its military inventiveness and the derring-do of the RAF men. Guy Gibson V.C. himself died at the early age of 26, after flying over 170 missions. His plane was seen flying, cockpit ablaze and fatally crashed in the Netherlands, after conducting an attack on Bremen. He was buried nearby. 

Roger Patterson, West Lindsey District Council Vice Chairman, and a Scampton councillor has declared Suella Braverman's Scampton plan as a "kick in the teeth...It's part of our heritage and has been there for 80 years."

The so-called asylum seekers are being pebble-dashed across the country and temporarily housed where they fall, while local councils furiously build new housing for them, helped out by a £500 million asylum seeker 'Capital Fund' provided by Michael Gove's Levelling Up Ministry. 

RAF Scampton Heritage Centre was to have had a £300 million overhaul to create a local educational hub, focusing on its aviation history, which includes the famous Red Arrows. This now seems to be seriously in doubt.  The House of Commons statement by "Immigration Minister" Robert Jenrick made no mention of it. He was, to be fair, doing his best ventriloquist's dummy impression, with a hand directing him from higher up. 

On Tuesday, 16th May, there is due to be a commemoration ceremony at the site. Please see the flyer below. 

"On the evening of the 16th of May 2023, the BBMF Lancaster will be flying a special route over all Bomber Command bases in Lincolnshire to commemorate the anniversary of the raid."



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